Turmeric / Curcumin Dosage for Cancer : A Scientific Plan

According to 2012 worldwide stats, more than 14 mn new cases of cancer were detected in a year. More than 8 mn died due to cancer.

This makes cancer one of the leading causes of death across the world.

What is more disturbing is the fact that the number of new cases is likely to increase by 70% in the coming 2 decades. Thus, cancer is showing no signs of slowing down.

Cancer is very different from most body disorders and so is its treatment. Modern medicine uses chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery to treat cancer.

All 3 have their limitations and benefits.

Today, alternative treatments of cancer are been explored in great detail and a very promising one is curcumin – active ingredient of the spice turmeric.

Numerous studies on animals and humans have shown positive effects of curcumin on various types of cancer and scientist believe it to be a great adjunct to traditional methods to treat cancer.

But how much curcumin one should take?

There is a lot of debate over this. We try to answer this query here.

Curcumin Dosage for Cancer

Dr. Bharat B Aggarwal is a pioneer in exploring curcumin as an alternative treatment for various disorders in the body including cancer.

Dr. Aggarwal has published more than 600 scientific papers; many of them are on benefits of turmeric / curcumin to the human body.

turmeric dosage for cancer a scientific plan

We discussed with him the dosage of turmeric for people suffering from cancer and he has proposed the following 8-week regimen:

Curcumin for Cancer: 8 Week Regimen

Week 1: Start with small dosage of 1 gm curcumin per day. If you see no side effects, take it for a week and proceed to dosage of week 2.

Week 2: Increase the dosage of curcumin to 2 gm/ day. Again check for any issues side effects etc. If everything looks fine, take it for a week and proceed to dosage of week 3.

Week 3: Double the dosage again to 4 gm / day. Again if things look fine, continue for a week and go for final step.

Week 4-8: Double again to 8 gm / day. Continue this for 5 weeks

Here is the same info in an image form to take a print:

turmeric dosage for cancer - 8 week regimen

I know there will be so many questions in your mind regarding this and I have tried to answer them below

Q. Isn’t so much of curcumin harmful?

Curcumin in large dosage is known to cause issues if taken for a very long time.

Studies done have found curcumin dosage of even 12 gms day to be safe till 3 months.

Thus it is unlikely to cause any serious issues.

Q. Why I need so much, in normal cases I just take 1 tsp turmeric?

Cancer is an aggressive disorder and prompt action is very necessary to check its growth.

Therefore large dosages are required here.

Q. What if I do not note any benefits even after 8 weeks?

According to Dr. Aggarwal, if there is no improvement noted even after 8 weeks then curcumin is very less likely to help you.

Q. Can I get this much curcumin by taking turmeric powder?

You cannot.

It is very hard to get this amount of curcumin by taking turmeric powder given the fact that a typical powder only has 3-4% curcumin.

So to get even 1 gm curcumin you will have to take 25-30 gms of turmeric powder. In the case of 8 gms you will have to take 200 gms of turmeric powder a day, which is not possible.

Thus, you have to use a trusted brand of curcumin supplements here. The studies were done on curcumin and cancer also used curcumin supplements for their research.

Q. How do I take curcumin?

Curcumin powder can be taken along with milk, fluids, etc.

Take them with fats and black pepper for best results as it improved its bioavailability.

Another way is to take curcumin supplements which already have absorption promoting ingredients. Most supplements already have piperine or other compounds to improve their bioavailability.

If not, then you can take the capsules just after taking fats such as coconut oil / olive oil mixed with grounded black pepper.

Nanocurcumin is also becoming a popular choice, but it seems to be in the nascent stage.

General precautions

It is good to discuss the regimen with your doctor before starting as there may be interactions with the medications you have been prescribed.

Also, make sure you stop taking curcumin supplements 2 weeks before surgery.

Which curcumin supplement brand should I buy?

It is extremely important to choose the right supplement brand.

We are trying to figure out a brand we can whole-heartedly recommend but till then you can explore these brands which are popular and have very good customer reviews.

You can check out the supplement brands here – Best Turmeric Supplements Today

Research Studies


Study 1: Curcumin Reduces Side Effects Of Conventional Cancer Therapy

Patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy and scoring above 70 on the Karnofsky scale were enrolled in the study. Karnofsky scale is used to classify a patient’s performance status when suffering and being treated with cancer.

All the patients were in reasonably good condition, independent and able to take care of themselves.

They were given 500mg Meriva (a special formulation of curcumin) or placebo thrice a day for 60 consecutive days. Patients were asked to record the incidence of side effects.

What were the results?

Oxidative stress (imbalance between prooxidants and antioxidants in the body) was assessed on the basis of medical tests. It was observed that oxidative stress reduced in Meriva group and increased in the placebo group.

Within 2 months of treatment, a significant reduction in score in chemotherapy-induced side effects was observed.

For example, nausea and vomiting fell down by 2.4 points while diarrhea and constipation dropped by 3.7 points. In the placebo group, scores remained the same or increased.

Similarly in radiotherapy-induced side effects % incidence of side effects reduced greatly in the Meriva group in comparison to the placebo group.

For example, the incidence rate for nausea and diarrhea was 15% in the Meriva group and 22% in the placebo group whereas weakness was 38% in the Meriva group and 63% in the placebo group.

How did this occur?

Researchers attributed most of these to curcumin’s principal properties: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. These properties help in reducing gastrotoxicity, infection, and malnutrition.

Cognitive function was also assessed since cancer is marked with depression, anxiety and memory impairment. Curcumin also improved these factors which are indicative of its use for improving brain health.

Curcumin has an immune modulating property and can help in boosting immunity which is of value to cancer patients.

What does this mean?

Administering bioavailable forms of curcumin, in this case, Meriva, during conventional cancer treatments can significantly reduce the prevalence of side effects of cancer treatment. Consult your doctor before taking curcumin supplements.

Read the paper here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23775598

Study 2: Curcumin reduces the severity of radiation dermatitis in cancer patients

30 breast cancer patients enrolled in this study. They had non-inflammatory breast cancer and were being treated with radiotherapy without chemotherapy.

Patients were given 2g of curcumin thrice daily or placebo. The severity of radiation dermatitis was assessed by means of observation, questionnaire, and comparable scales.

What was the result?

It was observed that in comparison to the placebo curcumin reduced the severity of radiation dermatitis. Fewer patients treated with curcumin had moist desquamation or peeling off of the upper layer of skin due to radiation exposure.

How did this occur?

In ancient times turmeric paste was primarily used for wound healing. Few of turmeric’s pharmacological properties involved in this are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-coagulant, etc.

Curcumin aids in wound healing but supporting collagen deposition, scab formation, and wound contraction. Apart from its skin regenerative potential, curcumin has been used to treat skin related disorders.

These properties together are possibly responsible for treating radiation dermatitis.

What does this mean?

Oral curcumin administration helps in reducing the severity of radiation dermatitis. Although this study doesn’t report any such findings, other clinical evidence suggests that curcumin boosts the anticancer potential of radiotherapy.

This could be another benefit of taking curcumin concurrently with radiotherapy. Consult your doctor before opting for curcumin supplements.

Read the paper here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3998827/

Study 3: Curcumin Could Be a Very Promising Adjunct to Traditional Cancer Treatments

A recent study titled ‘Targeting Cancer Stem Cells By Curcumin And Clinical Applications’, published in Cancer letters, has found that curcumin has the ability to selectively target CSCs while having no deleterious effects on normal stem cells.

It produces the cytotoxic effects on CSCs through the following ways-

Modulation of self-renewal pathway of CSCs – Curcumin blocks the self-renewal pathways i.e. Wnt/ beta-catenin, notch and sonic hedgehog 89(SHH) pathways whose aberrant signaling is responsible for carcinogenesis and metastasis.

Regulation of microRNAsMicroRNA is a small non-coding RNA molecule that helps in RNA splicing and post-transcriptional gene expression.

Curcumin inhibits tumor growth by regulating the expression of specific microRNAs involved in the acquisition of Epithelial-mesenchymal transition.

Direct anti-cancer activity – After testing the safety and tolerability of curcumin, it was found that curcumin directly targets the malignant cells with no adverse effect on healthy cells.


The study indicates that curcumin has the potential to serve as an effective anti-cancer agent.

By blocking the self-renewal pathways and inhibiting the expression of specific microRNAs, curcumin efficiently destroys the cancer stem cells, reducing the chances of recurrence of the disease.

Its minimal side effects and high tolerability make it a promising anti-cancer substance.

Study 4: Use of Curcumin Improved Precancerous Lesions in a Clinical Trial

Conducted by the scientists of National Taiwan University College of Medicine, the research involved 25 patients suffering from either of the following diseases-

  • Urinary bladder cancer
  • Arsenic Bowen’s disease of the skin
  • Uterine cervical intraepithelial neoplasm (CIN)
  • Oral leukoplakia
  • Intestinal metaplasia of the stomach

They were administered with curcumin for 3 months and tested for the right dosage.

Starting with 500mg per day, they found that curcumin dosage up to 800 mg/per day was well tolerated by patients and no side effects or toxicity was reported.

The concentration of curcumin in the serum was highest at 1 to 2 hours following curcumin consumption and reduced gradually in 12 hours.

The encouraging aspect was that most of the patients participating in the study showed signs of improvements (histologic improvement) of precancerous lesions.


Several studies have indicated turmeric’s benefit for cancer and cancer prevention. It is known to exhibit therapeutic properties against various cancer types.

This study indicates that it may help in treating precancerous lesions and hence reduces the chances of cancer development in people.

Study 5: Curcumin Double Benefits – Inhibits Cancer Stem Cells but Stimulates Normal Stem Cells

Research published in The International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment: Anticancer Research explores the effects of curcumin, the primary polyphenol of turmeric, on CSCs and Normal stem cells (NSCs).

About the research

The aspect of the research was to understand how curcumin (the key active ingredient of turmeric) acts on the two kinds of stem cells – one normal and one cancer.

This is what was observed:

The cytotoxic effects of Curcumin on CSCs are produced by the following mechanisms

  • Decrease in Interleukin-6(IL-6) levels– Curcumin inhibits the release of IL-6 from cells that can convert cancer cells to cancer stem cells.
  • Decrease in Interleukin-8( IL-8) levels – IL-8 is a pro-inflammatory chemokine that increases the proliferation and survival of cancer cells and their resistance to chemotherapy. Curcumin inhibits IL-8 production and its cancer-promoting bioactivities.
  • Decrease in Interleukin-1 (IL-1) levels – Curcumin is known to inhibit the production of IL-1β cytokine that promotes tumor growth and self-renewal of CSCs .
  • Inhibition of CXCR1 and CXCR2 binding – CXCR1 and CXCR2 are trans-membrane proteins that occur on cells including CSCs. Curcumin inhibits both cytokine release as well as their binding to CXCR1 and CXCR2 receptors preventing cell proliferation and metastasis.
  • Modulation of signaling pathways – Aberrant signaling of WNT , Notch , Hedgehog and FAK/AKT/FOXo3A pathways results in carcinogenesis, tumor recurrence and resistance to chemotherapies. Curcumin has the ability to block these pathways proving out to be a powerful anti-cancer agent.

It was also found that curcumin has no deleterious effects on NSCs as it has on CSCs probably because of the following reasons-

  • Curcumin uptake is higher in malignant cell lines.
  • Curcumin affects the microenvironment of cells in a manner that is beneficial for NSCs but not to CSCs.
  • Curcumin depletes CSCs by causing their trans-differentiation.

Further, read:


Hence, this study indicates that curcumin, a compound in the yellow colored spice, turmeric can prevent recurrence of Cancer and induce apoptosis in Cancer Stem Cells by various mechanisms while causing no harm to the Normal Stem Cells.


In the end..

In our email exchange, Dr. Bharat agreed with the philosophy that in the case of most disorders taking good quality turmeric powder is fine. Also, he stressed that one should make turmeric as part of life, this will prevent the body from any future diseases.

In the end, it is advisable to let your doctor know if you plan to start “Curcumin for Cancer” regimen.

Hope this helps.

Do let us know your views about it by commenting below.

About the Author

Fazila (B.Sc Biotech. & Bioinformatics)

Turmeric for Health's writer team consists of passionate writers from the fields of biotechnology, pharmacy, nutrition, Ayurveda & microbiology.Our writers are highly qualified with many having Ph.D., M.Tech & MSc degrees while others having B.Tech, BSc, B.Pharm. Our differentiation lies in researching and presenting ONLY FACTUAL SCIENTIFIC information. We spend 10s of hours to write a single article. Info of our articles is sourced from reliable scientific sources which are also provided as a link alongside for readers to refer if they want. You can read more about our team in the " About us" section.

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    1. Hi. It is difficult to determine the curcumin content in one teaspoon of Golden Paste. It depends on the variety of the turmeric root which averagely contain 4-9% curcuminoids.

  1. I have been taking 3 tablets a day of a product that says each tablet has turmeric 60 mg 50:1 extract 95%curciminoids = 3000mg plus black pepper 10.5 mg of 95% piperine = 10mg. If I understand correctly, taking 3 of these a day would give me 9 grams of curcumin. Please tell me if i have misunderstood and if it is 9 g a day, how long can i go on taking this amount? i don’t have any side effects and am taking it for Malignant Melanoma that had spread for the original place.

