Turmeric and Weight Loss

Obesity is an increasing social and medical problem all over the world and refers to having too much body fat.

However, it is not like being overweight which refers to weighing too much. A person maybe overweight because of extra muscle or bone or water retention in the body.

Both result in a person having more than the recommended healthy body weight.

This could cause a host of medical problems like osteoarthritis, gallstones, liver problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnea etc.

Apart from eating too much, obesity can be caused by excess alcohol consumption, menopause, hypothyroidism, not exercising etc. The first step to fighting obesity or being overweight is to start a weight loss program.

This includes following a strict diet, exercise and in some cases even surgery.  

Turmeric and Weight Loss

Fat burning is critical to weight loss. The liver is the organ that is essential for fat burning. Studies have found that when the liver gets damaged, detoxification process reduces.

Turmeric can help detoxify the liver and protect cell damage caused due to environmental pollutants, attack from free radicals etc.  

High cholesterol causes plaque build up in arterial walls leading to coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, weight gain etc.

Research has found that turmeric extracts can lower blood cholesterol levels – especially LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol. It has lipid lowering properties. This can reduce cholesterol levels and benefit weight loss by reducing adipose tissue weight gain.  

Thermogenesis is a process that takes place when fat is burned by the central nervous system in order to maintain body temperature.

Curcumin in turmeric can fasten to capsaicin receptors and increase thermogenesis rates. This leads to greater fat burning and helps with weight loss. 

In vitro and in vivo experiments or weight loss through angiogenesis – new blood vessel growth – and reducing fat content in fat cells have been conducted.

Just like how tumors grow, adipose tissues which store fat cells require angiogenesis to provide the required nutrients and oxygen to adipocytes (fat cells), curcumin is said to have anti-angiogenic properties that could reduce fat mass and inhibit fat tissue growth therefore leading to weight loss in obese people.  turmeric for weight loss

The following research demonstrates the angiogenesis properties of turmeric that could stop fat tissue spread. Angiogenesis is required by the body to create fat tissue. 18 mice divided into 3 groups were fed special diets for 12 weeks.

The control group was given a diet containing 4% fat, the ‘high fat’ group was given 22% fat and the last group was given the same ‘high fat’ diet combined with curcumin – around 1.5 – 1.75mg daily. At the end of the study period, the fat distribution and total weight gain were registered.

The group fed the high fat plus curcumin diet had reduced total body fat and weight gain compared to the group fed the high fat diet with no curcumin.

The curcumin group also had lower triglycerides, fatty acid, blood glucose, liver fat and blood cholesterol levels. This demonstrates that turmeric may benefit weight loss programs. Research is required on the quantity of dietary turmeric that can help with weight loss.  

The various health problems that can be caused due to obesity have been enumerated. Curcumin is known to help reduce inflammation, therefore helping in reducing the risk of developing arthritis and heart problems.

Turmeric could regulate lipid metabolism that is the main cause of obesity and attendant health issues. Studies are underway to find evidence about the role curcumin plays in down-regulating obesity and therefore lessening the impact of associated health problems.  

Turmeric also improves digestion, helps protect the liver etc. Hence obese people looking to lose weight may gain from including turmeric in their diet.

However, turmeric must not be the only weight loss strategy for obese and overweight people, but part of a more comprehensive program.  


Turmeric is available as powder-filled capsules, fluids or tincture.

The daily dosage of standardized curcumin powder is 400-600mg thrice daily.  It is best to use turmeric as part of diet along with black pepper and fats to improve its absorption.

Here is detailed article on turmeric dosage>


Turmeric is safe to consume as a food.

We have to exercise caution when combining it with medications or supplements taken to slow down blood clotting. Turmeric supplements must be stopped two weeks prior to a surgery.

It must not be consumed by diabetic patients, those with gallbladder problems and pregnant and breastfeeding women. Always consult your doctor about the right dosage to consume for a specific medical condition.

Taken in excess, turmeric supplements could cause nausea, diarrhea, indigestion or dizziness.  

One of the most important fact to be considered is that while turmeric as a spice is very safe but the same is not true when you take supplements.

It is best to but good quality turmeric powder (organic if possible) and then use it rather than going for supplements. Also in case of any confusion consult your doctor. 


  1. Hi, I have been taking Turmeric Curcumin on & off for awhile. I am obese, have depression, & Fibromyalgia. I read in this thread that someone takes 2000 mg? Is that right? & is it the spice? Or another form? & what is DE & where do you get it, & Bromain? This thread has really caught my interest, hopefully someone will help with my questions. Thank you Missy H

