Taking Turmeric But Not Seeing Any Benefits?: Follow these 5 Steps

If you are reading this you already know a bit about turmeric and its benefits.

Indeed turmeric is great. With more than 600 possible health benefits and counting it is one of the most researched herbs today.

But what if you start including turmeric in your life, with all the enthusiasm and see no benefits at all! If you are one of them, do not worry, you are not alone.

We receive so many emails on this topic and thus thought to write an article on it.

What to do when you are not benefiting from turmeric

We suggest a 5 step process for such queries and in 90% of the cases it works.

Here they are:

Step 1: Check quality of your turmeric

In many cases just changing the brand of turmeric powder worked for people. Why?

Not all brands are created equal, many of the available brands are of low quality with fillers and artificial colors in them. Thus, the first step is to buy a good quality product, preferably certified organic.

Here are tips to do so:

why turmeric is not benefiting me

Step 2: Ensure it’s absorbed in the body

This is the email we received a few months ago from an old lady from the UK-

“I have been taking turmeric for a month now, cannot see any benefit in my arthritis pain. doubt it actually works”.

Soon we identified the problem in this case – she was taking turmeric with honey, that’s all.

It is important to understand that turmeric is absorbed poorly in our body. Thus it is essential to take it with black pepper or fats. Unless we do so, most of what we take would just be flushed out of the system.

This is why turmeric is part of curries in Indian recipes. Curries have oil/fats which help in its absorption.

Another great way is to make Golden paste. It includes all the essential things needed for good absorption.

Here is golden paste recipe>

As far as the story of the old lady goes. We requested her to make a golden paste and her faith in turmeric was restored 🙂

Step 3: Not taking enough of turmeric

There is a reason why every medication we are prescribed has a dosage. It is because at that quantity it is “most effective”. The same is true with turmeric.

If you are taking 1/8 tsp of turmeric a day, the benefits would be not much to notice.

Turmeric is very safe and 4-5 gms a day can be easily taken without any issues. Of course, if you are new to turmeric start slow and then reach this quantity.

Here are more details on ideal turmeric dosage>

Step 4: You are not giving enough time to turmeric to act

Turmeric is not magic – and thus will not make disappear the issues with your body in one go.

Many people who write to us say that they have been taking turmeric for two days (just two days!!) but cannot see its benefits. We politely write back and request them to wait for more time. In most cases, the wait does the trick.

So, do not rush here. Give it some time to sink in your body.

Step 5: Use daily not once a week

Frankly, you cannot expect to benefit from turmeric if you take it one day and then not for the next 2 days. It does not work like that at all.

A lady wanted to improve the immunity of his son and mentioned that she is giving turmeric twice a week. She asked if this was okay? Of course, it was not.

Take a small amount (within the safe dosage limit) but take daily is what we advised her.

To ensure you take turmeric on a daily basis make sure to make it part of your diet – say smoothies, salads, curries or otherwise.

Many readers say that they take golden paste along with breakfast and then dinner. This way they ensure regularity – which pays rich dividends in the long run.

In the end..

If you have taken care of the above 5 steps you have done your part.

There may still be cases where users do not witness any benefits. But please remember turmeric does help your body.

While you may not see benefits for the problem you have but it would be helping your body behind the scene to make prevent many more problems.

Hope these were helpful.

Have you had a similar experience with turmeric,? Was it resolved? Do share your experience by commenting below.  We all are eager to hear from you…

67 thoughts on “Taking Turmeric But Not Seeing Any Benefits?: Follow these 5 Steps”

  1. I started taking a daily supplement following the guidlines of the supplier and started to feel much better after only 2 weeks. Can this be true or is it simply mind over matter?

  2. I just began using tumeric for my husbands prostate health. I figured that boiling fresh tumeric root with a dash of pepper to nake a tea would be the best way to go but… as i tead all the qUestions pEople have Sent in, mOst popular is ground tumeric. Is thrre a big difference between the ground and fresh?

  3. I’ve been eating more than a teaspoon of organic turmeric powder with my buttered oatmeal every morning for over a year and still see no anti-inflammatory benefit. I’ve only continued the practice as I enjoy the beautiful orange shade and earthy flavor.

