Curcumin for HIV-Associated Diarrhea

HIV/AIDS is a viral infection caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus that our bodies cannot do away with. AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome.

The virus destroys the T-Cells and CD-4 cells of our immune systems leading to its improper functioning.

Gastrointestinal problems are quite common in an HIV infection. Majority of the HIV patients suffer from diarrhea during the disease.

It may lead to malnutrition and excessive weight loss, thereby worsening the condition of the patient if not controlled.

There can be a number of causes of diarrhea. Some of them are-

  • Infectious organisms like Microsporidia, CMV, and MAC etc.
  • Antibiotics
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Cancers
  • HIV enteropathy

A few drugs and antibiotics are available for its treatment and new therapies are being tried and tested.

In this article, we are going to discuss how curcumin, a natural polyphenolic compound present in turmeric, can be useful in treating HIV-related diarrhea.

Research scientists from the Department of Gastroenterology, Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Centre, Los Angeles tried to test the efficacy of curcumin in curing diarrhea in HIV infected people.

For this, they selected 8 infected individuals. They were all made to consume 1.86 grams of curcumin every day for 41 weeks.

It was observed that in the mean duration of 13 days, diarrhea got completely resolved in all patients after curcumin intake.

The stool quality was normal again. The frequency of bowel movements each day reduced significantly. Seven patients gained weight and most of them also exhibited improvements in bloating and abdominal pain.

It is also important to mention that none of the patients reported any adverse health condition during the course of curcumin treatment.


Diarrhea is a frequently observed consequence of HIV infection. It is seen in almost all HIV infected patients. This diarrhea, if not treated in time can lead to malnourishment and excessive weight loss in the patients.

Scientists have now discovered that curcumin treatment maybe effective in alleviating it. It significantly reduces the no. of bowel movements per day, abdominal; pain and bloating.

It normalizes the quality of stool and helps the patients to gain weight again. In short, it completely treats diarrhea associated with HIV infection without producing any adverse effect.

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