    1. Hi Missy,
      I understand your situation. I was 265lbs now down to 21 lbs in 14 weeks.
      I have been starting my day with juice (with my juicer). It’s made with a full bunch of celery (great for depression), 6 carrots, 6 green apples, a zucchini or a cucumber. I started out drinking this daily for 2 months, but have since cut it down to 4 times a week. I have a chicken broth with onions, garlic, tumeric and cracked black pepper and olive oil, once a day.
      I have cut out all processed foods, tea, coffee, soft drinks etc.. and definitely no processed sugar.
      Believe it or not, ive not once craved chocolate or red meat (and I was a meat and 3 veg girl), and enjoy being free of my fibro myalgia, depression, headaches, lethargy, reflux.. oh the list goes on!
      If you’d like to check out a great website, it’s called ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’.
      I wish you all the very best x

  2. I was recently diagnosed with MRSA. I decided to take turmeric as well as the prescribed antibiotic. However, after going through four antibiotics I found none that worked for me. So I’m taking 2,000 mg of turmeric a day. This has had the added benefit of breaking through my weight loss plateau. I used to think that 165 pounds and a US size 16 was the smallest I could get, because my ribs were bony at that weight. I carried it well, and even the doctor thought I couldn’t lose any more weight. Three weeks later, I’m now 155 pounds and between a US 12 and 14, and lost a band size on my bra. I’m excited. My family was into natural healing and had tried a lot of things in conjunction with a vegan diet and lots of exercise, and I still only hit a US 16. I haven’t been this weight since I was 15, which was 18 years ago.

    1. Hi Revenwyn, thanks :) While we have heard people loosing weight with turmeric, this is by far is the quickest !

    2. Does the turmeric make you smell bad when you sweat? Because I know that’s what happens when you eat is as a spice I food, but if you were to make you’re own capsules with it that would release the turmeric inside you’re stomach, would you still smell? Basically my question to you is, when you ate this for three weeks, when you worked out or sweat at all, did you smell badly of turmeric?

  3. I start take tumeric for inflammation and it greatly reduce the pain and burning .but I notice I was at the same weight I was for the past 4 month and I eat all the junk food I can get my hands on, but befor the tumeric if I smell junk food I put on the weight I even eat Icecream late at night and no change in my weight, so I strongly believe it works


    1. Hi, when you take turmeric as a spice there seem to be no issues. Millions of mothers in India include turmeric in diet when they are breastfeeding.

      1. Thats what I was thinking! I ate tumeric all the way through my pregnancy and breast fed both my children who are now strong healthy teenagers :)

  5. I’ve been using turmeric powder every other day for about a month and a half… I am losing weight and my cellulite seems to be smoothing out along with my skin really benefiting, also my digestive system has benefited… Very little gas and seems like it detoxes the body. Great for inflammation and joint pain. I’m sold. Oh yeah…belly fat melting away!

    1. How much Tumeric powder do you take and how o you take the powder? How many times per day do you take it? Please need a Ton to f help and need, need help with joint pain and weight. Thank you so, so much!

  6. Turmeric helps losing weigh for sure. No matter how much I eat, I always stay skinny. When I stopped taking turmeric for a long period of time, I had a hard time to stay skinny. The reason I quit taking turmeric because I didn’t have to make them. This Summer I have time, so I make a lot of turmeric tiny balls. I mixed turmeric powder with honey and make tiny balls so that I can swallow easily.

  7. I have used 2 tbsp. of organic Turmeric Spice every day for over 2 months now along with Diatomaceous Earth (DE). I have lost 20-30 lbs. over the course of four months (unintended consequence but very happy I did). I initially started using both due to high cholesterol (BAD cholesterol was 300 – high in February). As of May 6th of this year bad cholesterol was 210 which is well within the normal range.

    1. Hi Jennifer, the research is referenced. Just look out for the light brown words in the article. It will point to links.

  8. Should dosage of tumeric be relative to weight? If a100 pound person takes 1200 mg a day, should a 200 pound person take 2400? My Vitamin Shoppe brand of tumeric says to take one 300 mg capsule twice a day, but that just does not seem like it would be enough to acheive good results for my knee pain.

      1. People taking tumeric supplement and getting good results are listed on several reviews, such as web md, or even amazon. If you have problems with tumeric as help to lots of common afflictions please list . From the feedback I have read of its users, it seems to be very beloved. I am using tumeric along with bromelain for my knee, and it seems to be working.

        1. Jack, there are several potential issues:
          1) Overdose is very easy
          2) You are just taking curcumin, turmeric is much more that curcumin. for example eating apple is not same as taking Vitamin A supplement. Apple is much more than that
          3) I recommend turmeric to be part of life and as a supplement it always remains as a medication
          4) You cannot control the quality of a supplement. It is much easier to do so with powder
          5) Supplement is much more expensive than powder.

          I am not saying users will not benefit, but I believe the above points make a strong case to take turmeric powder and not supplement.

          But again, if you wish you can always take supplements.

          Hope this helps.

          1. This should state ” just started on supplements. First time with turmeric. Amazon has many positive reviews regarding supplement version. Hoping it helps me. Glad to ser jacks positive review. Might consider powder if no luck with supplements.

  9. “It must not be consumed by diabetic patients, those with gallbladder problems and pregnant and breastfeeding women.”

    Why shouldn’t diabetic patients take turmeric?

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