Rocket Fuel – Turmeric, Coconut Oil and Dry Fruits Tango

If you think a turmeric recipe cannot be rich with dry fruits, think again. If you were looking for a recipe where you could get benefits of coconut oil, turmeric and dry fruits in one go, you have come to the right place!

Here is one awesome turmeric, coconut oil and dry fruit rich recipe by Dough English and yes it has an awesome name too – ROCKET FUEL! And I must say given the ingredients it fits perfectly. 

What all you need?

  • 300 mls coconut oil (virgin organic coconut oil)
  • 3 large heaped tablespoons turmeric (organic)
  • Dry fruits – almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, etc.
  • Others – pomegranate seeds, cranberries, etc.
  • Salt and pepper

Rocket fuel

How to cook?

The process of cooking is extremely simple.

  • Heat coconut oil in a pan
  • Add turmeric
  • Add dry fruits and others and stir for sometime
  • In the end add salt and pepper based on taste

Your Rocket fuel is ready. Let it cool and then store it in fridge and use when you feel like.

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  1. Why does the photo show dried NUTS such as almonds and cashews as the main bulk of the mixture but they are not mentioned in the ingredients or in the instruction method? Is the reference to ‘fruits’ meaning to used dried NUTS instead, rather then, dried raisins, cranberries, apples, dates, apricots etc which are actual fruits?

  2. Following the recipe, it means you take one table spoon of turmeric to 100 ml coconut oil. So that way you can adapt to less or more fruits to turmeric ratio. As long as you use 1/100 turmeric/oil you can’t go wrong.

  3. I would like some idea of the quantity of dry fruits and/or nuts to use with that amount of cocoanut oil and turmeric

    1. I am guessing it here – but use dry fruits based on your choice. Too much of them can cause stomach problems. Also coconut oil just enough (again based on your choice) based on taste and texture. This may require some trials!