7 Turmeric Benefits for Female Reproductive System

Turmeric is regarded as a ‘golden herb’ in Ayurveda due to its various pharmacological properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-cancer, immunomodulatory, etc.

Two groups of constituents that confer these properties to the spice are curcuminoids and volatile oil.

Curcuminoids consist of curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin and these together contribute to turmeric’s vibrant yellow color.

Curcumin is medicinally the most important constituent. Volatile oil also has therapeutic properties and is responsible for the strong aroma.

7 Turmeric Benefits for Female Reproductive System

Benefits of Turmeric for Female Reproductive System

Estrogen is one of the female sex hormones that are essential for the menstrual cycle and fertility of females. Turmeric has proven estrogenic activity- it mimics the activity of the hormone.

Curcumin acts as a weak phytoestrogen- estrogen obtained from a plant source. This could be suggestive of its therapeutic role in female reproductive disorders.

1. Benefits during periods

Turmeric is known to decrease intensity and pain experienced during periods. I searched this over the internet and found out that this is a very common problem today with so many females.

Turmeric’s antispasmodic action can help with menstrual cramps. While there are many medicines available today for this problem, but using turmeric can provide a great natural choice.

Scientists in Thailand have investigated the antispasmodic effect of curcuminoids on uterine contractions.

Curcuminoids, at a concentration of 8microgram/ml and 16 micrograms/ml, aided in reducing the force and frequency of induced contractions in smooth muscles of rat uterus.

Back pain and overall body ache are the common complaints associated with menstrual cycles. Women generally resort to over the counter available painkillers.

The use of painkillers or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) for the long term can pose side effects such as gastrointestinal upset, gastritis, acidity, kidney failure, etc.

As a herbal alternative to painkillers, turmeric powder can be consumed within the limit of 400-600mg thrice a day.

Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory agent and it combats pain in a similar way as painkillers but does not cause adverse effects.

Turmeric is one herb which brings back uterus back in proper shape and functioning. Some also believe that turmeric also helps in balancing hormones which in turn are responsible for breakouts, irregular periods, etc.

2. Normalizing menstruation

Turmeric has the property of being an emmenagogue. Emmenagogues are herbs which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus, also some of them stimulate menstruation. Turmeric purifies and moves stagnant blood which normalizes menstruation.

Another benefit of turmeric arises from the fact that it is a mild and supportive uterine stimulant.

Uterine stimulants (uterotonics) are medications given to cause a woman’s uterus to contract, or to increase the frequency and intensity of the contractions.

I must add that in some situations this can also be a problem. Thus it is always advised for pregnant and lactating mothers to take turmeric after consultation with their doctor.

3. Leukorrhea

Leukorrhea is a term used to denote thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge. Again, when I researched over the internet, it also seemed to be a big problem these days.

It is believed to be caused due to various factors (the main one being an imbalance of hormones) and can continue for years. Turmeric can prove to be helpful here.

Take 10 gms of turmeric and boil that in water. Let it cool down and then it as a douche 3-4 times a day. It is believed to provide long-term relief.

4. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a disease in which endometrium- cells lining the uterus, grows outside the uterine cavity. This disease affects around 15% of women of reproductive age and leads to infertility.

The exact cause behind the occurrence of the disease is not yet understood but oxidative stress and hormonal imbalance are said to play important roles in its mediation.

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between prooxidants and natural antioxidant defenses of the body.

Prooxidants are generated in various biochemical pathways of the body including processes related to the development of the female reproductive system.

Yet when produced in excess these agents can cause oxidative stress and lead to a proliferation of diseases.

Curcumin is reported to inhibit the growth of endometrial cells by modulating the secretion of estrogen. Curcumin’s potent antioxidant activity is also exploited to serve as an aid against oxidative stress mediated infertility in the endometrium.

5. Menstrual toxic shock syndrome (mTss)

Toxic shock syndrome is a potentially fatal condition caused by bacterial toxin. Toxic shock syndrome affects menstruating women, especially those who use super-absorbent tampons or use a single tampon for long time periods.

Toxic shock syndrome can also occur with skin infections, burns, and after surgery. 1/3 of the toxic shock cases involve women under 19. High fever and vomiting during menstruation, rash, and low blood pressure are few of the symptoms.

A study conducted in Minnesota, USA investigated the effect of curcumin on mTss in a rabbit model.

Curcumin was found to be non-toxic to cells lining the vagina and it not only inhibited the infection but also reduced the inflammation caused by it.

This effect was deemed to be caused due to curcumin’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Curcumin reduced toxic shock syndrome induced lethality by 60% in rabbits.

