How to Use Turmeric for Skin Problems?

I have already discussed how turmeric is great for skin. In this article, I provide specific ways to use turmeric (based on Ayurveda) to treat skin related problems.

Please note these remedies are not developed by me but are part of ancient Ayurveda treatment.

Thus, you may find a few things surprising and even odd. I will try to explain everything in as much detail as I can.

How to use Turmeric for Skin Problems

Here are some ways turmeric can help in skin issues

1. Neem and Turmeric Paste

Neem plant (Azadirachta indica or Indian Lilac) is very important part of Ayurveda medicine because of its amazing health-promoting properties. It is also used along with turmeric to treat skin disorders.

Take 10 gms of turmeric and about 50 gms of neem powder. These two have to be mixed with butter and then to be applied to the affected part of the skin. It is known to provide a cooling effect and reduce itching.

Both neem plant and turmeric are known to benefit skin and make it smooth and soft. Thus you not only get rid of itching but get a beautiful skin!

2. Doob and Turmeric paste

As with neem plant, Doob grass (also known as Cynodon dactylon, Bermuda grass, bermudagrass, dubo, dog’s tooth grass, Bahama grass, devil’s grass, couch grass, etc.) is also known in Ayurveda for antimicrobial properties.

For itching, gring turmeric powder and doob grass and apply at the affected area. It is also known to help in scabies and eczema.

3. Turmeric powder directly

Topical application of turmeric is known to help in itching and eczema. For this turmeric powder is mixed with butter.

Turmeric can also be given orally for these conditions. 5 gms of turmeric with 2 gms of sugar is recommended in morning and evening.


In some cases, it is difficult to follow a treatment as not all ingredients are available. For example, neem powder or Doob grass is not available in all parts of the world. In that case using turmeric with butter or taking it orally with sugar can be a great alternative.

As I have been writing, most Ayurveda medicines are not scientifically tested but have been proved effective based on a large number of people benefiting from it. Thus, there is a certain amount of belief required here to test these and to get benefit from them.

If you have used any of the above or have any other alternative turmeric based medications you have successfully or unsuccessfully tested please share your experience with all of us through comments or guest articles.

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  1. Is red pepper the same as black pepper? and what about hot peppers, cooked with the tumeric – do you still need black pepper too?

    1. Red pepper is different from black pepper. Red pepper and hot peppers have capsaicin as the agent that gives spicy taste whereas black pepper has piperine. It is piperine that you need to increase bioavailability of curcumin, so black pepper is a must.

  2. Kiehl’s has a new tumeric cranberry mask (that won’t turn you yellow)..that’s curing the lichen planus on my face after only 3 applications! I’ve tried everything!!! I’m sooo happy to have found this! Go ask for a free sample & try it!

  3. Very interesting thread. My son is 13 and getting quite bad acne on his face – would topical turmeric help with this ?

  4. Hi, I am 23, female. I have been taking Nutrigold’s Curcumin powder since past 2 month as I have clogged pores/blackheads/acne on my right cheek. It hasn’t got cured but getting better. It has black pepper in it. I combine the capsules with O-3 fish oil of the same brand for better absorption since its fat. I hope that’s okay?

    Also I think I have a slight hormonal issue but it never gets detected in my blood tests. I can tell from the sudden growth of facial hair.
    Does turmeric helps in treating hormones?

    I use honey to cleanse my face, apple cider vinegar with mother (diluted) as a toner and a loccataine (Angelica) milk lotion as a moisturiser.
    At night I’m using the same cleansing and toning routine but instead of Angelica I’m using 4-5 drops of rose hip seed oil with lavender.

    I need to know if I can use turmeric mixed with milk/curd on my acne everyday or not. And after that should I follow it up with a moisturiser or leave it as it is?

    I’m a combination skin- oily on t zone and normal on cheek.

    Help please 🙂


    1. I think you are doing far too much to your face…
      Just keep it simple.. use coconut oil/fat.. as cleanser and moisturiser,, and witch hazel as a toner.
      Do the tumeric thing 2 times a week…
      Also what kind of diet do you have?Cos this plays a big part.. Do you drink lots of water? When I was in my twenties, I had endless zits and pimples…. Only My opinion

    2. Turmeric may help in normalizing hormone issues. You can use turmeric mixed with curd topically for acne but do a patch test prior. No need to apply moisturizer thereafter.

  5. I usually buy turmeric roots imported from India. I boil the root for two or three minutes, add black pepper and drink as a tea. Which is best: tea made from powdered turmeric of from roots? What concerns should I have about roots?

  6. I need help. My husband is breaking out with small looking pimples, but there not. They swell up and hurt a lot and no doctor can help him. He is getting them on his arm and fingers now. HELP

    1. Hi Marthy, I am not sure what it is and thus I cannot provide anything concrete here. Turmeric does help in skin problems but as we do not know what we are dealing here I can offer little help.

      I am sorry and I hope things get better for him soon.

    2. I’ve been getting these and am finding it may be hives (aka urticaria) – google “rash that moves around my body” I have just begun a (5 day) raw veggie or fruit fast and drinking 2 tbsp brags apple cider vinegar in water morning and night – I have been battling this for almost 2 years and have just found this information. I hope this helps me and you! Good luck.

  7. I finally received my order of Neem tree powder. I’m ready to mix it with the turmeric powder and butter. My question now is once I spread this all over my skin, how long do I leave it on? I can’t imagine going out with that green and bright orange goop all over me, te he.

    1. Hi, the time may vary a lot based on skin type, concentration of powder etc. Start with patch test. Also looking for guidelines on the packet may be good idea.

  8. I have a product at home called “Neem Oil.” I use it mixed with water in a spray bottle to kill various plant diseases such as leaf rust or aphids, various mites, etc. I wonder if I could not use this product mixed with turmeric on my skin?

    1. Hi, not sure and oils sometimes can be real concentrated. Neem plant has amazing anti-fungal etc. benefits and used widely in India. But as I said oil can be real concentrated. I would suggest you do a patch test.

  9. Hi. The turmeric with sugar recipie you have here, is it 5 grams twice a day or 5 grams divided?
    I’ve heard on other sites that turmeric should be used with pepper, and coconut or olive oil. Is this the case here?
    Thank you