    1. Hi. If the product contains 3000mg 95% curcuminoids, then 3 tablets a day will give you 9g of curcumin. According to the dosage mentioned above (which should involve gradual increase in dosage), you can take this dose for 5-8 weeks. After this period, you conduct necessary tests to evaluate whether curcumin has benefited your condition. If it has helped and you are not facing any side effects you can maintain this dose.
      Please consult your health practitioner before taking any supplements. Also since the turmeric supplement contains piperine, avoid taking it close to the time of taking any other medications.

  2. You suggest up to 8 gm. of curcumin per day in the cancer protocol; would this be the same quantity regardless of the brand? Could you tell me if there are any brands that formulate in gm. rather than mlg. Also, if I decide to use the theracurmin, what would the dosage be for a cancer protocol since they formulate in mg?

    1. Hi. Curcumin capsules generally contain 500-1000mg curcumin per capsule. This dosage applies to standardised 95% curcumin irrespective of the brand. Capsules from almost all brands are formulated to contain mg of content. For theracurmin, the dosage would differ as it differs in curcumin content. Please consult your health practitioner about this.
      Also you can read our article on Theracurmin: https://www.turmericforhealth.com/curcumin-benefits-and-dosage/theracurmin-turmeric-curcumin-supplements

  3. I find 1 tsp/day turmeric almost entirely eliminates inflammation in my knee joint.
    BTW I believe knee inflammation may reflect inflammation elsewhere in the body.
    For prostate cancer, do you suggest a higher dosage (mg or teaspoons, please)
    Thank you!

    1. Hi. Glad to hear that turmeric lowers your knee inflammation. For prostate cancer, it is advisable to take curcumin supplements as per the dosage mentioned above after consulting your doctor. Hope this helps.

  4. Good day… My 7 years old daughter has diagnosed with NF1.. I have read about the turmeric/ curcumin benefits and im hoping this can help my daughter.. I started yesterday of giving him turmeric mix with milk.. How many teaspoon should i mix with 1 cup of milk?

  5. Hi again..one more question:
    In my smoldering myeloma, the numbers of the IGg have been more or less steady,the last five years(ranging from 2000-2340),without any medication for myeloma ever..
    Do you suggest that I should take supplements following the whole cancer programm(1-8 grms for two months) or could follow a lighter maintainance programm?
    Thank you..

    1. Hi. Did the IgG numbers stabilize with curcumin supplements? If that’s the case please continue the last dosage of curcumin that you were taking. If you are starting with the plan now, then it is advisable to start with 1g and increase gradually.
      Most individuals use 8g as a maintenance dose and this has been used in research studies as well. Hope this helps. Let us know in case of any doubts.

      1. I will start the plan now..One more question,please: can I continue taking the Golden Paste while being in the curcumin supplements plan? If yes, what quantities should I use?

        1. Hi. Yes you can continue using Golden Paste while taking supplements; 1/2-1 tsp per day (as a part of your diet) should suffice. Please confirm with your health practitioner as well.

  6. Hello: What is the best supplement for the treatment of cancer? How many capsules do I have to take to complete the 8 grams ? More tha 8 for a supplement that contains 750 mg of curcumin?

    1. Hi. You can opt for standardised curcumin with bioperine supplement. The dosage has been outlined above; the dose has to be increased gradually over weeks from 1 to 8g. In case of a 750 mg capsules, approximately 10 capsules will be necessary. It would be better to opt for 1000mg capsules.
      Please consult your health practitioner before taking curcumin supplements.

  7. Hello from Greece.
    I was diagnosed with Smoldering Myeloma(no symptoms and no medication,just blood tests) in 2014.
    I have been using the Golden Paste since 2016.
    My numbers are,more or less, steady.
    I want to start curcumin supplementation,but I am confused about what to choose between the brands I can get in my country.
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  8. My 7 year old son has t-cell all leukemia, which has relapsed in the middle of maintenance. he’s been re-hospitalized, and is back on intensive chemo, with the goal of bone marrow transplant. he’s now considered very high risk. I hate the whole conventional medical approach, but I feel powerless to do anything else. Is there anything you can recommend, or help in any way

  9. Hi, is it 1 gm of curcuminoids? I take an exreact with 40 mg curcuminoids in micelles extracted from 7400mg curcuma longa. How many should I take?

    1. Hi. The dosage mentioned above is for standardized 95% curcumin. Please opt for a supplement that includes standardized 95% curcumin.

  10. My husband has lung cancer and has started with1 gm per day if Dr Best high absorption Curcumin. Should he follow the dosage provided by you.

    1. Hi. Yes, it is advisable to follow the dosage mentioned above but please consult your health practitioner before taking curcumin supplements.

  11. Hello.
    I’ve been using curcumin meriva by Thorne 8gm/day since Jan 2017 for biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer. My initial PSA of 0.17 was slowly going down up to 0.13 with the use of curcumin. However, for the last couple of months the PSA is going up, currently 0.27. I’m still taking the 8 gm/day .
    I take as a single dose in the afternoon, that works with my schedule. In your opinion, should I continue my regiment, should I lower the dose or stop it entirely?

    1. Hi Derek. We aren’t sure as to why the PSA levels are rising again, has your doctor provided any insights on this?
      The dosage outlined above is for curcumin-Bioperine supplements and you have been taking Meriva formulation. These dosage guidelines do not apply to Meriva.
      You can read more about Meriva here:
      Researchers have used a dose of 1.5-2g of Meriva per day for patients with cancer. You can consider lowering the dosage and follow the same limit of 1-2g. Please consult your doctor about this.

  12. My mother is diagnosed with Stage IV Gallbladder cancer which has spread to the liver and adjoining areas. Is curcumin effective in such cases as well?
    She will undergo chemo in some days. How do you recommend Curcumin to be taken along with chemo?

    1. Hi. There are certain studies that have reported that curcumin enhances the effect of chemotherapeutic drugs. However, we are not yet aware of similar research done with respect to gallbladder cancer. Curcumin has several benefits for cancer but it is best to consult your doctor about this.

  13. Hi
    My Dad has been diagnosed with stage 4 advanced bowel cancer and is considered too frail for chemotherapy. I stumbled across this site as I have never heard about the benefits of turmeric.
    I’m in the uk and my Dad is currently on blood thinners. Would taking these high dosages of Curcumin effect the blood thinners in any way?

    Many thanks

  14. Hi,
    My 3 year old daughter has Brain Cancer. In reference to your 8 week regimen for cancer patients, do you recommend the same dosage/regimen for children too? or does it differ for young ones? She is undergoing chemotherapy, and taking bone marrow supplements ( organic naturally derived) and homeopathic R17 drops. Please advise.

  15. How much curcumin per day to be consumed for stage 2 breast cancer -invasive ductal carcinoma? And how long before the shrink in tumour can be checked-1 month or only after 8 weeks?

  16. Hi,would it be safe to take in capsule form (solgar bio-available)800mg for a GBM tumour whilst having Fragmin injections (blood thinners) for a blood clot to the lungs.
    Many thanks

  17. Hi, my dad has a huge oesophageal tumour and possible metastic in liver (still to be confirmed). We have bought HealthAid Curcumin 3, standardised with Piperine. 600mg. Can you please advise how many tablets are safe. He took 5 yesterday and 3 today as we are guessing and have no idea but very scared not to waste anymore time. Thank you so much for any advice. We are in UK.

    1. Hi Amanda. We would suggest following the guideline above and taking approximately similar dosages incremented gradually over the week. Sudden high doses may cause gastric side effects so increase the dosage gradually such 2 tablets in the first week, 4 tablets in next etc.
      Please consult a doctor before taking curcumin supplements. Avoid taking them on an empty stomach. Maintain a 3-4 hour gap between taking curcumin and any other medication.

  18. Sebacious Cyst – on a 12 yr old dog, 55 lbs. Will turmeric paste help dissolve it?

    Also more importantly, 72 yr old male has irregular white and blood cell count. He receives blood transfusions. His daughter, a nurse, claims it is not leukemia while patient the male says it is pre-leukemia. Will Curcumin help him prevent blood transfusion? Can he take just turmeric paste?

    1. Hi Jody. Turmeric powder mixed with coconut/olive oil and applied topically 2-3 times a day can help heal the cyst.
      Without a definitive diagnosis, we can’t suggest how curcumin could help in case of irregular WBC count.

  19. Hi,
    Since the highest safest dose is 12g per day. What do you think about Biolglan clinical curcumin. It has 15800mg, which is 15.8g of turmeric. Is this safe to take ? Is this one of the recommended brands? Is it effective to take a single high dose or more effective to split up the doses.

  20. When using this program for skin cancer, how do I check improvements after 8 weeks? Just check for decrease in size of moles? Should I use golden paste on my skin while doing the 8 week curcumin program?

    1. Hi. Yes after 8 weeks, if you see improvements with turmeric then you can continue on the same dose.

  21. Hi, my name is Judy. My father has been diagnosed with bowel cancer in November last year. (T3, N1) He is 80 years old.
    Since then he takes Curcumin organic juice (45 ml /day). + silymarin regularly
    We repeated the CEA marker analysis. His CEA marker went down from 3,8 to 2,11. We were very contented with the result but he has a constant diarrhee (not high quantities but has got stool incontinence)…Can this stool be as a side effect of curcumin? I reapeat: the treatment HAD GIVEN good results, we would like to go on with it. What should we do?
    Thanks for your answer!

    1. Hi Judy. We can’t assume whether it is curcumin/turmeric that is causing the diarrhea. It isn’t that high a dose that should cause constant diarrhea. Please discuss this symptom with the health practitioner. Since the therapy is helping lower the levels of cancer markers, it seems that the therapy should be continued but it is best to consult a doctor about this.
      Also avoid giving the juice on an empty stomach.

  22. I purchased the first brand of capsules you recommended. Each capsule has 750 mg.
    Since I can’t break a capsule, and say take one and a third, to equal 1 gm, what would your recommendation be for dosing with capsules?
    Also, I am taking this for multiple myeloma.

  23. This is the most impressive post I have seen on Turmeric
    We are using Turmeric root at the moment for my father in law who has stomach cancer

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We hope turmeric benefits you and your family. It is great to include turmeric root or powder in diet when fighting cancer but for a more therapeutic effect researchers recommend using curcumin supplements.

  24. I have not come across anyone mentioning pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately my brother is at stage lV and his Dr has stopped chemo and given him a possibility of 4 months to live. Is there any use on going on curcumim to extend his life? Doesn’t sound there is a cure for his condition.

    1. Hi Steve. We are sorry to hear about your brother’s health. Pre-clinical studies have found curcumin beneficial for pancreatic cancer treatment but this has been tested in clinical trials but no significant or clinically relevant results have been obtained yet. It might interest you to read about the clinical trials conducted on this aspect to date. Please check this:

  25. Hello,
    My nephew is fighting Glioblastoma and testicular cancer. If I read the above correctly this 8 week regimen is for capsules or powder? How much would he take in a tincture form? He is having a hard time swallowing pills. Any help would truly be appreciated.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jean. We are sorry to hear about your nephew. The 8 week regimen mentioned above is for supplements or powder. Since these dosages are for a standardized curcumin content we can’t extrapolate them for tinctures. Tinctures are potent enough but in case of cancer scientists suggest that a high dose of curcumin is necessary for therapy.
      If capsules are not an option, then we would suggest opting for high quality curcumin powder and incorporating as part of the Golden Paste recipe.
      Please consult the doctor before initiating curcumin therapy. Hope this helps.

  26. Hello,
    I would like to ask .. if there is any problem or interaction by taking 4 g Curcumin supplements with ( Femara ) and omega 3 ?

    Thx in advance,

    1. Hi. It is safe to take curcumin with omega-3 but we are not aware of its safety or possible interaction with Femara. Please consult your doctor about this.

  27. My dog had a leoimyoscarcoma tumor in her vaginal wall and vulva area it was removed and reconstruction surgery of that area was done. Thry said they saw spots on her lungs. She is on palladia and was to be on another med but she had a issue with the dissolvable sutures under the skin which caused an infection. She is on mega antibiotics. What do you recommend for her as far as dosage & schedule?
    Thank you

  28. I am a stage 4 non-hodgkin lymphoma survivor (the Hippocrates way… Let thy food…………); and i have (and will,for the rest of my life…being 78 years YOUNG now…) taken lots of turmeric/curcumin 2 times a day with food ( i don’t have any breakfast………) plus turmeric/curcumin capsules 3 times a day for a long time now;but i still don’t understand how can curcumin be extracted from the turmeric root ? Any help would be appreciated,thanks,Mario

  29. Hello,

    I have query in regards to BCM 95 type of curcumin and its dossage. Considering that the article suggests using up to 8 grams per day of standard 95% curcumin but BCM 95 has (supposedly 6-7 times higher absorbsion than) 95% curcumin extract. What would be the dosage of BCM 95 in that case considering that capsules are 400mg ?

    Regards, Serge.