Results of this experimental study suggested the use of curcumin within therapeutic range safe for topical vaginal application. Yet no such ointment has been formulated for this purpose, hence I would refrain from advising the topical application of turmeric to mucosal linings.

6. Uterine Fibroids

Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus.

1 out of 5 women is affected by fibroids during their reproductive age. 20-80% of women develop fibroids by the age of 50. Surgical procedures and hormone therapy are common lines of treatment.

Curcumin is found to inhibit the growth of cells that make up uterine fibroids and prevents proliferation. The anti-inflammatory property of curcumin mediates this therapeutic effect.

7. Cancer

Medical science is slowly accepting the benefits of turmeric against various types of cancer.

Turmeric has been proven effective against tumors and cancers in many scientific studies conducted in labs and there is a large number of people I have seen over forums praising turmeric for the benefit they felt in their health condition.

Research proves that curcuminoids can prevent the growth of breast cancer cells and also prevent the spread of breast cancer in bones by inhibiting the breast cancer cells from secreting factors that are necessary for the progression of cancer to other organs.

Interestingly India has the lowest incidence of breast cancer in the world and it also has the highest consumption as well as the production of dietary turmeric worldwide.

Turmeric is also proven to inhibit the growth of ovarian cancer cells; ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death when it comes to gynecological cancer.

Curcumin is reported to cause cell death of cervical cancer cells by acting against estradiol- a primary female sex hormone which under adverse conditions helps in the progression of cervical cancer (cancer in the lower part of the uterus).


Turmeric can be consumed daily in the diet as curries or rice preparations, soups or even with milk. Turmeric supplements in the form of capsules and tinctures are also available. The prescribed dose is as follows:

  • Standardized powder: 400-600mg 3 times a day
  • Fluid extract with 1:1 concentration: 30-90 drops per day
  • Tincture of 1:2 ratio: 15-30 drops 4 times a day


Undoubtedly turmeric consumption reaps numerous health benefits but it is necessary to take a health practitioner’s advice before consuming turmeric supplements.

In case of ingestion of inappropriate dose or allergic reaction, it can pose adverse effects.

Few conditions in which it is advisable to consume turmeric with care are:

  • Pregnancy & Lactation
  • Diabetes if already consuming blood thinning drugs
  • Prior to surgical procedures
  • Gallstones or bile passage obstruction
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Consuming medications for acidity or blood thinning agents

So above are some of the many ways turmeric benefits the female reproductive system. I am sure there are many more benefits and I will keep updating them as I find them.

For the benefit of others please do share your experience of using turmeric – good or bad.

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    1. It is safe to consume raw turmeric powder (depending on the dosage); however when mixed with healthy fats like coconut or olive oil it is better absorbed in the body.

  1. Hello,
    For the past year I have been taking Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme Allergy. There are 7,050 mg per 3 capsules. I take 2 doses daily. I am trying to conceive and stopped taking birth control in July. I too have read conflicting articles about curcumin acting as a contraceptive. Am I taking too large of a dose?


    1. Hi Kellie. Yes, that is a very large dose; such doses are beneficial for serious health conditions. If you are just taking it for general well being then a dose of 500-1000mg standardized 95% curcumin with Bioperine should suffice.
      Yes, a few preclinical studies do indicate that curcumin may serve as a contraceptive when used topically but such formulations are not yet available in the market. Also, these findings have not been extended to oral consumption.
      However, when trying to conceive and even in case of pregnancy, we would suggest including turmeric in diet rather than taking capsules.

    1. Hi. You can take the Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take meds.

  2. Hi,
    I am trying to conceive. Can I use turmeric supplements? I take 500mg Turmeric supplements daily twice a day but I want to avoid it because I got my periods today. I read that it acts as contraceptive. Please let me know.

    1. Hi. Yes, there are a few studies that have investigated the use of curcumin as a vaginal contraceptive. We have not yet come across any studies suggesting that its oral use could aid in contraception. Also, the research on its properties as a contraceptive is at a nascent stage.
      It is safe to use turmeric supplements while conceiving but please consult your doctor before using them. Also avoid turmeric supplements during pregnancy.

  3. can u pls tell me how did u used turmeric to solve ur problem. as i am suffering from pcos no medication are working i m just 23 but from last almost 2 years i have irregular periods and very very poor flow i m worried and depressed as i m gaining wait immensely please can you advise me how exactly did u used turmeric how many times per day before or after ur meal or sleeping pls help me

    1. Hi. Please consult your health practitioner about turmeric supplements. Opt for a standardized 95% curcumin with bioperine supplement. Always take the supplement after meals. Start with a dose of 500mg and gradually increase over weeks; a dose of 1-2g turmeric supplement helps in most cases but please confirm with your doctor.
      You can take Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take meds.

