Turmeric as First Aid

What do you do when you get minor cuts while chopping vegetables? Or when your son gets a bruise while driving his bicycle or when you get wounded while gardening? The first thing we do before we visit a doctor is get first aid.

Turmeric is a great first aid medicine because of its amazing anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and healing properties. It has been used in India in several ways for so long to treat wounds, cuts, burns and bruises.

How you can use turmeric for wounds and cuts?

Here are some ways to use turmeric as first aid:

  • For wounds and cuts, the first step is always to stop bleeding. In such situations, clean the wound with water / hydrogen peroxide to remove any external material which can cause infection. After this cleaning turmeric powder should be applied over the wound to cover it. This is to make sure that the bleeding stops very quickly. Turmeric powder falls naturally of the wound and can be reapplied again after cleaning the wound if you want to follow all herbal / natural would care.
  • Rashes and bruises are common. While the do not bleed as much as deep wounds, they are prone to infections. A decent think paste of Turmeric powder can be applied on the rash to ensure no infections take place. Apart from simple turmeric paste, there are other paste which have several other useful ingredients such as – essential oils, rose water, neem, triphla, etc. I have seen people mentioning it over internet and books but none actually revealed the actual proportions and thus I cannot comment on it too.
  • Insects and scorpion stings: Insect and scorpion stings can be very painful and sometimes prove to be fatal. In most Indian villages, doctors are not available and thus one has to find ways to treat these stings locally. Turmeric has proved to be a very useful medicine for this. A thick paste of turmeric is put over the bite area. This not only helps in controlling inflammation but also acts as antidote to poison.
  • Swelling due to sprains: Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammation properties and thus is very helpful in controlling swelling and pain induced due to sprains. Turmeric can be applied over the area and also taken internally (as turmeric milk etc.)for accelerated healing.

People who believe in herbs and herbal therapy use turmeric anyways but this knowledge about turmeric can be useful for others who do not fully trust or do not want to experiment it.

Today, while we have so many medicines available for first aid, but sometimes they may not be available immediately. In such cases, knowledge of how turmeric can help can make a lot of difference to the patient.

Have you used turmeric for first aid? If yes share your views. Also mention how you used it or if you tried any variations.

  • Tony a

    I recently suffered a deep cut in the palm of my hand. Having suffered with thrombocytopenia in the past, it could have become very serious because of the non-clotting factor. After having applied the tumeric powder to my hand as suggested, the bleeding, to my amazement, was under control very quickly! Thanks for sharing your information!!!

    • KeshavK

      Thanks for appreciating tony. Hope your cut is healing well. Taking turmeric can help in pain too.

  • Baba Nuki

    great for bruising …
    i mix Turmeric with a bit of honey and the paste i apply when i ” hit ” myself
    next day all pain gone :)