    1. Hi Serge, commercial arguments are firstly pure marketing . Competition is hard between labs. By experience, i can say that two caps of 50 mg of purely soluble curcumin like Novasol are more active than 500 mg of others which are not 100 % bioavailable. If it is 100 % available, the effect of the curcumin is direct , like cortisone. Youu have to increase the intake untill you feel the effect. Another easy way to control bioavailability is the colour of your feces. They will be as yellow as the curcumin will not be assimilated. The colour of feces does not yellowish with Novasol formulations whereas they are really yellow with turmeric powder. Use your toilet paper as a test band…

    2. Hi Serge, commercial arguments are firstly pure marketing . Competition is hard between labs. By experience, i can say that two caps of 50 mg of purely soluble curcumin like Novasol are more active than 500 mg of others which are not 100 % bioavailable. If it is 100 % available, the effect of the curcumin is direct , like cortisone. Youu have to increase the intake untill you feel the effect. Another easy way to control bioavailability is the colour of your feces. They will be as yellow as the curcumin will not be assimilated. The colour of feces does not yellowish with Novasol formulations whereas they are really yellow with turmeric powder. Use your toilet paper as a test band…

  30. Let your Doctor know about this? Ha, ha.
    They themselves have NO CLUE about tumeric as a treatment option.
    My Doctor only talks about chemotherapy and radiation and scares me
    that if I don’t do that, it is death for me.
    Let your Doctor know about tumeric???? Ha, ha.
    Naturopath Doctor would likely be sympathetic but good luck
    with your average North American trained Doctor who is biased
    against alternative treatments.

    1. My husband has GBM. His Neuro oncologist suggested this (supplementary to completed radiation and now completed chemotherapy). Personally I believe all these natural preventative go hand in hand with modern medicine. When you are fighting “The Terminator”, you need to bring every gun you have to the battle. But that’s just me.

  31. I just purchased NatureWise Organic Curcumin Turmeric 2250mg with 95% Curcuminoids & BioPerine Black Pepper Extract (Amazon) for my father who has lung cancer. The labeling is a little confusing as I am not exactly sure how much curcumin is actually in it and how many capsules he will need to take/day to get to the 8g. Would you please comment on this brand?? TIA:)

      1. What you need to do is look at the serving size. How many capsules are in a serving? 2250 mg is 2.25 grams. So 8 grams would be roughly 3.5 servings. (Example: if the serving size says 2 capsules then 2 capsules are 2250 mg or 2.25 grams. Remember to start at 1 gram a week then double each week until you get to 8 grams. I hope this helps.

  32. Hello,
    So, I have Stage IV metastatic Inflammatory breast cancer (ER/PR+, HER2-). I have done chemo. and made the decision to quit before it killed me! I am 37 yrs. old, and otherwise, in good health, amazingly. My question is, if I itched after taking curcumin, does that mean I’m allergic to it? Before I knew I had cancer, I decided to try “Theracumin” because I heard about how healthy it was supposed to be, but every time I would take it, I’d itch for hours afterwards. After stopping taking those pills, I discovered that they WERE in fact the reason I was itching. So, does that mean I’m allergic to curcumin/turmeric? If not, what else could it mean, and should I still try taking it for the cancer? I’m desperate to find an alternative solution! Thank you.

    1. Hi. Yes it could be possible that the itch is an allergic reaction to either turmeric/curcumin or any other constituent in the formulation. Theracurmin contains curcumin mixed with glycerine and vegetable gum obtained from gum ghatti to improve bioavailability. So it is difficult to comment as to what is causing the allergy. It would be better if you consult a health practitioner about this and check for suitable food allergy tests.
      You could consider switching to a formulation that contains only spices such as standardized 95% curcumin with bioperine or you could try dietary inclusion of natural turmeric powder (not more than 1/4 tsp). But please consult your doctor first.

      1. If it were me, and I’m not a Dr but am in the medical field, I would switch brands and take a benadryl with it. As long as it is just itching, ok. But if you ever have issues breathing ,fighting of chest or throat, that is defiantly an allergy and immediately stop. You could also titrate slower to you recommended dose also.

    2. Have you tried marijuana? I myself, am a breast cancer survivor…HR2NU and 10 cm tumor that was .1 mm close to my chest wall (you read that correctly). I did everything that they suggested. My next action would be pot, if it didn’t work. Check out Rick Simpson’s “Phoenix Tears” for more information. I am using it for my Dog with Lymphoma…you can’t even tell that he is sick now, a month ago he was almost dead..so far they said that he would have a month to 6 weeks.

      I am being blunt, as this info has to get out about cannabis.

      1. Hello! My sister is taking curcumin with piperine for breast cancer for a month and a half. How long until the tumor disappears? Did you take the curcumin for more than 8 weeks? Excuse if my English is not correct, it isn’t my native idiom. I’d appreciate if you could answer me.

    3. Luisa… Add Biopirene also known as pepperine to the supplement…. this greatly increases absorption and may relieve itching…

    4. What’s with the really odd and unnecessary habit of starting both writen and verbal sentences with “so,”?

  33. my son got diagnosed w/ MGUS, so i would like him to do the 8 week protocol
    Curcumin for Cancer : 8 Week Regimen as you recommended. do you have any suggestions for curcumin supplement in germany that you recommend, since the Curcumin powder is way to weak? also how much would he have to take after the 8 weeks? you wrote somewhere to continue w/ 8 grams for at least 4 weeks…. and then is there a maintenance dosage?

    1. Hi. We have not reviewed curcumin supplements available in Germany as of yet, but you should look for these ingredients ‘ standardised 95% curcumin with bioperine/piperine’.
      After the 8 week cycle, please consult the doctor about specific tests to assess the improvement. Based on that you can continue the 8g dosage for a month and then switch to a 4 or 8g dosage for maintenance depending on what suits him. Hope this helps.

  34. Hello sir/madam,
    I have been on the internet all day since getting blood tests results that are positive for blood in the stools, I have also lost 13 kilos and am basically skin and bone. I bought Turmeric today and had the golden milk, then tonight came across your very informative website.
    I want to get the Curcumin in tablet form but how do I know how strong they should be, is it 500mg’s?
    I’m in Australia so brands are different but weights are the same.
    Thank you.

    1. Sorry, that should read stool tests and not blood test but I have been having blood tests and had one yesterday which apparently is more accurate in showing cancer. Also I see a specialist on Tuesday.

    2. Hi. Have you consulted a doctor regarding the cause of sudden weight loss and blood in the stools? Please check this article to know about various curcumin supplements.

      You can opt for 500mg standardized 95% curcumin with bioperine supplements. Start with 500mg once a day after a meal for a week and gradually increase to 500mg twice a day after meals. Please consult a health practitioner before taking curcumin supplements.

  35. Hi. I have progressed Psoriatic arthritis and in early stages of CLL. Just wondering if the 8 wk regimen would be appropriate for me. At the moment I am only taking weekly Methatrexate for the arthritis but have just been given a script to add daily Sulfasalazine as well (which I have not commenced as yet). Another question – what happens after 8 weeks – do we continue at that level of curcumin intake?

    1. Hi. Yes the 8 week regimen may help in your case. It may also relieve psoriatic arthritis. But please do discuss with your doctor before starting the therapy. Maintain 3-4 hours gap between taking turmeric supplement and any medication. Avoid taking them on an empty stomach.
      After 8 weeks, you may perceive benefits of turmeric in terms of improved energy levels, better sleep etc. or you can get tests done to check whether it has helped with CLL. Please consult a doctor about the tests. If turmeric has benefited you, please continue with the 8g dosage for at least 1 month or how your doctor suggests.

  36. Hi my mom has colon cancer which has metastasised to liver. She has underwent a stoma surgery in July and it has been 3 months now since then she is drinking carrot juice. Her latest report shows some necrotic changes in hepatic lesion and some has also doubled in liver. I have following query. Please address:
    1. Can I start the above regime as prescribed by you since she has underwent a surgery 2 months back and has a stoma. Since you have mentioned that to stop before surgery.
    2. She is also coming homeopathic medicine.
    3. Can I buy turmeric in while I mean which is not in powder form and make juice out of it, will that have curcumin in it, enough to follow the prescribed regime?
    3 what should show in result to know it is effective and we should continue.

    1. Hi Riya. We recommend curcumin supplements for cancer therapy as it is required in high concentrations for this condition. However we cannot comment on the safety and efficacy of curcumin supplements post the surgical intervention you have mentioned. It is advisable to consult the doctor about this before starting the curcumin treatment.

      It is safe to take homeopathic medications but avoid co-medicating with different agents from different medicinal knowledge bases. If she is taking conventional treatment and homeopathy, adding curcumin may just put an excessive burden on the system and increase risk of drug interactions.

      Adding turmeric to diet is safe and juicing is also fine. Juicing may not give as much curcumin as that present in supplements.

      Results could be visible in the form of improvement of pathological or other tests, improvement in appetite or body weight, reduced adverse effects of conventional treatment etc depending on the stage of cancer. We highly suggest discussing curcumin therapy with the doctor before giving it to your mother.

  37. Hi,

    I’m living in Asia and iuse to buy turmeric raw. I consume 300g a day, i use a juice extractor and drink the turmeric juice. I believed it s was harmless, but reading the article i have some doubt now ? I’ve done it for 1 month so far, starting at 100g a day. I was about to increase to 400g of turmeric a day. For now i feel better and my toungue is almost all pink now.

    1. Hi Gille. We are sorry to know that are article has made you doubt your choice of consuming turmeric juice. Please let us know what is causing the confusion so that we can help you better. The article above outlines a dose specifically for cancer treatment.
      Fresh turmeric juice is great for health. It can help in cancer prevention, boost immunity and antioxidant defenses etc. We recommend starting with small doses so that it would reduce gastric side effects in case one is sensitive to it.
      We don’t see any issue with consuming fresh turmeric juice but if you have any doubts do let us know.

      1. Thank you, i guess i misunderstood some parts. I currently consuming 400g of fresh turmeric a day. I had some violent side effect like sneezing and blow nose a lot, but i noticed it’s just a cleaning, my head feels much lighter now and i have energy. I was worried cause in your article you mentionned curcumin dosage up to 8g a day, and i calculated that consuming 400g of fresh turmeric containing around 30% of curcumin would get me overpass this dosage (12g). Thanks for your answer and for your wonderfull informations.

        1. Hi Gilles. Glad to know that turmeric benefits you. Fresh turmeric contains around 3-4% curcumin by weight in most cases so you won’t overdose on it. But 400g fresh turmeric is way too much; we hope you are consuming it in safe amounts. 1/2-1 inch piece of fresh turmeric root with a meal should suffice unless you are juicing it.

  38. good day sir/madam,i read carefully and understand the article.but I have a question how many gram of curcumin if I used the natural turmeric plant,to get 1 gram of curcumin.i want to try to my sister she have a breast cancer stage 4b triple negative .because she now undergo chemotherapy.please help me to guide how she use the turmeric.i hope you give an advice about this.thank you and godbless.

    1. Hi John. For cancer we recommend curcumin over turmeric spice for therapy. Cancer treatment requires high concentrations of curcumin. Turmeric root contains about 4-7% curcumin based on the area where it is grown. It is difficult to ascertain how much turmeric spice would be required to get 1g curcumin.
      Also it is vital to opt for standardized extracts in the form of supplements to treat cancer. Please consult a doctor before starting curcumin therapy.
      Avoid giving it close to the time of taking other medicines; maintain a 3-4 hours gap. Avoid giving it on an empty stomach. Hope this helps.

  39. Hi,
    My father of age 68 diagnosed bone cancer of stage 4 originated from prostate, he already had surgery. we refused chemo and radio therapy before he is quite weak and lack of hemoglobin. As recommended above we bought VitaBreeze 750mg supplements. How we should start giving it dosage 1 capsule per day for week+7gram raw turmeric to make it 1gram as per above dosage and increase next week along with raw turmeric and so on. what is it’s side effect if we follow above dosage plan. how would we know when we should stop because sometime he already had pain in his body and loose motion.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi. Please consult a health practitioner before starting curcumin therapy. Turmeric can be included in his diet. Please do not compensate with 7g of raw turmeric as such high quantities may not suit his health at this stage. It would be better to get 500mg curcumin capsules.
      Avoid giving the supplements close to the time of giving other medicines. Avoid giving them on an empty stomach.
      In case of gastric side effects, please reduce the dose or discontinue the use of turmeric. Based on further tests, you would be able to evaluate whether curcumin is helping fight the cancer. Please confirm with a doctor.

  40. My pit has a tumor on his side . how much of the powder should I give him and do I need to add coconut oil and black pepper to it ?

  41. What are your thoughts on the research that shows that regardless of curcumin content in tumeric the effect on cancer was similar add to this the fact that black pepper increases bio-availability? Would you make a different recommendation or an update to this current one?

    1. Hi Dustin. Can you give us the reference to this source/research paper that you have mentioned? We would go through it and get back to you.

  42. Hi,
    I would like to enquire about this. I have been taking curcumin/Turmeric supplements on and off for a bit over a year and am yet unsure as to whether it actually is working.

    Was a bit concerned about the bit where you said that if it doesn’t work in 8 weeks then it is very less likely to work. Despite the fact that the article talks about cancer, I would like to know if there are circumstances when Curcumin is unlikely to work?

    1. Hi Tausif. If it is cancer therapy, then the dosage of turmeric supplements should be taken as per the cycle and not on and off. A few reasons why turmeric may not help in cancer are: the supplement formulation is not effective enough to reach the target cells, certain genetic factors or severe drug resistance may render the dose ineffective or the disease progression (last stages) is too significant.
      You can consult a health practitioner about this.

  43. Hi there. My Mother was just diagnosed with metastatic brain cancer originating from her breast cancer she defeated 4 years ago. She had a CT scan and she has lesions on her brain and on her lung. She has lost some mobility in her right leg already.