  4. Hi! I’ve started using raw tumeric. I use a garlic crusher and crush it on my cooked food. I’ve noticed insomnia every time I use tumeric. I’ve had a hysterectomy years ago. I’ve always had trouble when using any type of estrogen. Is it safe for women to use tumeric after having a hysterectomy?

    1. Hi. Turmeric does have mild estrogenic properties and can help balance the hormones. Dietary turmeric should not pose any such risk unless you are consuming huge amounts. There have been no reports about turmeric causing insomnia. If you are experiencing insomnia with turmeric use, please discontinue it.

  5. I’ve been getting dreadful headaches caused by a hormone imbalance due to menopause, but I started taking a little bit of turmeric powder & black pepper in warm water again and feel great after having just taken it twice. I swear by turmeric!

  6. I am 24 years old, my periods got delayed since two months, so i tried turmeric milk, i took two days, and my period came, i stopped taking turmeric milk, but i was having heavy bleeding, now my periods end, but I am feeling heavy pain in uterus, i don’t know why.? It is extremely unusual for me, i many times got delayed periods but i never felt pain, Do i need to continue turmeric milk?

    1. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, please discontinue use of turmeric milk. It is highly unlikely that turmeric should cause any such pain in the uterus. Please consult a doctor with regards to this.

  7. hi, I am trying to conceive and want to start taking fresh turmeric as tea or put the paste in my food, pls what do advice, and will it affect conception?

  8. Hi, I ‘ve been taking fresh tumeric tea with milk for the past 3 months against severe anxiety and depression.
    Fresh tumeric tea has finally ameliorated this condition but at the same time my menstrual cycle is now irregular. The cycle used to be 28 days, now it comes every 14 days. I am really worried and dont know what to do to bring it back to normal.

    1. Hi. It is great to hear that turmeric is helping in anxiety and depression How much turmeric or turmeric tea do you consume each day? Have you tried cutting down on the amount or switching to Golden Paste. Also have you considered consulting a doctor with regards to the irregular cycles?

  9. I began taking turmeric curcumin capsules approximately two months ago to experience the health benefits i have read about. Now I plan on stopping as I changed nothing else, but my periods which have always been normal and routinely predictable have turned irregular. I experienced one which was one week late, and then got another a week and a half later! No thank you!

  10. hello there, i am a young woman of 24 years old. i always suffered from irregular period and i tried so many different ways to make it normal, however i think it is something that we can’t control it even i heard that maybe i suffer from hormonal unbalance.. i tried taking pills one time before but i left them as it kept me bleeding.. on July, me and my bf went on holidays and we had a lot of sex in which during one time it was unprotected as we forgot to use condoms.. for that i took the morning pill after sex and it was safe.. however after 3 weeks, i had a sever urine infection and itching that had me visit my doctor and describe 2 medication for me which i keep using for almost 2 weeks until i was feeling comfortable.. my problem is that from that time and i suffer from vagina dryness and how much i m hot or turned on i don’t have any discharge and start having sexual problems with my bf and we can’t do it as it become painful.. i read that this problem is maybe is due to low estrogen level but from that time and my period start coming little bit regulated so i took out that option.. really i don’t know what to do to cure this dryness and bring back my vagina lubrication to normal..does really turmeric help? and what is the best way for me to use and help me out of my misery? thanks

        1. Some readers have reported reduction in menstrual flow and benefited by taking turmeric to manage heavy periods. However heavy periods should not occur in menopause so it is best if you consult a doctor about this.

  11. I suffered a miscarriage my 20th week.Hoping to get pregnant again but giving my body about a year can turmeric powder help my reproductive system?

    1. There has not been any study as such proving turmeric’s efficacy in improving fertility but including turmeric in diet benefits female reproductive system and improves general health.

        1. Hello i have adenomysis and am drinking 1/2 tea spoon tumeric powder with warm milk
          Do you think that is good for me
          And how long dose it take until you can notice a difference

          1. Turmeric milk is a great way of taking turmeric and how long it would take to benefit is something you can judge based on reduction in pain. 1 cup a day should help. Usually reduction in pain is observed as early as 1 week but a month is sufficient time to observe benefits.
            We would also recommend taking Golden Paste.You can take Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1 tsp 2 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds. https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/how-to-make-turmeric-paste-or-golden-paste

    1. The combination of fresh juice of Turmeric (25%), Ginger (25%), black pepper extract and Honey may be very good combination to help you in balancing hormonal abnormalities. try this combination with a warm water before half an hour of meal. Good Luck

  12. I have been using using turmeric on a daily basis and since then have change my vaginal discharge color to yellow how can I clear it up

    1. What dose of turmeric are you taking and what form? Is it supplements or spice? It could be a result of hormonal changes that turmeric may be balancing but can’t be sure. Try reducing the dose and see if it makes a difference; or its best to avoid taking turmeric if this problem is disturbing your health.