  4. I am totally confused by all the different formulas. Each saying you must take it in this formula. I am currently taking longvida. I am older am need it to help my memory.older m

    • Hi. A daily dose of 1000-2000mg of standardized 95% curcumin in the form of turmeric supplements is safe and effective.

  5. I have been taking Solal Curcumin 500mg capsule with Novasol daily for 3 weeks for knee and foot oesteoarthritis . I have seen no results yet.
    Please help me
    Thank you

  6. I started taking tumerick curcumin for arthritis and fibromyalgia. After one week have noticed considerable improvement in the pain. I am feeling excited because my pain and mobility have improved by 50%.

  7. Hi there. Is it okay to take 15ml of freshly squeeze turmeric with evoo and ground black pepper after breakfast? I felt good taking it for a week already. I feel not depressed anymore.

  8. I have been taking turmeric for 4 days and my pain has gotten considerably worse, is this normal. Am taking it for arthritis but since taking my legs and feet are aching unbearably. Will persist in case it is drawing inflammation out of my system or something, but it is really painful.

    • I am taking it and feeling achy and more inflamed and throbbing in my neck and shoulders where the pain is. Wondering if someone gave you an answer to if this was a positive or negative? Thanks

  9. I have been taking two x 400mg of Turmeric sold by Holland & Barrett every day for 2 months. I have noticed “some” improvement in my muscular neck and shoulder pains, but still suffer pain on a lower level than before. However, I have another 3 month supply which I will continue with to see if pain reduces further. I have been in pain for many years and tried just about everything I can think of, so I need to continue the Turmeric to hopefully make my pains go away, so I can get back to playing the drums, which I miss terribly. Martin.

    • Hi. Do take the supplements after meals and include freshly ground black pepper in meals for better absorption of turmeric. The dietary fat present in meals can assist in absorption as well.

  10. Hello ,
    I have been taking turmerric for almost a month but haven’t noticed any changes. I take early morning with warm water and bit of coconut oil. I take half of tea spoon. And in the night same like in the morning. I have joint pain and back pain but it doesnt seem working at all. Btw I bought organic powder.

  11. I have been taking turmeric for a year. I have made my own concoction using coconut oil, black pepper, nutmeg,cinnamon and honey with the turmeric. It has helped me with fibromyalgia. I hadn’t thought of IBS until I read one of the comments, Yes it has helped with that as well. It has helped with depression but not anxiety. It helps me with hypothoroidism .It didn’t work straight away. I gave myself 6 months and if I was no better I would stop. So give it a good try before quitting,

  12. Yea I was taking it for quite a few months, and have helped a bit with my ibs. Mine doesn’t have pepper though, just ginger. So I think that is why it is not helping much. So now I need to add pepper to my food. I hope it helps, because I’m actually wanting it to help with not only my ibs, but my fibromyalgia and depression and anxiety. I also didn’t realize I wasn’t taking enough. Upped the dose an extra pill.

  13. Hello. Well I have been taking 400mg of Turmeric, a Natures Garden product from Holland & Barrett. This is the 4th week, no benefits yet for my all over the body aches & pains.. Do I need to increase to two x 400mg per day?. And is this product good enough? They do repeat on me, and sometimes I can taste the product back in my mouth. I take with water, after my food. Is this right please?

    • Hi Martin. We have not reviewed this product so we can’t comment on its efficacy. Opt for standardised 95% curcumin with bioperine extracts. These are basic turmeric supplements and you can learn more about them here:
      The supplements are bulky and these may cause the ‘taste at the back of the mouth’ feeling. Since you are taking them after meals this effect should be minimized. Also such an effect is transient and should resolve in a month’s time or as you get used it. However if you are still facing this issue, then you could consider changing the supplement or switching to dietary turmeric.
      The dose depends on severity of the condition as well on the individual’s health. A dose of 500-1000mg of curcumin+bioperine is found to effective in reducing mild to moderate pain. Please consult a health practitioner about the dose as well.