    I bought her some curcumin capsules that are 60mg. Are you trying to say that in the first week I should be telling her to swallow 17 capsules a day to get to 1 gram? That seems like a lot. The recommended dosage is one a day on the label.

    Thank you. Please answer asap

    1. Hi Wayne. It is highly unlikely that turmeric supplements are formulated with 60 mg content. They generally contain 500mg or 1000mg standardised 95% curcumin in addition to other agents. Please do not given her 17 capsules, that is way too much. Please recheck the composition and brand. Here are some popular brands that we have identified and you can consider opting them:
      Please confirm with a doctor before starting with turmeric supplements. Avoid giving them close to the time of taking other meds. Maintain a 2-3 hour gap. Avoid giving them on an empty stomach.

  44. Hi there. I was diagnosed with DCIS 3cm stage 0 in my right breast, but the kind that can become quickly invasive and a radial scar on July 3, 2017. I took Curcumin Phytosome by Amy Meyers MD. I already was taking 1.5 grams a day so on July 3, I decided to take 4.5 grams and July 6, I took 5 grams, July 7, I took 6 grams, etc until July 9 when I started taking 8 grams. I muscled tested myself and it said all of the cancer would be gone on July 14.

    Yesterday, I had a MRI and the results were that there were postbiopsy changes in my breast and that there are a foci of enhancement which remains during the delayed sequences suggestive of a benign process. Yet, the PA at the doctor’s office is scheduling me for surgery. I am totally confused. When I told them I was going to take curcumin to kill it, they looked at me like I was crazy. I feel like they are going to bully me into surgery and radiation. I have muscled tested myself further and my plan to prevent recurrence is to take 7 grams for 10 days, 6 grams for 10 days, etc until I get to my maintenance dose.

    The inflammation, underactive thyroid, hormonal, adrenal problems, etc. that led to this problem are no longer present so it is unlikely this problem is going to reoccur.

    My question to you is how do I go about getting a second opinion from a doctor who would even consider that I eliminated my cancer with curcumin and that it is no longer present? Any advice?

    The doctor is supposed to call me today and I don’t know how he is going to explain to me what is stated in the MRI report since he gives no credence to curcumin as an effective treatment.

    1. Update: I had the lumpectomy August 8 and I went to the doctor yesterday. Everything that they took out of me – two nodes and the alleged DCIS – came back negative. I did the surgery for nothing. I have no cancer now nor did I have any at the time of my surgery. The doctor said the needle biopsy must have taken everything out with it. No, I killed it with Liposomal Curcumin.
      Thanks for your website.

          1. Hi. The suggested brands of turmeric supplements for cancer are mentioned at the end of the article with links for purchase. Please check them.

  45. What would you suggest after finishing the 8 week regimen if it proves to help shrinking the tumor size? Should I continue with a maintenance dosage or stop for a period of time before continuing the next 8 week regimen?

    Thank You.

    1. If the results are positive, it is advisable to maintain the last dose (8g) till the tumor has cleared. Then you could gradually taper it to the maintenance dose of 1-2g. Please discuss with your health practitioner as well.

  46. Do you have ideas for incorporating turmeric/curcumin into the diet? I have capsules that are 800mg and also have the powder which is organic and from India. I’m interested in learning more about it for cancer.
    Thank you

    1. Hi. You can check the recipes with turmeric here: https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes
      A great way of including turmeric or curcumin in diet is Golden Paste. If adding curcumin powder to Golden Paste add it in the end once the mixture has cooled down.
      You can take Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take meds.

      To learn more about turmeric for cancer please read: https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-benefits/turmeric-for-cancer

  47. Can we use curcumin while taking chemo? My brother is on Gemcitabine for Non small cell lung cancer( Squamous cell)

    1. Hi Sri. Research suggests that curcumin sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapeutic drugs which is good when fighting cancer. But since curcumin interacts with drug metabolising enzymes, it is necessary to maintain a gap between taking curcumin and any therapeutic agent. Also please consult the concerned doctor before taking curcumin supplements for cancer.

  48. I was diagnosed with Smoldering Multiple Myeloma on April 14 2017.
    No symptoms or medications yet. SMM was found because some numbers were off on routine blood tests. Mild anemia was noted.
    On April 28 2017 I was also diagnosed with Osteoporosis.
    April 29 started vitamin D 5000 IU early morning once a day.
    Also April 29 started calcium 1200 to1500 mg per day from food.
    On April 30 started turmeric supreme, 482 mg per day after breakfast, then continued on regime, splitting dose after breakfast and after dinner.
    May 21 switched to pure turmeric curcumin 750 mg capsules.
    Doctor has ordered blood tests once a month to monitor. Have appointment July 18 to re-evaluate.
    Questions: Should I continue to 9 weeks since I really only had a half dose the first week?
    Should I then stop the turmeric curcumin?
    Thank you for all you do and any advise you can give.

  49. My son is eight years old. He was detected with Nueroblastoma at age 4. He took six rounds of chemotherapy at age 4 and six rounds of heavy chemotherapy again at age 7. Followed by bone marrow transplant and aix rounds of immonutherapy. His xancwr is in remission. But his chances of developing secondary cancer is high now. Would you recommend this therapy for him? Have you encountered any such cases in which turmwric therapy have been beneficial ?

    1. Hi Jigna. We are really sorry to hear about your son’s health. We have many readers reporting to us as to how turmeric therapy helped them get rid of cancer and aided in cancer prevention. But the dosage outlined above is for adults and may be to large a dose for a seven year old.
      What you could do is include turmeric in diet as Golden Paste after consulting your doctor. Start with small doses such as 1/4 tsp and increase gradually. Avoid giving it on an empty stomach and close to the time of giving any other meds. Here is the recipe:
      For patients who are unable to swallow capsules or are too young to take capsules but still need curcumin for critical therapy, it is advised to mix contents of curcumin capsule/curcumin powder with the Golden paste right before consumption. But to do this you need your child’s health practitioner’s consent and advice on dosage.
      You can read more about this here: https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-benefits/turmeric-for-cancer
      Hope this helps.

  50. Thank you for your previous response as to cancer dosage. I am not currently diagnosed with any cancer and I had radiation for cervical cancer 20 years ago. I am now taking your cancer protocol as a preventive, just in case there is cancer in my body and I am not aware of it yet. Is there a problem with taking this level of supplements if not aware of any cancer at this time?
    And for some reason this information is not clear to me: can you also take powdered turmeric in your food along with the supplements? Thank you.

    1. Hi. If you do not have cancer and if you want to take curcumin for prevention, then the preventive dosage is around 1000-2000mg. It is preferable to start with a low dose and scale up gradually.
      Yes, it safe to include turmeric in diet even while taking supplements. And turmeric in diet is highly recommended for cancer prevention. You can read more about this in the dosage section of this post:

  51. Hello. For the cancer protocol, is it alright to take more than is listed, because with buying the 750 mg capsules, it would end up being a higher amount total. Is that alright? Thank you.

    1. Hi Sam. Sorry for the delay in reply. We got back to your earlier comment but just in case you missed it:
      Dosages as high as 8-12g of curcumin have been found to be safe for use. With 750mg, you would need 6 capsules to reach the dose of 4500mg. That would exceed the recommended dosage by 500mg ; it is unlikely that this should cause a problem.

      However with 1000mg capsules, you would have to take only 4 capsules. Turmeric capsules are bulky so if you are getting a higher dosage packed in one capsule and thus reducing number of capsules to be consumed, you should opt for it. Also it would help reach the recommended dosage and avoid any gastric side effect possible with high dosage.

      Please ensure that the supplements are of good quality and have piperine or any other adjuvant to enhance bio-availability.Hope this helps. Thank you for your appreciation.

  52. I ordered one of your trusted brands of supplements, each containing 750 mg. So to get to the 4000 and 8000 mg marks you need to take more than is noted for the cancer protocol. Is it alright to take more capsules to reach, which will exceed, specifications? Or should I now order one of the brands that has just 1000 mg in it, to reach exact dosage? Thank you, this is important to me and I appreciate your whole site.

    1. Hi. Dosages as high as 8-12g of curcumin have been found to be safe for use. With 750mg, you would need 6 capsules to reach the dose of 4500mg. That would exceed the recommended dosage by 500mg ; it is unlikely that this should cause a problem.
      However with 1000mg capsules, you would have to take only 4 capsules. Turmeric capsules are bulky so if you are getting a higher dosage packed in one capsule and thus reducing number of capsules to be consumed, you should opt for it. Also it would help reach the recommended dosage and avoid any gastric side effect possible with high dosage.
      Please ensure that the supplements are of good quality and have piperine or any other adjuvant to enhance bio-availability.Hope this helps. Thank you for your appreciation.

  53. sir,
    in continuation to my previous post my sister aged 45 initially diagnosed cancer in right breast with T4 N1 M0 with skin involvement she took 4 cycles of adriamycin then modified radical mastectomy then 4 cycles of paclitoxol then radiation for 30 days after 1 year of treatment she is now having multiple hypodense lesions in both lobes off liver largest is 87X85 mm and she is ER negative and PR positive with her2 strongly positive can she take curcumin longa manufactured by himalaya drug company in india currently she is taking two capsule 400mg per day or please suggest best brand available in india. please reply sir it is urgent
    thanking you

    1. We are sorry to know about your sister’s condition. Unfortunately,we have not analysed any curcumin brands in India in detail yet. But Himalaya is a reputed Indian brand and if you plan to give it a try please do so. We would again request yo to consult your doc before going ahead with any alternate treatments as the information we provide is for reference purpose only.

  54. sir,
    my sister is diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in liver she is a diabetic and gastric along with thyroid problem please suggest her the brand of curcumin available in india and precautions to use sir please it is urgent please reply oncologist said she is her2 positive and last hope is herceptin chemo for survival can we take it during the chemo please suggest us few guidelines.

    thanks and regards

  55. Hello,
    I am brazilian and my father is diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma intrahepatic and he has only 15% of renal function and he is diabetic. Taking curcumin could worse the renal function?

    1. Curcumin is a renoprotective agent and there have been studies where its efficacy on end stage kidney disease has been assessed. However this may not be applicable in all cases. But it is best to consult a health practitioner about this.

  56. I want to try this for my husband, he was been diagnosed with Alveolar soft part of Sarcoma. I’ve purchased Turmeric 400mg/95 curcumin. May I know the dosage>

    1. Hi. The dosage for cancerous conditions and tumors has been outlined above and is the same for every cancerous condition. Avoid taking turmeric supplements on an empty stomach and maintain a 3-4 hour gap between taking turmeric supplement and any other medication. Also consult a health practitioner before taking turmeric supplement for cancer. Hope this helps.

  57. The treatment is recommending a certain amount of grams to take perday yet the brands of curcumin recommended has their dosage listed in mg. How does this convert, please?

    1. Hi. Yes, that is right the brands mention dosage in mg. 1 gram = 1000mg So if you have 500mg capsules then to get 1gram you will have to take two capsules (500 x 2 = 1000) per day. For 2 grams it would be 4 capsules per day. Hope this helps. Do write back if you have any other queries.

      1. Thank you! I just ordered the third option on your list above (750mg). Would it be best for him to take all at once or would it be just as effective to split up throughout the day? Thank you again!

        1. Hi. Start with low dose and preferably split it up throughout the day. It would be hard to get exact dose with 750 mg formulation. Avoid taking it on an empty stomach and close to the time of taking other medicines.

    2. Pls confirm what to do after 8weeks and rescanning. So u go back to week 1 levels or stay at week 8 levels? Also if week4 levels are not tolerated well, but week3 levels are, can we stay at this level? Tia

      1. Hi. Once at week 8, if you have conducted any tests by then to ascertain the status of your health condition, then you would know what dose to take next. If no change is observed then curcumin is unlikely to help. If the condition has stabilised or there is a reduction in tumor growth, then continue dose of week 8. Also if you are experiencing lesser side effects of conventional cancer therapy while taking cuRcumin, continue taking that dose.

        If week 4 dose is not well tolerated, then continue with week 3 dose for another 2-3 weeks and then gradually increase to week 4 dosage. If still week 4 dose is not well tolerated continue at week 3 dose, in case health benefits are observed. Hope this helps.

  58. Hi!
    Haven’t read all comments so please excuse me if the question was already placed before. I was diagnosed with MGUS in 2007 and I’m taking high dosages of curcumin capsules ever since (been up to 8 g/day for a while, for the last 2 years or so I decreased to 5 g/day). I always combine it with some oil and ghee stirred in oat/rice/almond milk. I only stopped taking it for few weeks in all this time because I got some viral infection or so. I’ve had no side effects ever. But, reading all these information here, I wander if it’s o.k. to take it for so long in such high dosages? But then again – what would happen with my MGUS if I should stop taking it?

    1. Hi. It is true that high dose curcumin is not advised over long periods of time. However for your condition it may be necessary to take such high dosage. If you have decreased it to 5g/day then do try adding turmeric to your diet or Golden Paste as it would have a therapeutic effect and be safe on stomach and health. You can consider speaking to an herbalist or naturopath with regards to this.

  59. Hello,
    I am a breast cancer survivor 1 year out. I was stage III. I would like to start a tumeric/cucumin regimen to prevent reocurrance/metastisis. My question is should I take the dosage as one would with an active cancer diaganosis or just the powder for prevention?

    1. There is a competent Swiss solution combining personalized advice with a single effective Swiss Curcumin product. I am also aware of many others who achieve positive effects, this not only relating to cancer.