        1. Raw turmeric as in powder? If you take in water orally it is not like to be absorbed in your body since turmeric is not water soluble.
          You can take Golden Paste and see if this clears up the discharge as turmeric benefits in conditions like leucorrhoea. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux.
          Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds. https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/how-to-make-turmeric-paste-or-golden-paste

  13. i”m taking turmeric tea every morning, can it stop me from conceiving because i have been trying to conceive since one year plus now. thanks

    1. Turmeric does not interfere in fertility or conception. So definitely that is not the reason. Topical application of turmeric is being researched upon as a contraceptive but turmeric taken orally will not interfere in fertility.

  14. i have been taking turmeric tea every morning, can it stop me from conceiving because i have been trying to conceive since one year plus now. thanks

  15. I started taking turmeric with bromelain capsules a few months ago for chronic inflammation in my hip caused by a labral tear and early arthritis (I’m 27) and it’s worked wonders for my pain. However, I now have constant brown discharge all the time. I still get my period but it’s much longer than normal, but it’s always been very irregular because of a thyroid problem. The brown discharge lessens when I stop taking the capsules but then my hip pain starts again…I’m not sure what to do! The turmeric works great for one problem but seems to be causing another problem 🙁

    1. Hi Caitlin. It is quite possible that turmeric is stabilizing your hormones which could be responsible for the discharge. Also the high dose may be triggering excessive bleeding. Here are few things you could do.
      Reduce the dosage and see if the discharge stops.
      Else switch to Golden Paste. Start with 1/4 tsp a day and gradually increase the dose by 1/4 tsp every week to reach a dose of 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day. Best taken with meals and avoid taking any medicines close to it. If the pain is severe then take 1/2-1 tsp of Golden Paste every 4-5 hours only if this regime suits you.

  16. Hi,
    I suffer from very heavy menstrual flow but I am not sure if I should take turmeric or not! Will it help stop the bleeding or increase it?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi. You can start including turmeric in diet. Many readers with the same health issue have taken turmeric and observed reduction in menstrual flow. You can take Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp/ day.
      Increase the dose with every week. If you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks.
      Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds.

    2. combine 1/2 tsp cayanne powder and 1/2 tsp tumeric mix in ice cold water and chug down. chase with another glass of cold water this will slow your flow within 30 minutes (from like 20 pads per day to 4) can repeat as necessary to get desired result. I have used this successfully

        1. I used turmeric fresh juice snd i combined it with virgen coconut oil.black pepper,a fresh lemon juice.i put 3-4 tbsp of fresh turmeric with those ingredient. I habe this thyroid cyst and my hormones went crazy. Im hoping to,concieve a [email protected] let me knowmif my combinstions are ok adn what to do to make my menstruation get back to normal

          1. Hi. Juicing turmeric is great. Fresh turmeric does not require additional coconut oil or black pepper but it is ok to include black pepper. You can also try taking turmeric paste.You can take Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds.
            There is no specific dose we could recommend for hormonal irregularity but we suggest you should consider a diet change and consult a health practitioner about the same.

    1. Turmeric has chemopreventive action- it prevents cancer and prevents precancerous cells from progressing into cancer. In fact a clinical trial showed that turmeric oil extracts reversed such abnormalities in Pap smear tests and prevented cervical cancer.
      You can consume Golden Paste. Start with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon a day and gradually increase the dose to 1-2 teaspoons 2-3 times a day or how it suits you. https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/how-to-make-turmeric-paste-or-golden-paste

  17. I came to this site only because I was caught off guard by my menses sudden normalcy. Recently, it was of average heaviness and consistency, whereas, for the past 2 yrs it was practically nonexistent. When and if it arrived, it was very scanty and watered down. I should’ve gone to the doctor, but didn’t.

    It ocurred to me that maybe I ought to add turmeric powder to my black tea, for respiratory allergy issues I struggle with. ..but got another surprise instead…my menstruation arrived with a flow that I had struggled to obtain for almost 3 yrs. It worried me so much that I was seriously considering seeking medical attention ! This turnaround happened within only days of taking turmeric powder!