    • Hi
      I’m suffering from lower back pain and shoulder pain since 3 years ago and some one ask me to take Schwartz turmeric curcumin with bioporine so I taken the supplement ready and u want to know after I taken this how Long I wait to see the difference.


      • Hi. This depends on the dose of curcumin and severity of the condition. Most studies using curcumin have reported benefits at a dose of 1000mg curcumin within 3 months. Some individuals do need a higher dose of 1500mg-2000mg. 1 month should be a good time to see at least 20-30% reduction in pain with 1000mg curcumin. Hope this helps. If you intend to increase the dose please scale up gradually.

    • I forgot to mention it is Turmeric Formula – 90 Vegetable Capsules organic india brand. Organic Turmeric rhizome (curcuma longa)† 740 mg *
      Turmeric Extract 95% curcuminoids 160 mg *
      Organic Ginger Rhizome (zinigber officinale)† 100 mg I am taking 3 of them a day now and added pepper to the meals. Hoping this is a good dose now. Wondering If I am taking a good amount.

      • Hi. This is a high but effective dose. Adding black pepper to the meals and taking the supplements after meal can improve absorption.

  14. I suffered a fracture of the calcaneus 4 years ago, and two months back it really became painful. A CT scan confirmed that I have mild arthritis. I make up the following ingredients, and simmer in water for 20 mins: fresh grated ginger, fresh grated turmeric, ground black pepper, cinnamon sticks, lemon juice and a few cloves. It’s delicious both hot, warm or iced. How effective is this for inflammation/arthritis causing pain.

  15. I have been using an organic turmeric supplement since March and late in March began with regular neck (left side) tightness and ocular migraines. I have had ocular migraines for the past 4 years, 1 – 3x per year, but since starting the organic turmeric/black pepper supplement have had the ocular migraines 1x/month. I don’t get much of a headache that follows anymore, so that is improved, but why the increase in ocular migraines while on the supplement?? I don’t want to stop taking the turmeric because I know how good it is, but I can’t seem to figure out the source of my ocular migraines. I otherwise feel fine. I feel like maybe I am not absorbing it? The only thing I haven’t tried is the healthy fats because I get them otherwise throughout the day with every meal…other than the paste what would you recommend?

    • Hi. The occurrence of migraines with turmeric supplement use is quite confusing since turmeric has pain relieving and neuroprotective properties. It needs more research as to whether turmeric is the trigger or some other constituent of the capsule.You could cut down on the dose of turmeric supplement and see if the ocular migraines reduce or you could switch from supplements to dietary turmeric. We would recommend avoiding the supplements as it increasing the frequency of ocular migraines.
      Switching to dietary turmeric you should help you identify whether it is turmeric that causes migraine.
      If not the paste, Turmeric tea and Turmeric milk are therapeutic ways to consume turmeric. Or you could even consider adding turmeric to your meals while cooking or adding the paste to your meals directly when possible. This will ensure that you get the health benefits of turmeric.
      Since we wish the best for your health, please consider speaking to a herbalist or other health practitioner about this and discontinue the use of supplements if it is not suiting you.

    • Hi. Sorry to hear that. You are not the first one to report this; but yes oral infections can get hard to treat and are even resistant to chlorhexidine. So one may need to use natural therapies for a long time at a chronic dose and also your diet might need to be changed. Turmeric, aloe vera, clove oil (diluted in another oil) and coconut oil are fantastic for oral health but results may take some time and require repeated application.
      You could consider consulting a health practitioner before it worsens.

  16. I have turmeric powder and I simply put 1/4 tsp with 12 oz room temperature water and some fresh lemon. I drink this before bed along with 1/2 tsp BCAA’s. Is this an effective method of consuming turmeric?

  17. Hi I have COPD and have tried this paste for one day and since then my Shortness of breath has increased tremendously. I’m having a hard time just walking from one room to the next. Is this normal for my usual COPD symptoms to worsen before they get better? Or should I stop.

    • Hi. It is unlikely that this should happen. A few things that you could do is to start with small doses such as 1/4 tsp a day and increase gradually. Also take it with meals to avoid acid reflux. Make sure you are using good quality turmeric. You can also opt for Golden Milk.
      Despite of taking these measures if you still experience shortness of breath, discontinue use of turmeric. Consider consulting an herbalist or naturopath about this as well.

