How Much Black Pepper to Take With Turmeric for Good Absorption?

Turmeric is an awesome herb considering there are 4,000+ studies reported in the Pubmed database.

Is it all about curcumin, the most actively researched therapeutic component of turmeric? Well, turmeric as a herb has more to it than curcumin

But in studies assessing the effect of curcumin supplements, it has been found that curcumin is not well absorbed and has low bioavailability.

Black pepper contains active components that enhance curcumin’s absorption.

Ever wondered how much black pepper you should take with turmeric? Let’s find out.

How much black pepper to take with turmeric for absorption?

The answer is: ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper can be taken with 1 tsp turmeric powder. There is no predefined value and this an approximation. Supplements use a 100: 1 ratio of turmeric extract (curcumin) and black pepper extract (piperine) but since the active ingredient content differs in the spice varieties, this ratio cannot be followed for whole spices.

Let’s understand how black pepper helps and why this approximation.

How Much Black Pepper to Take With Turmeric for Good Absorption

1. Piperine in black pepper increases curcumin’s absorption

Curcumin has limited solubility and absorption in the body. (Read How to improve turmeric’s bioavailability?)

Ayurveda, the Traditional Indian Medicinal System, has used black pepper since centuries as a bioenhancer (to increase absorption of drugs).

Science has identified piperine as the active constituent of black pepper that contributes to this effect.

Research suggests that piperine may increase curcumin’s bioavailability by 2000%.

2. Proprietary formulation ratio of turmeric supplements is not applicable to whole herbs

Our Golden Paste recipe calls for 1.5 tsp black pepper powder for ½ cup turmeric. Proprietary supplements utilize a ratio of 100:1 for curcumin to piperine.

It is difficult to extrapolate this to turmeric and black pepper because based on the species the curcumin and piperine content differs.

The average content of curcumin ranges from 4-7% of the whole turmeric while piperine ranges from 2-7% (even as high as 9%) in whole black pepper.

If you were to do the math, the amount of black pepper (for 1 tsp turmeric) to be used to match the 100:1 ratio would be very less.

We cannot compare the ratio of standardized extracts of bioactive ingredients to whole herbs. Therefore ¼ tsp of freshly ground black pepper with one tsp turmeric powder should suffice.

Why freshly ground black pepper? Piperine, present in black pepper and necessary for the absorption of curcumin, is lost if stored for long periods. If you observe store-bought black pepper powder loses its pungency over time.

Therefore freshly grinding black pepper helps retain its volatile oils, piperine, and its pungency. But if that is not an option for you, then you can use store-bought black pepper to make Golden Paste but do store it in an airtight container.

There is no defined amount but to keep things simple we recommend ¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper to one tsp turmeric powder.

How to take turmeric and black pepper for daily health benefits?

Including turmeric in the diet is the best way to take the herb. Please check our list of recommended organic turmeric brands.

The Golden paste is an effective way to take turmeric as it contains healthy fats and black pepper to enhance absorption. You can Golden Paste from fresh turmeric roots as well.

Black pepper has its own set of health benefits (Read Health benefits of Black Pepper) and adds to turmeric’s absorption and therapeutic activity.

Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks.

It is best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take meds.

1 cup Turmeric Milk or Turmeric Tea daily can help with pain relief in arthritis.

If opting for supplements, please consult a health practitioner prior. Read 8 Popular Turmeric Supplements Available In Market Today

A few precautions to be noted when taking turmeric:


There is no exact science or ratio as to how much black pepper you should take with turmeric.

¼ tsp freshly ground black pepper with one tsp turmeric powder can provide health benefits and aid in the absorption of curcumin.

Golden Paste is a great way to take turmeric daily.

Let us know how you take turmeric and black pepper daily in the comments section below.

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  1. I keep a glass jar of turmeric on the counter and put i/8 teaspoon of turmeric, and a few grinds of pepper on many of the foods that I eat. Years ago I measured the turmeric and the pepper then mixed them in the jar. However, I didn’t think I was getting enough pepper so now I do them separately. I also use both in most soups, stews and casseroles.