    I wondered what could’ve been the reason behind the sudden regularity, like, what was I doing recently…until I traced it down to this golden brown powder. To see if my suspicions were accurate, I Googled it- then voila! Turmeric is in fact a uterus stimulant, helps onset of irregular periods and balance of female hormones. Bingo-!;)

    Feeling so grateful, lately. Bless this heavenly powder. .;)

    1. Yes turmeric is a uterine stimulant and is traditionally used to treat amenorrohoea. Great to hear that it is benefiting you.

      1. I have a 3cm fibroid which s causing pain and excessive bleeding. i am on my period for 11-14 days and some of those days it is so heavy it is like I am urinating blood and as soon as i chabge it gushes againg and have to change again. I want to take tumeric to relieve the fibroid pain, but I am worried tht it will increase my menstrual flow. I was under the impression that it would reduce blood flow as I have been reading about women who had excessive heavy periods and they said their flow had become much ligheter. I am confused now. I would like pain relief and reducution in blood flow. Can you give me advcie please?

        1. Turmeric is said to be a uterine stimulant as per traditional medicine. But what is unique about turmeric is that it can have dual properties. Anecdotally many women suffering from menstrual flow have experienced reduction in flow and regularity in cycles after taking turmeric. Whereas some women have experienced spotting after taking turmeric even in postmenopausal stage.
          So your confusion is understandable. We would suggest you to start taking Golden Paste for pain relief.Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks.
          Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds. https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/how-to-make-turmeric-paste-or-golden-paste
          You can even mix this golden Paste with milk and consume it.
          Turmeric does help in uterine fibroids.
          Start with small doses; if you observe any increase in flow discontinue the use of turmeric.

  18. I’m 38 years old and for the last several periods I’ve been having they have been severely heavy and lasting from 6 to 8 weeks at a time. Currently menstruating now for 4 weeks and I came across this discussion board this morning out of desperation. So far I have taken about 6 turmeric capsules today…. I’m really hoping this will make it stop and get me back on track to being regular.

  19. I have been taking 1600 mg of turmeric for a month now and it has helped with various ailments. I had an iud that was lodged in my uterine wall and had it removed. After the removal, I had excessive bleeding, sweating and pain. I was wearing an adult diaper to keep the bleeding from seeping through my clothing. I was in misery. I had an ablation and after six months, it failed and I was bleeding lightly but swelling and in pain. I started taking turmeric and increasing water intake and my pain has subsided, my bleeding is even more decreased and problems such as frequent urination due to no room from swelling of my abdomen, no pressure on my bottom to cause the use of Tucks and it has effected my mood in a positive way. I’m glad that it works for me and hope it helps others!

  20. i am taking medicines for mood syndrome. i have premenstrual syndrome too. is their any adverse in taking curcumin with pepper for cure. sujajames

    1. Its best to take turmeric in diet as it would not cause drug interactions. If taking supplements its best to consult a doctor. But yes turmeric is good for alleviating premenstrual syndrome and mood disorders.

  21. Hi I have endometriosis and fibroids and have very painful periods. Will taking Turmeric help with the pain, if so how much should I take? Me and my husband would like to start trying to conceive in a couple of months will taking Turmeric block me from getting pregnant?

    1. Turmeric in diet would not have any adverse effect on fertility and will definitely help with the pain. You can take it as Golden Paste starting with 1/4 tsp a day to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day. During pregnancy the intake should be limited to 1/4-1/2 tsp.

  22. Hi. I am on the pill but having heavy excessive bleeding with cramping and clotting. This happens every month. Will the tumeric help?

    1. I humbly beg you to please get off the pill! It wreaks absolute havoc on your body. Does growing a beard or getting clots in your lungs or brain sound good to you? I would prefer condoms plus ayurvedic methods.

    2. Hi, Zee. I am Andrea. I have had that problem too. Started using turmeric and ginger root tea. The bleeding has subsided a lot and the pains are all gone. My mood and energy has changed for the better too. No PMS.

  23. Hi does tumeric help in curing filopian tube health and infections. Period, pcos, Hairutism utres linning thickness? How much is to be taken daily?please what else can be taken?

  24. Do you have references for your claims? I am a student in Pre-med and have learned that all emmenagogue Herbs (includind tumeric) are not only contradicted in pregnancy but if you are high risk to any hormone-sensitive cancers it should be avoided. In small amounts in culinary dishes shouldn’t pose a risk. I am interested in your sources. Thanks!