    2. DCIS
      I have just been diagnose with DCIS breast cancer, although I was told its non invasive. I was told mastectomy is the best treatment form me since it in a wide area of the breast. Do you think curcumin supplement alone can cure this? What doesage shold I be taken daily for the cure or preventing it to spread further.

      1. Hi. We aren’t really sure if curcumin supplements can help in this case but research does prove curcumin’s anti-cancer activity in breast cancer as well as chemopreventive activity. The dosage is as outlined as above for curative purposes and for preventive a dose of 1-2 g daily is necessary. Please consult a health practitioner before taking turmeric for cancer.

    1. Naturally turmeric has 3-4% curcumin (depends on the species, some species have 7%) and some of it is lost in processing it to turmeric powder. Turmeric supplements are prepared via extraction processes that specifically concentrate curcumin in the supplement. Hence the difference in concentration. However turmeric powder has much more to offer than just curcumin.

      1. My husband was diagnosed with Stage IV Esophageal Cancer spread to the Liver on Feb. 1, 2017. He started Chemo w/Herceptin Feb. 14, 2017. We started Tumeric powder 2-3 tsp per day in unsweetened coconut milk. Feb. 1 he was having difficulty swallowing solid foods and pills the reason for using the powder. The 4th Chemo will be March 28-30 then a PET Scan to see if Chemo is working. He felt like his swallowing was better after taking the Tumeric Powder. How can I get him higher curcumin since the powder is not enough?

        1. Hi. You can continue with the turmeric powder since it is benefiting. Also you can get curcumin powder or standardized 95% curcumin extract capsules and open them. You can add about half a capsule to his turmeric powder mixture initially and if it is well tolerated you can gradually increase the dose. Consult a health practitioner prior.

  60. Hi. I have just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at an early stage. I am getting confused with the recommended dosages of Theracurmin. Is it 300mg?

    1. Hi. It is best to consult a health practitioner about specific dosages of curcumin formulations like Theracurmin. The above mentioned turmeric for cancer dosage are for standardized 95% curcumin with bioperine.

  61. Hello. My son is 7 months old and he’s been diagnosed with brain tumor , anaplastic ependymoma stage III . They have told us that chemotherapy would help shrink the remaining of the tumor and they could go in surgically and scrape it off . We have just started the treatment , however we are looking into healthy alternatives to help him fight this . We are looking into cannabis oil , anything that would allow us to give him less anti nausea medications.. my questions are 1) would tumeric be helpful in his case ? 2) if yes what should the dosage be given his age ? 3) could I possibly mix the tumeric with formula or essiac tea? And 4) could I continue giving it along with chemotherapy and on going mri s ?
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Hi. We have not come across any specific evidence that suggests turmeric can benefit in anaplastic ependymoma; but yes turmeric and curcumin has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. Adding spices such as turmeric to a baby’s diet is permissible only after 8 months of age. Please consult a herbalist or naturopath about this.

    2. So how many 500 mg of turmeric curcumin shoud be taken daily to help with stage 4 breast cancer that metastasized and is her 2 positive

      1. Hi. Please refer to the dosage cycle as mentioned above for turmeric curcumin dosage for breast cancer. Avoid taking the supplements on an empty stomach. Consult a health practitioner before taking curcumin supplements.

  62. Dear Sir, I have a rare form of ovarian cancer that is considered indolent, meaning that it randomly goes from active to inactive from time to time. I am currently on week 4 of the cancer protocol, and wondered how often you might recommend that I repeat cancer dosing when the cancer isn’t always active. Also, is there a standard dose that I should take between cancer doses? Your advice would be most appreciated.

  63. Hi,
    My mother was diagnosed 2 years ago with NSCLC with metastisies to 2 hilar lymph nodes and the omentum caking. Her primary tumor has shrunk from 17mm to 11mm. Both lymph nodes are below 10mm. Recent CT scan shows growth only in the omentum into the bile duct. 6 days ago a stent was placed in the bile duct to clear Jaundice. No other metastisies. We have also been on Chinese mushroom herbs, Accupuncture and THC cannabis oil for 1 year. We started a fruit and veggie juice diet and only green salads 2 days ago. We also started DRS BEST HIGH OBSORBTION CURCUMIN WITH PIPERIENE. http://au.m.iherb.com/Doctor-s-Best-Curcumin-High-Absorption-500-mg-120-Capsules/13?gclid=CLv8_ND8pdECFdcRvQodRXYG6g

    I am following the dosage according to your chart.

    Can you please tell me if I am on the right track? We are going to also start the golden paste tomorrow. 2-3 teaspoons a day on salads or smoothies.

    I am also giving her camu camu powder and moringa powder in her juice daily.

    Really looking forward to hearing from you especially regarding the brand of curcumin I’m using.

  64. Some wonderful information on this site. I’m diagnosed with lung cancer at stage 4 so I have nothing to lose. The only treatment I have been offered is palliative.
    I am half way through my first cycle of circumin therapy, my question is how long a break would you need between cycles and would you start from the beginning or continue at 8 grams.

    1. Hi. You would not need to break the cycle. After the 8 week cycle you can conduct tests to see whether curcumin has helped you. If results are positive then continue with the 8g dosage and discuss the length of the treatment with your health practitioner or herbalist or naturopath.

      1. Curcumin is available in capsule form as standardized 95% curcumin and it is preferable to take capsule over curcumin powder so that the dose is fixed but this depends on the condition you are treating.

    2. Hello Allan. Please at the end of your first cycle of curcumin treatment, will be nice if you can post your findings if it did work for you that way a poll of success can be done. I hope it does because i believe in miracles. All the best!

  65. Hi,

    I have a benign nerve tumor on the hearing nerve in my skull (but outside the brain).This is called acoustic neuroma in medical terms. It’s not cancer but if grows more than 2cm, it needs to be taken out through surgery or shrunk through radiation as it can press on the brain and can cause fatality. It’s of 1.2cm size currently and is a slow growing tumor. I want this tumor to shrink and disappear naturally. Shall i take the above dosage mentioned for cancer patients or should it be a different dosage for me?



    1. Hi Naveed. This is the same dosage of turmeric/curcumin to be followed for cancer treatment or for treating tumors (malignant/non malignant). These conditions require high doses of curcumin and hence this pattern has been outlined by scientists. Please discuss this with your doctor before taking turmeric supplements.
      The suggested brands are mentioned in the article. Avoid taking them on an empty stomach and do not take them at the same time as taking other meds. Maintain a 3-4 hour gap.

  66. Hello,
    Can I take the Golden Paste while I take antibiotics for my tooth inflammation?(the wisdom tooth)
    I’have to have that tooth removed in a few days.Can I take the Golden Paste?
    Thank you..

    1. Hi. Yes you can continue consuming Golden Paste for reducing inflammation, protecting from infection and speeding up healing in dental process. Avoid taking it at the same time as other meds, maintain 3-4 hour gap.

  67. hello,

    My husband was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He is starting chemo this week, recently I have head about the benefits of turmeric. He has been taking about one teaspoons with a smoothie consisting of fruits and vegetables twice day. Is this ideal? Or do you recommend other ways of taking it? Since giving him the smoothies with the turmeric his energy levels have increased, prior to giving him the turmeric he was very fatigued.

    1. The fact that his energy level has increased, it does mean that turmeric in diet is helping him. However we would suggest giving him 1 tsp in divided doses over the day. You can also make Golden Paste out of the powder and include 1 tsp of it in his smoothies.
      Also the dosage of turmeric for cancer has been outlined above. Such conditions require high doses of curcumin so it is advised to take supplements. Please discuss this with your doctor before starting turmeric supplements.

  68. Hi!

    Many thanks for providing the public with so much useful information.

    I was just diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer and some of my nodules seems to be affected.
    I was advised by my doctor to have an operation but I would like to try alternative medicine for a couple of months, go for a revaluation and decide on the operation later.

    Can you please advise a turmeric dosage for me?
    Also any other advice it will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,


    1. Maria, the dosage for turmeric for cancer has been outlined above. These conditions require high levels of curcumin and hence such a dose has been recommended by researchers. Based on evaluations and test you can judge whether turmeric supplements at 4g is working for you or should you go for a higher dose. It is advisable to follow the dosage outlined above. Consult your doctor before taking turmeric supplements.

  69. My boyfriend was diagnosed with esophagus cancer yesterday. Waiting on the endoscopy with ultrasound to find out the depth of the mass. When do you recommend taking the 8 week cycle? If he needs chemo and or radiation before surgery.
    Also can you do the 8 week cycle again after time has passed? Or just 8 weeks and that’s it.
    How much do you recommend to take daily to not have the cancer spread or come back?

    1. Anna, turmeric treatment can be taken before or even during the cancer therapy. It will help as anti-cancer agent and to counteract side effects of cancer therapy. Please consult the doctor about this.
      Benefits should be seen within the 8 weeks treatment span but one can repeat the cycle.
      Turmeric can be included in diet at 1 tsp per day with black pepper and/or fats for better absorption. But start introducing turmeric in diet at small doses of 1/4 tsp for a week and increase if no gastric side effects are observed. Also when already taking turmeric supplements limit dietary intake to 1/2 tsp turmeric powder to avoid side effects due to high doses. Please consult the doctor before starting turmeric supplements.

  70. Hi ! Excellent website and articles, Good Job !
    Question: Is Curcumin C3 Reduct and C3 Complex the same thing ?
    Also, are there any known contra-indications when also taking Fucoidan Fremented Wheat Germ (Avemar), Amygdalin (“Vit B17”), and/or Flax Seeds and Oil ?
    Cheers, Chris

    1. Curcumin C3 reduct involves curcumin metabolites or compounds formed after processing curcumin called tetrahydrocurcumin. Curcumin C3 complex constitutes the naturally existing curcuminoids in turmeric- curcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin and demethoxycurcumin. So the dosage requirements of the two formulations will differ.
      There haven’t been any reports of curcumin interactions with the supplements you have mentioned. But is good to keep a 3 hour gap. Turmeric and curcumin goes well with oils and aids in absorption. Thank you for your question and feedback.

  71. Hi !
    Is Curcumin C3 reduct and C3 complex the same ting ?
    Also are there any known contra-indications with also using Fucoidan, Fermented Wheat germ (Avemar), Amygdalin (“Vit B17”), and/or Flax Seed and Flax Seed oil ?
    Thank you for excellent website and work.
    Cheers, Chris

  72. My mum was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in April 2015. She had 4 rounds of chemo before masectomy and 4rounds after. The doctors want to start her off on gemcitabine+carboplatin now, cos her lungs look compromised. Can she take curcumin supplements with these chemo drugs and which ones would you advise.
    She has been drinking the boiled turmeric roots.

    1. Hi Molly. She can take curcumin supplements as outlined above but you must discuss it with her doctor first. Curcumin may increase sensitivity of cancer cells to the therapeutic action of chemotherapeutic drugs; this is good but tin that case the dosage needs to be monitored. Avoid giving turmeric at the same time as other medicines and avoid giving them on an empty stomach.

  73. Good morning sir, thank you for your hope with our loved ones. My father has prostate cancer that has spread to his liver. We have done 3 chemotherapy last March. His numbers dropped to 35. He had a knee surgery in May of this year. When we went back to his oncologist at our veterans hospital, his numbers climbed to 440 then to 665. At this time he was on prednisone and another chemotherapy pill. Which he was removed from and bput on another chemotherapy pill, will get name. Which has given us many trips to the ER with dehydration, and a UTI. He is now in the hospital on light morphine for his pain to his liver and taken off all other chemotherapy drugs. He has lost 35 pounds in the last month do to pressure on his stomach from the liver. His numbers on the last PSA were climbing about 1890. We are waiting on oncology to decide what is next. In the meantime I saw your wonderful blog. I bought turmeric curcumin C3 Complex by Vita breeze. How should I use? Also I read on the National Cancer page about the effects of canibas oils. What do you think. We live in California where it just became legal. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Yvette

    1. Hi Yvette. We can’t comment on the efficacy of cannibis oil in cancer. However the dosage of curcumin for cancer has been outlined above. Please make sure that the supplements you have bought contain black pepper extract or bioperine for better absorption. Please consult a doctor before taking turmeric supplements. The supplements should not be taken on an empty stomach and also keep a 3-4 hour gap between taking these supplements and any other medicine.
      You can also include turmeric in his diet as Golden Paste.You can take Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds. https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/how-to-make-turmeric-paste-or-golden-paste

  74. Dear Dr. Aggarwal,

    I am john from India and i was diagnosed with colon cancer and the tumor was removed from the large intestine in December 2015 and I underwent chemotherapy (oral tablets 8 cycles) till June after that I started taking natural turmeric extract (turmocure) 4 drops mixed with pepper in one glass of warm water in the morning after breakfast and 4 drops in night after dinner (Turmocure bottle contains total 7 ml).You are kindly requested to advise me whether the quantity (8 drops per day) is enough.

    Your feedback on the above will be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi John. When using turmeric for cancer we recommend including turmeric in diet and taking curcumin supplements. Curcumin is required in high concentrations for cancer treatment. The dosage has been outlined above.
      Since we do not know about the components of the extract you are taking we cannot comment much on this. You can consult a homeopathy doctor or Ayurvedic practitioner with regards to this.

  75. I´ve just had a hysterectomy to get rid of my womb cancer, but because the cancer was at the bottom of the womb there might be a 5% chance that there might be a stray cell hanging around. What treatment do you recommend.