  18. I used turmiric boiled in kettle pots for 15min its pure i drink 1 glass 3 tmes a day.conclusion its good my HBS geting lower and my bp my artritest better.

  19. I have Crohns & CLL ( watching & worrying for nearly 3 years) & have been taking turmeric & black pepper absorbed with oils & baked in bread with the result that, I think, it has helped considerably relieve the Crohns! However, the CLL blood tests etc have continually deteriorated steadily ( taken every 4 months). Which brings me to a question that I would like clarified – does turmeric et al ONLY work against TUMOUR cancers? And/or, if not, surely turmeric treatment for leukaemia will differ from tumour cancers? > Could you please clarify.

  20. I have lower back disease cos of disc compression in L4L5 n S1.n stenosis as well. Numbness down both legs n lots of pain in lower back buttocks n legs despite strong painkillers. Will I benefit from turmeric

    • for anyone else that has this problem, a good chiropractor can help the correction of likely l2l3l4 which has everything to do with sexual function. S1 has to do with urinary, and bowel movements, these are likely a result of lower structure problems with a seperated or compressed, sacrem, which is at the lower part of the spine leadinginto the pelvis, it is often missed. so a chriropractor if any good should have no problem fixing this, as it is an instability problem, unless the sciatic nerve was literally growing through the wrong section of the gluteus maximus… these problems are easily fixed by a chiropractor to fix subluxation, and he/she can help you set up a program to rehabilitate properly with exercice, stretch, and likely a tensor around the pelvic region for about 2-4 weeks. as a note inflammation is a good thing in the case of the spinal column for rehabilitation, unless it is chronic, so to invoke inflammation unless at the time of adjustment is generally better. This means abstaining from anti inflammatory that block the inflammatory process from happening.

  21. I have spinal disease. Lower back in discs L4 L5 and S1 with stenosis. I am in constant pain despite talking strong painkillers. Also have numbness down the legs due to the spinal disc compression. Will Turmeric help my problem. Desperate Foz

  22. I am a diabetic patient since 2006 with some more complications like Blood pressure, eyes, kidneys, and AVC etc
    Is there in Paris a biocoop suplying organic turmeric pouder? Can you directly suply good quality ready for use?
    Cordialy thank you.

  23. I have been taking Tumeric daily since late March 2015. I originally took it for brain health, but with no effort have lost 30 lbs since I started taking it,

  24. Excellent tips .. i have done some of the above mentioned mistakes. Biggest of them being that i went for a cheaper non-organic version. my suggestion to all is – just trust the certified organic brands and no else. this is important.

  25. Hi Pals,

    I am new to here, recently I purchased Turmeric capsules from a Turkish manufacturer (dont know is it allowed to mention brand info and links here?), each capsule 880 mg (750mg turmeric/curcuma longa + 130mg gelatin capsule), it’s mentioned as natural product, doesn’t contain extract (artificial materials not added).Recommended usage 3 times 1 capsule with or without meal, the product has Islamic halal certificate.I have a few questions here.

    Q1. I took the capsules without black pepper or oil, so as I seen here it’s adviced to use Turmeric with black pepper or oil for better absorption, how shall I take these capsules? Can I take black pepper or oil with these capsules?

    Q2. I also take Ginkgo powder capsule + Cinnamon powder capsule + Garlic powder capsule + Omega3 capsule ”before sleeping” , could it be trouble to use them together?

    Maybe my above questiones already answered, please kindly share the links with me.

  26. Hi I’ve just bought Turmeric and Curcumin capsules which the both are in the same pot. Do I still have to take black pepper with them and also I take medication for high blood pressure so can I still use Turmeric/Curcumin?

    • Hi, black pepper and fats are used for absorption. So whether you are using turmeric or curcumin these have to be used. Please take turmeric powder (of good quality) and not curcumin capsules as turmeric is much more than just curcumin. Turmeric is known to lower blood pressure.

  27. My daughter were taking 500 mg daily and after a week , both our faces broke out in red blotches…anyone explain this?…these were holland and Barratt capsules.


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