  2. Hi I stumbled on to your page while scrolling through info on the advantages of turmeric and black pepper compounds I my self have been taking it for about a month at this stage and I am mixing eight table spoons of turmeric to one table spoon of black pepper And I have been putting this mix through a blender with just the right amount of water to make a nice dark golden paste and I have been taking one teaspoon of this twice a day and I have found out that my digestive system loves it and my regularity is great and while I have changed my eating habits I have began to lose weight around my waist and my skin appears to be looking a bit smoother I will continue with this for another month or so and drop the results on this page Cheers Terry,

  3. I heard that heating also help absorption, do you know if that’s true? So I mix some turmeric and black pepper in whole milk and add the mixture to certain dishes that I cook.

  4. Hi Karin,
    I’m about to make my first batch of turmeric tincture, I’d read that use 1/4 cup of turmeric to one cup of vodka. I’m also looking to find out how much fresh ground black pepper to add – did you have any luck finding out yet? I’d appreciate any input! Thanks

  5. I make vodka based plant tinctures and need to know how much black pepper should go into the mix of 1 qt turmeric tincture?

  6. I have been advised 2 take curcumine for my stubborn OSB and my friend supplying this 2 pharma cos. Asked me to keep 4-5 black peppers & suck juice before taking curcumine 2 increase absorption. What should I do?

    • It’s advisable to opt for standardised curcumin supplements that already contain bioperine (a patented version of piperine present in black pepper). Bioperine helps with the absorption. If that’s not possible right now, you could consider consuming freshly ground black pepper or swallow whole peppercorns with the curcumin supplements. Also take the supplements after a meal, the dietary fat can aid in absorption.
      Please confirm with your doctor first. Hope this helps.

  7. I take 500mg of Tumeric with 3/4 tsp of store bought black pepper. Will start taking with fresh black pepper to see if any difference.

  8. You say to take 1/4 teaspoon back pepper with one teaspoon turmeric, which is a 1:4 ratio. But on your page giving instructions for making “golden paste,” you say to use 1-1/2 teaspoons black pepper to 1/2 cup turmeric, which is only a 1:16 ratio. I’m confused. Is there enough black pepper in the golden paste to get full bioavailability from the turmeric? Or should the amount of black pepper in the golden paste be increased?

    • Hi. When it comes to spices, there is no exact the ratio. The exact ratio applies to active components curcumin and piperine and the ratio used in supplements is 100: 1 (curcumin: Bioperine).
      For 1 tsp turmeric powder, 1/4 tsp black pepper powder should suffice. In the Golden Paste recipe, along with 1.5 tsp black pepper powder, there is a sufficient amount of healthy fats which also aids in absorption. However, you are free to add more black pepper if it suits your gut health and you do not find it pungent. Hope this helps.

  9. I grow and sell my own turmeric. I am freeze drying it. Folks are asking about putting it in a capsule? If you mixed the 1/4 tsp of pepper and 1 tsp of turmeric and put it in capsules would that work?

  10. Good afternoon,
    I would appreciate your comments on the following experience I have had using a ratio of 1 tsp fresh black pepper to 5 ya turmeric. After using this mix and applying 1 tsp of it to morning porridge I suffered severe burning of the stomach for two days. The taste of pepper was very strong (although delicious). I also struggle with poor digestion through having very low levels of stomach acid. Can you see any connection between these two situations.
    Many thanks for you help and congratulation on a great website.
    Kind regards,

    • Hi. If you feel black pepper aggravates your gastric symptoms then please avoid it. Turmeric’s absorption in the body can also be improved by taking it with healthy fats such as coconut oil or olive oil. You could consider replacing black pepper with healthy fats.

  11. Does anyone know if simmering the turmeric and pepper together deactivates the effects of the pepper? I only just noticed that the recipe called for adding the pepper at the end and I had assumed they were cooked together.

  12. Let’s say i want to mix a batch of organic turmeric powder with black pepper for a total of 1lbs
    What ratio would you recommend?

    • Hi. There is no exact ratio as such to recommend but the ratio of curcumin to piperine used in supplements is 10:1 . Hope this helps.

  13. I have been taking raw turmeric together with fresh black pepper followed with a glass of water every morning and before going to bed for 1 month. For how long should I continue.

  14. I am on Methotrexate 5mg for Ptyriasis Lichenoides Chronica treatment and have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Is it advisable to have raw turmeric crushed with a few black pepper kernels? Or should turmeric be avoided?