    1. Hi. We recommend following the above mentioned dosage for at least 1 cycle. This should help in taking care of residual cells if any. Thereafter you can repeat diagnostic tests to evaluate yourself. Please speak to your doctor before taking turmeric supplements.
      Also we would advise you to take Golden Paste or include turmeric in diet. You can take Golden Paste. Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1 tsp 2 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds.

  76. Hi Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, my name is Bashkim. I am interested to know if I take the curcumin 500mg capsule with black seed oil ( nigela sativa) instead olive oil or coconat oil. If it is, how many capsules of curcumin 500 mg. mUst we take in a day and what is protion with black seed oil for breast cancer please?
    Thank you for understanding

    1. Hi. You can take curcumin supplements with nigella sativa oil. The dosage is outlined above. For 1 gram it would 2 capsules of 500mg each a day, for 2g it would be 4 capsules and so on. 1 tsp of oil would do. Also take the supplements after a meal as the dietary fat would help in absorption and you can also include a dash of black pepper in your meals.

  77. Does taking Golden paste help with the side effects of chemotherapy, for example, the sickness, sore mouth and bladder inflammation. The treatment is for non hodgkinsons lymphoma. Thank you.

  78. I have just been diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and I want to use natural holistic therapies. Why do I see several websites that say diabetics should NOT take curcumin, but they don’t say why. And yet other websites say curcumin could reverse diabetes?

    1. Hi Joyce. The dosage of curcumin for cancer is outlined in the above article. Curcumin has anti-hyperglycemic property or blood sugar lowering property therefore it is theoretically assumed that it would have an additive effect with diabetes medication that could lower blood sugar abnormally.
      However that does not happen and here is a study that proves it too:
      And yes turmeric can reverse as well as help in diabetes
      Your condition requires curcumin but we advise not to take curcumin supplements at the same time as any other drugs because it interferes drug metabolism and can increase the concentration of other drugs in the system. Also avoid taking them on an empty stomach and please discuss it with your doctor before starting on turmeric supplements.

  79. Hello,
    Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized throughout her body. She is in hormone therapy and already takes so many pills. What can you recommend for her as far as supplement (turmeric or curcumin?) and dosage for improvement? Thank you in advance for your time and thanks to everyone who has shared your stories and Q&A.


    1. Hi Tasha. Thank you for writing to us. For cancer we recommend turmeric supplements that is standardized 95% curcumin with bioperine and the brands and dosage have been outlined above. Curcumin is really helpful in breast cancer but since she is already on hormone therapy and other medications you must consult a doctor before giving curcumin supplements.
      If supplements are permitted then avoid taking it at the same time as other medications and it should not be taken on empty stomach.
      If supplements are not permitted, she can still take Golden Paste. This will help reduce side effects of cancer treatment and boost her immunity.
      Start with small doses such as 1/4-1/2 tsp and if you see no side effects then increase the dose gradually to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day over a few weeks. Best taken with food to avoid acid reflux. Avoid taking it at the same time when you take other meds. https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/how-to-make-turmeric-paste-or-golden-paste

      1. Hello, I have been taking it for cancer… but it has helped my stinging needles and pins in my feet and legs nerve damage from chem an added bonus,, ,but my cea count went up has been 24, 25 for 4 years now 36 is that a problem ?? Does that mean my breast cancer is coming back.. should I stop taking it.. I am taking chemo but none that are listed…for lung cancer.. Please asap, I am concerned about the count…Thank you…

        1. Increased CEA levels could be due to variety of reasons such as infection or smoking. Please consult your doctor with regards to this.

  80. Hi from sunny Greece!
    I have a few questions to ask you.
    First of all,I was diagnosed with Smoldering Myeloma 2,5 years ago.That means that I am currently healthy,with no symptoms,no medication.My SM sleeps..I just have a blood test every 3 months to watch the numbers.
    the questions:
    1)Using the Golden Paste is enough for preventing my SM proceeding to active Myeloma,as long as my situation remains steady?I run a healthy life,I exercise,I trekk,I practice Qi Gong…
    2)Should I “keep” the choice of supplements for later,if some day my situation gets more serious?
    3)If I take supplements for 8 weeks,as you advice,and see improvement,should I repeat this ‘curcumine treatment” once in a while or not?
    4)When using Turmeric in daily food,should one stop it for a few days and start it again,as people do with other “super foods”?
    5)Can I use turmeric and Goji Berries together?They are both blood thinners, I think.

    1. Hi Manolis. Taking Golden Paste would definitely be a plus point for Smoldering myeloma but we can’t guarantee whether it is as effective as curcumin supplements. You may require high doses of Golden Paste say perhaps 4 g of turmeric powder a day. Most cancer conditions do require high concentrations of curcumin so we would suggest incorporating both in order to prevent the disease from progressing.
      But it is advisable to consult a health practitioner about supplements. Coming to the cancer dosage of turmeric, for your condition if you do observe improvements after taking turmeric then you may have to maintain steady dose of at least 4g. We will definitely research more in this aspect and get back to you but till then its best to consult a herbalist.
      Turmeric can be used regularly in food there is no need to discontinue it. There has been a report of goji juice causing blood thinning but this needs more research. As of now it is best to avoid taking the two on the same day or even same time.

  81. My uncle was diagnosed with prostrate cancer 7 years ago he has not had chemotherapy when we last spoke it had reached lymph nodes and also his breast bone. He is keen to use Turmeric or supplements not sure ,please can you advise

    1. Hi Anna. The dosage of curcumin for cancer has been outlined above and the suggested brands are also mentioned. Please discuss this with the doctor prior to taking supplements. Avoid taking supplements close to the time of taking other medicines and do not take them on an empty stomach.
      Turmeric is found to be effective in prostate cancer and preventing metastasis.

  82. Hello,

    I have just been diagnosed with CML. I am in the Chronic Stage and will soon be starting the TKI inhibitor Tasigna. I would like to also use the turmeric. How should I begin?

    1. Hi Melissa. If you are opting for turmeric for cancer treatment you will need to take supplements as the condition requires high concentration of curcumin. The recommended brands and dosage guidelines are mentioned in the above article. Opt for a brand that has curcumin and piperine for better absorption.
      We have not come across any report of drug interactions of curcumin with tasigna. Firstly discuss turmeric with your doctor. Do not take turmeric supplements on an empty stomach and avoid taking it close to the time of taking other medicines. Maintain a 4 hour gap at least.

    1. Hi. Its preferable to consume turmeric powder (1 tsp a day) for cancer prevention. Turmeric has more compounds than curcumin that could help in cancer prevention and have health benefits. Combining it with black pepper and oil helps increase absorption.
      You can consume Golden Paste. Start with 1/4-1/2 tsp a day and increase gradually over weeks to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day or how it suits you.
      Best taken with meals and avoid taking it close to other medications.
      For supplements its best to consult a doctor about the formulation and dose.

  83. Hi dr. Agarwal
    im 38, I have papillary thyroid cancer left side is 1.5cm and right side follicular neoplasm. doctor told me for surgery and total removal of thyroid and than radiation therapy. before surgery I want to try natural treatment using turmeric powder
    could please tell me what the dose of curcumin should I take? and also is there any diet for thyroid cancer?


    1. The dosage outlined above should help you and also the brands have been mentioned. It is advisable to take supplements for the condition requires high concentrations of curcumin as mentioned above but you can still include turmeric in diet. Discuss this with your doctor prior to taking supplements.

  84. I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer that has metastasized to my liver and to a mass in my lower bowel. I had an ileostomy and start Chemo next week. Since nothing gets to my lower bowel, is there a way to make raw curcumin inject-able for better absorption?

    1. Research on curcumin injectable is at a primitive stage limited to animal studies.There has been only one report of intravenous administration of liposomal curcumin that we came across.
      Can you consume food? Raw curcumin or turmeric is food and can be consumed via diet. Despite of the reduced absorption, if you can consume oral supplements then you should discuss liposomal curcumin or THERACURMIN with your doctor. Quite a number of studies have found THERACURMIN beneficial in advanced pancreatic cancer and drug resistant pancreatic cancer.
      Theracurmin reduces size of curcumin particles for better absorption in small intestine. Have a look at the studies and discuss it with your doctor.

  85. Dear Doctor, My mom is suffering from Nasopharyngeal cancer stage 2 …. Can I give her fresh organic Raw turmeric chutney mixed with Black pepper powder in addition with olive oil…

    Also, what will be the recipe for same??


  86. Good morning,
    I am a 42 years old female recently disgnosed with stage IV stomach cancer with metastasis in skin and bones. I am devastated as you can imagine, I have done 3 rounds of chemo (cisplatin and 5FU), my oncologist does not recomended surgery. The side effects from chemo are horrible, I am about to lose my job and insurance due to that, I am desperate!
    Pleaseee, I need your help! Does curcumin helps with the stomach cancer?
    I bought Curcumin tabs from InnovixLabs it contains curcumin C3 reduct/curcumin C3 complex/bioperine 200mg/25mg/25mg.
    How much should I take daily and how often?

    Thank you so much,


    1. The dosage outlined above is for curcumin alone and recommendations for supplements is mentioned in the article. The supplement you have bought is next gen formulation of curcumin (200mg C3 reduct). 400mg of C3 reduct is equivalent to 1500mg of curcumin. So the dosage would differ accordingly. It is best to start with minimum dose and increase gradually as outlined in the article but it is advisable to consult a doctor or herbalist for the same for precise dosage.

    2. Dani, I am not a doctor. However, I cleared my prostate cancer using large doses of turmeric paste.
      Anyway, my advice is go on heavy doses of turmeric paste made with pepper and oil and take it every two hours (see cancer clinic blog Dr. C. Anderson, MD). You have nothing to lose but chances are you will improve your situation.
      Paste: Mix one cup of turmeric powder with boiling water to creat a paste, cook NOT MORE than 5 min. on LOW heat (even better under the steam), add 10 grams of pepper (1 ½ teaspoon), and 1.5 dcl olive oil. Take ¾ teaspoon doses with honey or jam as it is not so pleasant to taste.

      1. Hi. Amazing to hear that you cleared prostate cancer with turmeric paste. Can you share your regimen for the benefit of others?

      2. hey, the turmeric pase has recepie with honey , i used manuka honey at the end when cooled down otherwise can loose it`s benefits , i also have had cancer in 2013 but peritoneal , had a chemo and did a lot of juicing with juicer / grinder which keeps all the vitamins and enczimes and do not oxidate in 48h in the fridge but organic if pos.
        Now Im taking Turmeric 3D from ==> Epigenetic.labs (USA) By following Ty Bollinger , Cris Wark (chris beet cancer with juicing & no chemo) They also got imunobooster 7M+ (which includes medical mashrooms) all fermented & also detox ready capsuls with no side effects …they do make only batches on lie orders you put your email if not there . iM also now using Mumio ( Ashvagandha ) in my coffee (prognozes are that this is going to be next chemo replacement soon)
        good luck guys

  87. Dear Dr. Bharat Aggarwal,

    I am a pharmacist and I am considering to give curcumin to my patient which is 10 year old boy suffering from the return of neuroblastoma. He takes from supplements Biobran (MGN-3, arabinoxylane) and Ecomer (alkyglycerols). I have in my pharmacy capsules with 95% curcumin. He cannot swallow capsules. I suppose it’s ok to take the powder out and mix it.

    My question is about dosage. You have wrote the dosage regimen but I suppose it is for the adults. He has cca 22 kg.

    Greetings from Croatia (Europe)

    1. Where has the neuroblastoma affected? How has he been treated prior and what medications is he on currently? Yes the dosage Dr. Aggarwal has mentioned is for adults. For children the dose is roughly 1/3 of adult dose for any medication. Curcumin is proven effective for neuroblastoma treatment but you need to discuss this prior with a health practitioner. It is ok to give the powder if he cant take the capsule, preferably mixed with oil and a pinch of black pepper with meals. But its best if you discuss this with the doctor.
      We would advise taking turmeric in diet as Golden Paste.

      1. Thank you for your answer!

        I am a health practitioner (pharmacist with university degree) The origin of neuroblastoma was in 1 adrenal gland and that kidney was removed at the age 3. After that was done the megatherapy by the protocol NB 2004 and autologic transplantation of stem cells. In the age 5 the cancer went to remission. At he age 8 the cancer returned, it was localised (by the MIBG scintiscan) in the left maxillary sinus as a new origin and also in the abdomen and knees. Now he takes Irinotekan, Temodal as paliative chemotherapy; Dasatinib and Rapamycin by the protocol RIST (3-4 days random by the assessment of his oncologist).
        Here in Croatia most of doctors don’t have time to investigate plant supplements or anything what is OTC drug. It is mostly our job, but this is really a tricky part so that’s why I’m asking you 🙂
        My plan was to give him Sangreen ultra strong curcumin BCM-95 (95% curcuminoids, dry extract 25:1 or turmeric 900 mg and turmeric root oil 100 mg). 1 caps has 450 mg curcumin and 50 mg of turmeric oil.
        Can I make turmeric golden paste with it? And do you know maybe about interactions between the paste ond chemotherapy I wrote?