  25. Can turmeric useful for 3 months pregnancy with fibroid ? Is it sever to take turmeric while carrying 3 months pregnancy with multiple fibroid? Please, I need urgent response. Thanks

  26. Hi. Me and my husband plans to conceive a baby. Will the turmeric will be a big hindrance with this plan as I read that this is another way of contraception? Thanks.

  27. Hello I have a question I haven’t gotten my period yet this month but I didn’t get it last month so I’m just trying to out how often she I take turmeric to jump start my period

  28. I am suffering adenomyosis from many years .and have no child . My periods are very heavy.and long.this month I took termeric 4 days during bleeding and bleeding stop Should I continue taking turmeric . Is it help me to get pregnant too . I m taking metformin 2 times a day

    1. Hi Deepy, turmeric is known to help in several female reproductive problems. But every case is different. There seem to be no side effects of taking turmeric in this situation. It should only help your body.

  29. Hi,
    I had recently got scanned for inflammation in the thyroid gland, which in turn reduces the TSH value. And now again I have not got my periods for 1.5 months. Im not pregnant. Does consuming turmeric with warm milk help to initiate periods? If so how many days I should be taking it?

    1. Turmeric milk can be taken once daily for life. Individual experiences may differ so its difficult to comment as to when you would see the effects. Turmeric will help reduce inflammation in the thyroid.

  30. I have multiple fibroids and it shows up in the form of heavy periods. Will Turmetic help me bleed less? Or is it not recommended in my case?

  31. Hi Keshav,

    I’ve just started consuming raw turmeric roots along with ginger, onion, garlic and green chili and mix them all with salt and ground blackpepper as a side dish for lunch or dinner. I’ve been consuming it for 2 weeks now but not daily. Do you think it provides the same benefit as to make my periods regular? I have yet to get my periods but I feel healthier now.

    1. Hi, thanks for writing. A few things you should be doing to get full benefits 1) take turmeric daily – 1 tsp of powder is a good dosage, while taking turmeric root the quantity should be atleast double 2) include fats in your diet when you take turmeric – it helps in absoption (along with black pepper) Turmeric has been known to help in various female reproductive disorders but 1) the benefits may not be instantaneous 2) the benefits may vary from person to person.
      Nevertheless turmeric will make you healthy so many other ways too. So keep having it daily. Hope this helps. Do share your feedback when you see any improvement. It really helps us and other readers.

      1. Hi, thanks for the reply. So, by powder, you mean I can use the one my mom uses for cooking? I’m about to make turmeric milk for the first time so should a teaspoon of turmeric powder okay? I have the fresh root, too so I’m deciding which one’s better and more convenience. Anyway, I’m on my first day of period finally and I’ll definitely take a daily dose of it and see how it goes. Question, if fresh root means the quantity is doubled, is it still safe to take it daily or should I take it every other day?

        1. Hi, yes. Just make sure it is of good quality. Many spices we use are adulterated. We have some recommendations here — https://www.turmericforhealth.com/. It is best to start slow – take 1/4 tsp and then if you feel okay for few days double and then again double to reach 1 tsp. Fresh root and powder both are good. Of course fresh root has several other things which powder does not have as its processed.

  32. I have not had a period in 1 1/2 yrs, I started to take cucumin for about 6 days and I got a pretty heavy period. I’m confused, I was considered in menopause.. Problem is my doctor put me on Estrace (low dose estrogen) 2 weeks ago, I felt a few light crams but did not think anything of it then yesterday I have a full blown period.. She says it’s probably not the estrogen treatment .. I do not agree.. But could it have been the cucumin ? I love the overall effects of the cucumber I know if I tell my obgyn that I’m taking it she will say stop and continue the estrogen.. They want to do a sonagram ($$.) your feedback is appreciated.. Signed. Confused!!

  33. Hello, I have been getting my period for over three weeks now, on and off. I read your article on turmeric benefits. I want to know if turmeric will be a good choice for me to get my period to be regular.

  34. I started taking Turmeric and curcumin (pill form) about a month ago to help me with my depression. One thing I did not realize is that it is also helping me with my menstrual cramping. The pain is less intense and it is very minimal. Before I started taking turmemic and curcumin, I was in extreme agony whenever I was on my period. So it does work and I do recommend it because it does help menstrual cramping–the pain is LESS severe and intense. I wish I knew about this many years ago . . . .