  15. I am taking turmeric tablets 10,000mg, 1 per day which has High potency extract equivalent to 10g of culinary turmeric. Can you tell me approximately how much black pepper I should take with this.

  16. I just bought a lb of organic Turmeric. I have some concern about this super food.
    I am taking Atorvastatin 40 mg and Amlodipine 10mg. Is there an interactions in both medications while taking Tumeric?? I am also taking Aspirin 81mg as blood thinner. Do I have to stop this? Is Tumeric also a blood thinner?


    • Hi. We are not really sure which particular enzyme you are referring to but if it is serratiopeptidase or serrapeptase then yes there are some proprietary blends that combines these two as natural anti-inflammatory agents. We have not come across any study that examines the interaction between these two but the concern presented by some researchers is that taking natural agents like turmeric, garlic, fish oil with serratiopeptidase may increase risk of bleeding or bruising. Again, there are no concrete studies proving this.

      Dietary turmeric should not pose any risk. If taking large doses of turmeric powder or Golden Paste or turmeric supplements, keep a 3-4 hour gap between taking the two. Please do confirm with a health practitioner as well.

  18. I squirt liquid turmeric onto a saucer and sprinkle black pepper into it and mix the two with the stopper. Any residue I clean up with my finger so nothing is left on the saucer. When my supply of liquid turmeric is over I am going to make the paste and see what it is like. I have no cartilage left in my knee and a fractured shoulder. So I need pain supplements as refuse to be operated due to others having been so unsuccessful.

    • Look into Sam E. It’s saved my father’s joints. He swears by it but you have to use it religiously for at least 2 to 4 weeks. Doses usually range from 400mg a day to 1600 a day mg.

  19. simmer turmeric root (with ginger, add garlic maybe later, even parsley) and make ice cubes; put lots of pepper in it fresh when you use the ice cubes. makes yummy stews and soups

  20. Useful information – thanks.

    I’ve noticed many sites talk about black pepper for absorption but don’t give specific amounts. It’s easy to see why, the research isn’t entirely there. But, the estimate you give is a great place to start.

  21. I am not a official on turmeric. One thing I have read many times is that the amount of pepper in proportion to the turmeric is much smaller. I have often read 1/4 C. of turmeric and 1tsp. black pepper is really all that’s needed. -of course both should be organic.

    • Hi. It is difficult to comment on how much black pepper you would need to add to 1 kg turmeric. For daily intake we recommend 1/4 tsp black pepper powder for 1 tsp of turmeric.

  22. one problem is ‘how do you know that you’re buying organic turmeric’ — there’s really no validation that a consumer can do, especially here in the West. And what is the difference in organic vs non-organic? Why would something as basic as Turmeric need the ‘organic’ label. It’s like saying that whole cumin seeds are organic? it’s a non-statement, contributing nothing to its real value, except to demand a higher price

  23. I am taking tincture of Turmeric so put black pepper in a little saucer and then add my liquid Turmeric by sucking it up through the dropper. My Turmeric comes from GLOBAL HEALING CENTRE AND IS TURMERIC SPAGYREX EXTRACT.

  24. Hello
    I’m confused about the quantities of black pepper to turmeric powder as the ratio here is 1:4 but is much less pepper to turmeric in your golden paste recipe. I would be really grateful if you could clarify for me. Also, which capsules available in the UK have the best combination of ingredients to replicate the golden paste quantities? Golden paste isn’t convenient when travelling and I often seem to find turmeric stains on my clothes!
    Many thanks

    • Hi. The turmeric -black pepper ratio can be really confusing. Supplements use a ratio of 100:1 of curcumin and piperine. And its difficult to replicate that in real life.
      The ratio mentioned above (1tsp turmeric and 1/4 tsp black pepper powder) is for those who take turmeric powder directly (like in water or juice or just plain).

      Obviously this differs in case of Golden Paste but that does not mean that the paste is ineffective. Cooking turmeric in GP and adding oil compensates for the difference in black pepper proportion. Besides you are free to add more black pepper but whats mentioned in the recipe is sufficient. The recipe is a convenient yet effective way of taking turmeric at home and any other changes like adding ginger and cinnamon are permissible.

      About supplements while travelling, for daily health benefits and also those that are similar to Golden Paste (minus the oil), please check this:


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