        Thank you so much for the answer

        1. Its a good decision to give him The Golden Paste. Follow the original recipe (include turmeric powder) and mix in the curcumin in the end after cooking and cooling the paste. The dose would be one third of the adult dose so it is advisable to increase in that manner. Its advisable to start with 1/8 tsp a day and increment the dose weekly as 1/4, 1/2 and so on.
          In terms of drug interactions, what curcumin does is that it increases the sensitivity of the cancer cells to chemotherapy and studies show that it has a synergistic action with each of the above mentioned drugs. Also curcumin follows the same biochemical pathways as some chemotherapeutic drugs; like it attacks mTOR in the same manner as rapamycin.
          So highly likely that the dosage of the chemotherapeutic drugs would need to be reduced to achieve same therapeutic effect once an effective dose of curcumin is established. So its very important to keep a gap of 2-4 hours between consumption of Golden Paste and the medicines to avoid chances of side effects.
          Pray and hope for the best.

          1. Also the formulation that you are using is a good choice and said to have an equivalency comparable to 3-5g turmeric so you need not worry about the potency. Start with the least possible dose and increase gradually, since you are the pharmacist you can judge better.

          2. Thank you so much!
            I still have 1 question. I am little bit concern because of curcumin anticoagulation effect (by inhibition of arachidonic acid) because the chemotherapy decrease the number of platelets and he (too)often gets platelet transfusion. Because of that I gave him Ecomer (alkyglycerols from shark liver oil). I’m not molecular biologist so I can’t know every detail if I Ecomer would make interactions with curcumin. I didn’t find the answer on internet. My logic tells me that we should see the number of platelets so according to that, if needed, give Ecomer. What do you think?

            Thank you!

          3. * At the formulation is written that is equivalency comparable to 5g turmeric. About dosage, considering his weight, I seems a good regimen 1. week 1/2 capsule powder (225 mg curcumin) etc. by your sheme.
            I forgot to write one also important thing – he’s got pains in the leg bones so he’s got narcotic patches, so the situation is more than serious.

            I really appreciate your answers. It’s all clear now to me and I will guide the parents of the boy. I will let you now. This is almost our last chance. But the boy, parents and I never give up.

          4. 1/2 capsule powder seems as the best possible low dose to start with. About the shark oil since it works as immune stimulant it is good for cancer, but yes it does interact with platelet activating factor and curcumin also does interact with it but at high doses. So it would be better to avoid the two but since you are a health practitioner you would be best at judging the patient’s condition and requirements.
            Curcumin relieves pain via the same biochemical pathway as opiods so you need to be cautious about the narcotic patches to avoid any additive effect. Keep at least a 2 hour gap between medications and golden paste since black pepper increases bioavailability of many medications and such high concentrations may be toxic.

  88. Dear Dr. Bharat Aggarwal, thank you for the insightful article.
    Does the same dosage apply to Curcumin supplements with phospholipid?
    My wife have rare cancer- Pulmonary Blastoma with metastases, and we are looking to assist the chemotherapy, but it’s hard for her to take so many capsules. (she needs eight pills to get to 4 Grams).

    Thank you.

    1. The dose outlined is for the amount of curcumin and typically refers to curcumin supplements that are formulated with piperine and are available as 500mg curcuminoids per capsule. Curcumin supplements with phospholipid are designed to deliver high amounts of curcumin in comparison to regular formulation and also prescribed for cancer patients to avoid large doses such as 8g. It is best to consult a health physician about the dosage for such supplements.

    2. Dear Dr. Bharat Aggarwal,
      I have Mesothelioma from exposure to Asbestos some 50 years ago, will taking 8gm of curcumin daily help to alleviate the condition
      John Davis

        1. Hello Dr.My 36 years old just married younger sister is suffering from ovary cancer.She has undergone removal of both her ovaries, uterus, omentum and pelvic node.She has been diagnosed with endometrioad adenocarcinoma in left ovary and also in uterus with little deposits over sigmoid colon and urinary bladder.Dr says its stage 3a.She had been advised chemotherapy by 4 0ctober by drugs Paclitaxel and carboplatin.Plz advice on use and dosage of turmeric in her conditions.

          1. Shabana, the dosage and supplements have been mentioned above. Please consult the doctor prior to taking turmeric supplements. Turmeric apart from killing cancer cells also sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapy. Research shows that it increases anti-cancer activity of paclitaxel and carboplatin in various cancer. So care should be taken with turmeric supplements, as once it reaches an appropriate dose there may be a need of lowering chemotherapeutic drug dosage. However only a doctor can judge this on basis of tests. Avoid giving the supplements close to other medications and they are to be taken with meals and not empty stomach.

  89. Can you use curcumin in conjunction with Apricot seeds (vitamin B17) for humans or pets. this is in regards to my 60 lb dog who I am giving B17 to treat a lump. It is working too, I would like to add curcumin to her diet as well. Do they effect one another?

  90. I was diagnosed with a nodule on my left lung.I see you talking about taking 1gm then 3gms and finally 6gms.of Tumeric.I just ordered a strong suppliment of 1300 mg.per veggie caplet suppliment with 10 mg.of bioperine/black pepper.The dosage is 1caplet twice per day w/meals,that is 2600 mgs.per day plus 20 mgs.of bioperine/black pepper.Is this enough or is it too much?Please answer promptly,thank you

    1. Hi. It is advisable to start with 1 capsule a day and then gradually increase the dose so that your body gets accustomed to it. It also preferable that you consult a doctor or herbalist about this.

  91. My mom has cancer and we have decided to try this an option for treating her along with some other protocols. I ordered the vita breeze supplement but it came
    In capsules. Is a capsul equivalent to a gram? Please advise so we can start ASAP. Very Kindy, Helen

  92. The posts and replies are very interesting. I also have a query..
    I have been taking turmeric, a teaspoon of the powder each day, for prostate cancer. I have now come across cumagold which provides a capsule which seems to have the sane dosage as turmeric. I am wondering if I should switch from turmeric to cumargold. What are the advantages or disadvantages in doing so. Thanks.. .Bryan

    1. If you are suffering from cancer, it is advisable to take turmeric supplements since you need high concentrations of curcumin to fight cancer. With respect to your case, there is no such disadvantage but turmeric supplements are not advised on long term.

      1. I have been taking Tumeric Capsules by Pure Encapsulations and now by EuroMedica 750 mg per cap two caps twice per day since OCTOBER and find that it markedly helps my osteoarthritis. BUT I also have DCIS breast cancer which I had surgically removed with clear margins so I want to stay on it. What are the long term consequences of staying on high dose curcumin….?

        1. For your health condition, it is advisable to stay on high dose curcumin. 1 important thing is that it should be taken with meals to avoid chances of reflux which is one of the most common side effects on long term. Slight gastric discomfort such as nausea is possible. Secondly check if it does not interfere with any other medication you take such as blood thinning meds for blood thinning is a likely consequence of high curcumin doses.
          At high doses curcumin and not turmeric, works as an iron chelator so make sure you get enough dietary iron but yes this point has not been proven in humans so far.
          Doses higher than 1500mg have been given in cancer clinical trials for 4 months without any side effects.

        2. Mari, I have been on Curcumin for over two years with no problems. You would need to be cautious if on a blood thinner b/c it can increase bleeding time. It will tell you what I told John and anybody else on this forum that one of the best things you can do for yourself especially as a cancer patient is to start receiving IV Vitamin C treatments. It works like hydrogen peroxide through the veins and is anticancer, antiinflammatory, antifungal antibacterial and antiviral. So it can also kill off many of the secondary infections as a result of immunosuppression. And make sure they add some B vitamins to your bag as well as glutathione. Pure Encapsulations is probably by far one of the best if not the best companies to source from. I have been taking many of their products for over 2 years with great success. I have never heard of Euromedica.
          I used to be a chemotherapy nurse so I know what you may be going thru. Also, liposomal Vitamin C is great way to supplement with because it helps to build up a level in your system. There is a great form made by Live on Labs. If you have a problem with soy, there are others companies.

          Colleen, RN

  93. I have been diagnosed with cancer twice, ocular melanoma (2012) and double hit lymphoma (2015). I received radiation treatment in the eye for the OM in May 2012 and six rounds of chemotherapy (R-EPOCH) that ended in April 2016. I am in complete remission and intend to stay that way. After reading this I am wondering what would be considered an appropriate maintenance dose of curcumin in my situation. I currently use turmeric daily but probably only receive one gram of curcumin every ten days or so. Is this adequate or would a curcumin supplement to get me to one-two grams daily be advised?
    Thank you for your time and information.

    1. It is best you consult a herbalist or naturopathy expert on whether you should take turmeric supplements. If that’s the case then yes 1-2g of curcumin a day is an optimum maintenance dose. We suggest taking Golden Paste made from organic turmeric powder. You can start with 1/2 teaspoon daily and increase the dose gradually to 1-2 teaspoon 2-3 times a day depending on how it suits you.
      Turmeric powder contains 3-5% curcumin. So 1 teaspoon should give you around 150-250mg curcumin. Additionally turmeric powder contains a number of other compounds that have anti-cancer activity. You can take turmeric in diet over long term.

  94. There are a lot of comments of people beginning and starting this turmeric therapy but why can’t I find any success stories… Do people just not return after they heal to tell their story?? I’m wanting to try this but not sure if it’s worth it… Just want to hear from some people who had cancer and turmeric actually helped them… Please? I’m very interested in this therapy.

    1. I am 38 years old male Indian as per my dad recommendation i used to take turmeric extract (from India) 3 drops mixed in warm water after dinner for 2 months since a year i had bleeding in my stool and i had kept quiet has i thought it is hemorrhoids, on 2nd December 2015 i was diagnosed with colon cancer and on 13 December 2015 i had colon surgery done and the tumor was removed as per the medical reports it showed stage 2 and not spread any further and i took chemotherapy tablets for 6 months and i done all the test including CT scan in June the reports showed normal, i am still taking the turmeric extract morning and night and also dried figs in the morning on empty stomach and most importantly i thank the almighty for saving my life allowing me to live future.Praise the lord!!!

  95. My 4aunts including my mother suffered from breasts cancer. And died. As a precaution may i take the curcumin the way you advised to cancer patients or tell me how should i takd in my whole life to avoid this deadly disease of cancer. Thanks

    1. Sumera, you should consult the doctor and go for regular screening tests. This a must. Turmeric in diet can serve as chemopreventive agent- it can prevent cancer. You can take turmeric regularly as the Golden Paste for it ensures good absorption of curcumin in the body. 1-2 teaspoon a day is fine but you can increase the dose as to how it suits you. Here is the recipe: https://www.turmericforhealth.com/turmeric-recipes/how-to-make-turmeric-paste-or-golden-paste
      If you plan to take curcumin supplements you should consult the doctor.

  96. Indian cow’s urine is best medicine for cancer, it also contain large amount of curcumin which can be easily digest

  97. Siddhartha, you can refer to the above article for the dosage. We have also recommended a few products; the turmeric supplement should contain piperine or another bioenhancer to increase bioavailability of turmeric. One thing that we would like to bring to your notice is that turmeric is not intended to replace any mainstream therapy. Consult your doctor before taking turmeric supplements.

  98. Dear sir, I am suffering from adenocarcinoma of rectosigmoid colon. T3N1M1 grade. After rectosigmoid resection my oncologist have started Folfox chemo. After surgery I used to consume curcumin from perinnial life sciences , India which contains 400mg turmeric, 400 mg curcumin 95%, and piperine .(total 800mg as per company) . I restarted curcumin 3 caps daily ( instead of 6) 2 days after my first chemo on 4 July 2016. My next cycle is on 18 the July 2016. I have not faced any side effect of chemo tilldate . my questions are , 1) how much curcumin shall I consume per day during my chemo ? Because Dr has suggested 12 chemos.
    2) can I also have Homeopathy medicine during chemo ?
    My Age is 47 and weight is 66kg and height is 5.6″

    1. Yes curcumin found in turmeric is effective in destroying oral and nasopharyngeal cancer cells. You can refer to above article for dosage. If you are taking supplements do take something that has piperine or bioperine with curcumin/ turmeric as it helps in absorption of curcumin. Do consult your doctor before taking supplements.

  99. Dear Doctor
    My wife has been diagnosed with Non small Lung Cancer, we have decided not to go for chemo or radiology.

    Can you please advise how to use Turmeric.

    She has been taking 3gms with Black Pepper once a day from last 10 days.

    You advise is highly appreciated

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Siddharth,

      Please split 3 gms in to three dispenses (1 gms each) at equal interval rather than giving 3 Grms at once. You should reach to 6 grams in a week, if possible. Please try to give along with milk as that will enhance bioavailability.

      Kind Regards,


      1. Dear Sir, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and the tumor was removed 8 months back, I am taking turmeric extract (turmicure) 3 drops mixed with pepper in a glass of warm water in the morning after breakfast and night after dinner, can u please advise me is the quantity which I take is enough.

  100. I have been using curcumin with B cyclodextrin. The supplier claims that the bioavailability is much more better than available brands. Dr Aggarwal has done a study using this formulation. Hope this helps.

  101. The three supplements you listed are not ideal in my view. Two of them are made with rice as a filler (one non-GMO rice, one apparently GMO rice)…regardless of GMO, rice concentrates arsenic and should not be used in a supplement aiming to prevent cancer. Ascorbyl palmitate, which is used as a preservative, is GMO (since not marked as “non-GMO.”

    1. Steve. I am taking both for about 6 months now. Is working GREAT for me. Tumeric has worked wonders for me. Many of my friends are now taking it with success.

      1. Ed, what problems did you have that turmeric worked? Did you have cancer? If so, what kind and how much turmeric were you taking?