  35. I am 44yrs old and am starting to experience pre-menopause. I am on no medications of any kind, am in generally good health with the exception of a few bad habits. My whole life I have dealt with bed-ridden cramps at the onset of my cycle, lasting the first two days, but rendering me useless during that time. And recently my cycle flow has become more intense. I have been studying Ayurveda for years but hadn’t used much of the remedies because I thought I was “fine” and what I was experiencing was just normal. But in all my research, what I have been experiencing is not at all normal for the body (maybe not so of our culture – there is a difference). So I am getting my cycle every 2 weeks now. It’s a new and changing time in my life and I feel very good about it. I have started taking homemade turmeric capsules = I buy organic turmeric spice from a local natural foods store, they also sell empty gelatin capsules. I fill them up with this special little spice and it’s like an absolute miracle. NO cramping. NO irritability. NO heavy blood flow. NO intense mood swings. NO pain. I will never be without my special little spice ever again. On a side note, my father has started taking it for his headaches instead of ibuprophen – with wonderful results.
    Thanks for this site! Great info. Namaste.

    1. I am 51 and I am starting to go thru pre-menopause right now. So I can relate to you because I am going thru the same symptoms. I started taking a turmeric / curcumin capsule everyday for a month now. I do agree with you, it does help with depression and especially with menstrual cramping–the pain is less severe and intense (very minimal). Before I was in complete agony, now I am NOT anymore. I wish I knew about turmenic/curcumin long time ago. But I am grateful that I am taking it now because the cramps were getting more intense and last longer than usual whenever I get my period. I started my period today and I feel great–no pain from the cramps (very minimal) and no depression. Good luck going thru pre-menopause

  36. Need help. I haven’t had a period in 4 months. I’m trying to induce it. Any other remedies I can try? Thanks in advance

  37. Helloo! Just trying to become pregnant. I am a PCOS sufferer and been trying to conceive for the past 7 years.. How often do I need to take the mixture and for how long..thank you

  38. I have pcos and irregular periods….. I had my last period in December Till now……. Could turmeric milk help me out with the same

  39. i took planb after unprotected sex for the first time two days after my period ended. yes it was stupid =.=’. so yeah i took plan b at 6pm after slight intercourse (3pm) the same day. wil termaric milk reduce the risk of pregnancy if i ddrink or will it reduce the effects of the “plan b” pills.i took two pills at the same time.

  40. Hi I have had a regular period, every 23-25 days and know all of the signs leading up to starting. I have always had bad cramping and bloating with every period and right after my last I started taking turmeric supreme for a knee injury to help with inflammation, which it has been amazing! But I am now on day 24 and have none of my normal signs that I am about to start..have you ever heard of it changing someone’s normal cycle? The article writes about those with irregular but mine has never been irregular so has me wondering what is going on.. Thanks

    1. Hi Lori, thanks for writing. Did you use a supplement ? If yes, try discontinuing.

      Turmeric (powder not supplement) as far as I have read and know do not do that. Else millions of female in India would have this issue as we use turmeric on a daily basis in almost everting we cook.

      1. I have a 3cm fibroid and I am plagued with prolongued periods with extremely heavy bleeding and pain. I am wondering whether tumeric will ease the pain and reduce blood flow. I do not want to increase blood flow. In the West fibroids are very common. I was wondering if it is less common in India. It is interesting to find out about other cultures and countries as diet and lifestyle is different.

  41. Well written article from Keshav Kartik who has clearly done his research and read many publications.

    We know that maintaining a diet of balanced nutrition and fibre will
    help the endocrine system and gut to function, combat disease and
    enhance quality of life. If you can only add one medicinal aspect to
    diet, then Turmeric is one of the most effective, but of course include
    the Golden Spice as part of a healthy diet.xx

  42. Hi there…can I drink the turmeric tea with the squeeze of lime first things in the morning before my breakfast? Any advice please. Tks!

  43. So I have a different problem, I am going through pre menopause, I bleed out of control for 3 days, the 3rd day being the worse. Is turmeric going to make to make me bleed even more? Because I can barely function with it now.

  44. I have been drinking what I call a Turmeric Latte every morning for a couple of months now, my menstrual cycle is improving in regularity and I’ve been feeling better. My husband and I have been planning to start trying to conceive our first child sometime in 2015. I’m just wondering when I should stop consuming turmeric before trying to conceive. I mean, how long before. I plan to keep taking it until then, it’s become my favorite morning drink since I quit coffee.

    1. Hi,

      Great to hear it has helped. And let me tell you, it is just one way – there may be 100 other ways it is helping you already!

      Turmeric taken as spice causes no issues with pregnancy or breastfeeding. Billion people population of India is proof of that as we never stop putting it in our food at any stage.

      Infact it can help you in case of cold cough, fever, pain, etc. you would not be required to take any medicine which will for sure have side effects. For more please read this — https://www.turmericforhealth.com/general-info/is-taking-turmeric-safe-during-pregnancy

      But remember, as a spice – no overdose and no supplements. If you have other complications then of course please talk to a doc.

  45. Does it matter if I use capsules instead of the powder with milk? When is the best time to start using it and how often should it be taken? Will it help if your period has already started?

    1. HI Tina, I am assuming by capsules I mean using supplements. There can be various issues starting from quality of the supplements, what all other ingredients added etc. Also, people tend to take overdose of it very often when in supplement form. Thus, to avoid all complexities it is best to include a good quality plain turmeric powder in your diet as a spice or take recommended amount as turmeric milk.

  46. Hi 🙂 I have just accidentally learned about the great use for Tumeric. I read somewhere that Tumeric is good for Liver Health, so today I decided to drink a cup of water mixed with Tumeric Powder, I am also having my menstruation with today being the 3rd and last day (mine has always been regular lasting 3 days). By this morning my menstrual discharge had dried up. I had the cup at around lunch time and 5-10minutes later I felt that I had started bleeding again, so I decided to go check in the bathroom and I’ve discovered dead/old blood in clots. I have to say I feel so good, I normally have a feeling of being bloated and right now I feel so light and my tummy feels like it’s cleared of the heaviness I normally feel. So since I discovered this a few hours ago I decided to check on the internet for benefits and side effects of turmeric, I was pleasantly surprised by the many authoritative sources on its use, one of which includes menstrual health! I am sure I will be having my weekly cup of Tumeric Powder in water from now onwards.

    1. Liz, great! Turmeric is indeed awesome. Please do read its other benefits too. I would also request you to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates 🙂

  47. I have unprotective sex wid my gf.
    its been 6 days..
    she told me that..she will get her date around 31st or 1st.
    Im confirm my ejection was out of vagina!
    I’m confused weather she get pregnant..
    its early tym..
    suggest me how she could get period and confirmation she is not pregnent !

  48. i have irregular periods every months … just want know that can i use fresh milk or milk powder that sell at supermarket !!!

      1. Please help me I have not seen my period for 5 years now after my first child. Tell me how to use turmeric to make me menstruate

  49. I have vaginal bleeding from last one month. The flow is not more, but it is regular not stopping at all. Please give remedies to stop the bleeding..im fed up. If this is going on i cannot have my periods. Please help me.

  50. I have pcos (irregular periods). what amount of turmeric can i eat and in what way is more effective and also what time of the day should I take turmeric. an idea will be helpful.

    1. Rani, you can start by including turmeric as a spice in your food and taking turmeric milk in morning and night. To ensure your turmeric is absorbed nicely do include black pepper in your diet in whatever way possible. It is good you are avoiding capsules. Hope this helps.

  51. Hey, I’ve been drinking turmeric milk for about 2 months now. I had my last period on December 4th. And I didn’t get my period in January. How long do I have to drink the turmeric milk to get my period regular? My cycles are very irregular and I really want them to become regular! Thanks!

    1. Shruti, thanks for writing. What you are asking is really tough to answer as reproductive system problems may root from various reasons and thus treatments and their effectiveness may differ. Also turmeric milk would for sure be helping you out in some way or another. I would suggest you shd keep taking this milk as long as you can as it has so many other benefits to offer.

  52. Hi, I had a vaginal bleeding for almost 3 weeks. Your turmeric tea helped to stop it in 3 days!
    Thou, I don’t like regular milk, I was drinking it with soyamilk+ a teaspoon of coconut cream.
    I am so happy my bleeding is finally gone, not sure what worked here, maybe it is just a coincidence.
    Anyway, thank you for a great post!

    1. Caroline, thanks for sharing your experience. You should continue taking turmeric as a spice (use it in curries, as turmeric milk or tea). As a spice it does no harm and provides long term benefits.

  53. Hey, I’ve been drinking turmeric milk for about 2 months now. I had my last period on December 4th. And I didn’t get my period in January. How long do I have to drink the turmeric milk to get my period regular? My cycles are very irregular and I really want them to become regular! Thanks!

    1. Shazia, turmeric as spice or with milk are a great option to include it into your diet. Do add small amount of black pepper in your diet too as it helps in absorption of turmeric well.

  54. hi i have polycystic ovaries i am taking turmeric capsules daily from past one month pain has subsidied greatly and i have my period one week earlier this time.

    1. Thanks hema for sharing your experience. Turmeric indeed is great. We all should make it part of our diet someway or another. Please do subscribe to our newsletter to remain posted about turmeric on a regular basis. Thanks