  102. I’ve been juicing fresh turmeric root for a few years now. Turmeric, cucumber,broccoli ,kale, carrots, whole fresh lemon( skin and all) celery and fresh ginger root. And about a teaspoon of pepper flakes. My question is, how do I determine an appropriate amount of turmeric to use in this non-molested natural state?

      1. I am diagnosed of right lung cancer, I refused chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. I have symptoms like fatigue, short breath, weakening of my right arm, constant pains on my back and right side which makes me sleepless and I am constantly on pain killers.
        I have just been introduced to the turmeric therapy. For now I am only able to get fresh raw turmeric roots in large quantity from the local market, but I dont know the most effective recipe that work for me. Please can you advice

  103. My mother had a colon cancer the tumor is not remove yet.How to start this turmeric theraphy?how much dosage of turmeric for a start week?

    1. Hi Corin,

      Give her 3 gm a day and then after 2 weeks try to reach 6 grams a day curcumin. Please give curcumin with milk or oil to enhance bioavailability of Curcumin. I would also suggest to give Ashwagandha and Amla for basic Immunity and Hb high level.

      Best Regards,

      Bhadresh Shah

  104. Dear Dr Agarwal,
    Greetings from Pune, India. My wife Bhavana is suffering from breat cancer for the past 13 years. She has undergone Chemotherapy and radiation therapy thrice followed by Herceptin and Tykerb. We heard about your research on Turmeric. We just got the Turmeric Formula by Organic India. Please suggest the dosage.
    Warm regards,
    Ranjeet Rawal

    1. Hi Ranjeet,

      She must take 3 gm a day ( since you are taking Organic India, they have 500mg capsultes). Better you give her 2 caps thrice a day with milk or oil. I will also suggest to give her Ashwagandha and AMLA capsules for immunity and handling free radicals and basic immunity.

      Best Regards,

      – Bhadresh

      1. I am diagnosed of right lung cancer and pleural effusion last year. I refused chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery but opted for the sodium bicarbonate therapy. The result was not too impressive maybe due to errors in the administration of the therapy. Presently I have symptoms like fatigue, short breath, weakening of my right arm, constant pains on my back and right side which makes me sleepless and I am constantly on pain killers. Also during this period, my right shoulder dropped making my spine to curve towards the left side possibly because I tilt my shoulder downwards because of the pains. This has distorted my frame and movement.
        I have just been introduced to the turmeric therapy. For now I am only able to get fresh raw turmeric roots in large quantity from the local market, but I dont know the most effective recipe and dosage that will work for me.
        Please can you advice and if there is a way of getting your personal contact for further consultations.

        Best regards Andu

    2. Ranjeet, the recommended dosage is mentioned in the article above. Please consult your doctor before taking turmeric supplements.

  105. A very good friend from India and his family eat bitter melon (cooked), prepared in various ways, spread with tumeric almost daily. He claims his family is thriving and healthy do to the combination. He brought me some of the fried version 3 years ago–I did like it. I do prepare it occasionally but had not thought about the health Benifits until I joined this website today. Any comments? Thanks.

  106. Thank you for the info! I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and had my surgery. I’ll be starting chemo soon but want to do as much natural therapies and food/supplements as I can. I went ahead and purchased “Theracurmin” by “CurcuminRich” which is supposed to be easily and better absorbed. If your interested, you can read my whole story which has been recently at my website/blog. Thank you again!

    1. Jana Lee, I thank you for sharing your story and hope you will let us know how much better you’re getting month after month.

    2. I’m starting chemo Monday its before surgery to shrink lymphnodes and was chewing turmeric 2x a day as I’m waiting to start chemo I want to know what is the best way to take it

      1. Check out the newest help for cancer. Cancer vaccine.Triggers your immune system to kill the cancer cells. No side effects!

        1. A vaccine? Man, the medical scams just keep pouring in and the desperate scared people just keep signing up for them. Very tragic.

          1. Vaccines are no scam. One of the leading areas of research in cancer treatment with some amazing results. Of course, they’ve been done outside the US for years. perhaps you could do some homework before making such negative remarks…

          2. The vaccine is called Coleys invented by Dr Issels from Germany over 50 years ago. Many places in Mexico and Germany perform this treatment. I did it, twice but my liver was to clogged at that time to handle it.

          1. I’ve been hearing a lot lately from NDs that Iodine deficiency is one of the primary causes of cancer in the reproductive organs – in men and women. It has been suggested that supplementation (Iodoral or Lugols Solution) be done by everyone, daily.

            Also, keeping your vitamin D levels up in the 60 to 80 ng/ml range is claimed to eliminate a lot of cancer. Dosage required is in the 4,000 to 7,000 IU/mg/day range depending on your size – much more for a couple weeks or so.

            And lastly most everyone is deficient in Magnesium, which should also be supplemented. Adequately supplementing these three things is said to be very beneficial in preventing and assisting in cancer treatment.

            f course in addition to Curcumin and various other anti oxidants.

    3. Dear Janan Lee, I am Vietnamese. I am interested in natural treatment and am taking nano-curcumin everyday. I was dignosed breast cancer and triple negative last year. I am so sad. I have read your story about cancer treatment. I find that you have lots of experience about this disease. Would you mind if we can share information each other? thank you. Pls drop me some text if it’s Ok.

    4. Hi Jana,
      Please tell me about your blog. I have been diagnosed with srage 2 breast cancer and would like to do as much as possible to help my body naturally.

  107. I enjoyed this, I think it is great. I like to read about ONE particular remedy. I enjoy searching for different remedies. I have used turmeric for many years. Wish I had known about this regimen before I had my cancer operation. Tho I am doing great, I still search to better myself. Last night I found an Aloe Vera recipe with Raw Bee’s Honey, and a liquid of
    some type of alcohol, which I plan to try. I do drink a lot of Aloe Vera. I almost quit reading the article before I got to the recipe. Wish there were more information to be found like this one. I will still use turmeric, for I know it has helped me. I have a sister who takes it by Dr’s orders.

  108. Hi
    I’ve just been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. I would like to try turmeric. I read above questions and comments answers and would like a specific answer for my case.
    If I take turmeric powder, what dose, how often, and how long I stop taking it? Also, how turmeric alternative treatment cure rate compared to ER positive antagonist tamoxifen therapy? Thanks

    1. There’s a great blog, Chris beat Cancer, which has lots of different info from different people on what helps .
      I love reading it.

    2. Search for alternative diet too: your body should get alkalised again… No sugar, no alcohol, no processed food, only fresh and organic food… Drink baking soda in water + search for ‘kombucha’. Do some research about the Rick Simpson Oil too! Wish u all the best!

    3. Turmeric powder contains around 3-5% curcumin which is a small amount when it comes to treating cancer. Hence supplements are advised. For supplements the dosage is outlined in the article and only tests can confirm whether it is beneficial for you. As far as powder is concerned you can include it in diet forever. You can take Golden Paste starting at a dose of 14-12 tsp and gradually increasing to 1-2 tsp 2-3 times a day or how it suits you.
      There has been no concrete study comparing cure rates of turmeric and tamoxifen but turmeric is found to decrease dose of tamoxifen required and increases sensitivity of cancer cells to it. Consult your doctor before taking turmeric supplements.

  109. I underwent minor operation in my right armpit year 2000 and it was diagnosed non malignat. Now am experiencing pain in my both breasts is it related? I’m afraid to see a doctor for it might be a cancer. I have a turmeric plant at home can it eat it raw? Please help. Thanks and God bless

    1. Its better to get it checked I had the same thing and the pain was so bad. I was so afraid for last 6months till all my test was done and they said nothing was wrong. I do take raw tumeric with lemon and hot water everyday
      Non malignat does hurt sometimes.
      God bless you

    2. Dear Laila,

      I read your note above and it rang a bell with me. I never had a lump under my arm like you had; however, I have pain in both breasts, some days are worse than others & the doctor found lumps on both. I had a mammogram & thank God they were benign non-cancerous lumps! They explained that some women live with fibrous tissue breasts. They did inform me they are more noticeable & hurt if you consume too much caffeine and if you use foods that contain Soy, such as in my case – I was drinking Soy Milk at the advice of my primary care physician to help with sleep, hot flashes & sweating due to hormonal changes. I know how frightened I was to find lumps, especially when they would hurt like a stabbing-knife sensation.

      I thought I would run that by you as I know a lot of people use caffeinated products and Soy foods as well for health reasons. I was raised on coffee..LOL! I use caffeinated coffee to help break my migraine headaches and the Soy Milk really helps with hot flashes and night sweats. When I back off the caffeine & the Soymilk, sure enough, I no longer feel the pain from the lumps and they are hardly noticeable to the touch.

      This may not be the same situation you’re dealing with, but just thought I’d let you know my situation in hopes to help relieve your mind in some way and encourage you to see your doctor. Many women have fibrous tissue that appear in their breasts that are non-cancerous and benign when tested by a mammogram. The lumps can appear from things we eat, like I said above. If I were you, I would talk to my doctor as I know it is weighing heavy on your mind. I hope I helped in some way or another to at least relieve your worried mind to not think the worst case! It is quite possible that you have fibrous tissue in your Breast, however, it is worth getting an examination & mammogram to relieve your mind. You have family and friends that love you, so I hope you decide to see your doctor.

      Meanwhile, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that all turns out for the best for you! Take care and God Bless You & your family.

    3. It is best to get a consult and proper diagnosis done. You can include raw tumeric in your diet such as grated and peeled in soups and salads.

  110. Would it be ok to add fresh tumeric root fresh ginger root pepper and cats claw by any chance to make into a paste I wanted to make a large batch how much of each do I use?? Thank you

  111. Curcumin Ultra BCM-95® in capsules
    These capsules should have the highest amount of available Curcumin and Ccurminoids.
    More details by Prof. Dan Burke, Leicester

    1. I am looking for recommended dosages of Turmeric Golden Paste for cancer treatment in humans. I realize people don’t often like to give dosages. We are currently giving mom 4-5 tsp a day (spread out over 4 times a day) for her Glioblastoma (GBM) stage 4. Last MRI showed significant tumor reduction, but could we be giving her too much at a time – sometimes hard for her to swallow. I know I have read dosages somewhere but can’t find it now. We thank you so so much.

      1. Hello Heidi..sorry to hear this..my mother as well is fighting GBM stage 4 is finished with radioation/chemo on Feb 15 and also wondered the dosage for curcumin/tumeric if either one of us finds the answer please share..my thoughts and prayera are with you

      2. I make Tumeric paste with black pepper and coconut butter and put in almond milk heated when cools a little add a spoon of raw honey! S0 Delish!i use one teaspoon in a cup of milk! I also put it in about everthing I cook! I buy the fresh organic Tumeric powder from health food store! I’ve been doing this for a while! I take about 2to3 teaspoons a day ! I have Stage4 breast cancer that came back in bones after 25years! Been fighting it again for 8 years! Nobody seems to know or agree how much to take! I need to know by teaspoon instead of grams! How many grams in teaspoon?

        1. Leta Edgemon, you raised my exact question. How much is 1 gm? We need measurements in layman terms. “gm” is a totally useless term, then comes 2gm, then 3gm in the article. We could take interpret this in a hundred ways. Help us out, please.

          1. Dearest Zimex lady…I have gleaned within the last 24 hours of this website only 2 possible gm (gram) to tsp (teaspoon) comparisons that seem reasonable. The most reasonable is 1 tsp of tumeric powder is equal to 3 gm.

          2. Most supplements come in 500 or 1000 mg. A 1000 mg. is equal = to 1 Gram. That is also the recommended daily dose by many Doctors.

          3. With respect to this article, the terms in grams refer to the supplements. Manufacturers generally provide the supplement content on the label and it is usually 500mg supplements equal to 1 capsule.

    1. Hi Anca, just a trivia note for you and the TurmicForHealth team. I started turmeric several years ago simply for a general health benefit. I have lots of white hair at 86 years of age and noticed within a couple of weeks that I suddenly had some obvious black hairs among my white. These are full length hairs, not new growth. OK, I really liked the effect of some pepper in my hair. I then ran out of turmeric, forgot to buy, and within weeks, I no longer had the ” black pepper ” pepper hairs. Purchased turmeric after several months, and………voila!…….the black hairs returned.
      Is this a side effect Anca could expect?
      ANY comments, Team?

      1. PS I only add turmeric to foods like mustard. When I open a new jar of mustard, I add full tablespoon , mix thoroughly with a mini whisk . I make sandwiches always with mustard rather than mayo and get my turmeric along the way!

      2. Hi. This is interesting and you are the first one to report this. There hasn’t been any research on this to comment about it. Do you find this helpful or is it interfering with your health?

  112. Hello,
    Thanks for writing such a wonderful article and telling us the benefits of Turmeric. My mother is suffering from Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She has undergone gone Surgery. Now her chemo has started which will be followed by Radiation and Hormone Therapy. Her cancer was Er ++ and Pr ++. I want to use turmeric for her to prevent recurrence. What do you think ? should i use curcumin or turmeric powder ? and in how much dose for how much time ? will turmeric interfere with chemo/radiation/hormone therapy ? Thanks in Advance

    1. Dietary turmeric as much as 1 tsp a day helps in cancer prevention. She can consume Golden Paste. Start with small dose like 1/4 tsp and increase gradually over weeks.
      Curcumin works as chemo/radiosensitizer- it increases the sensitivity of cancer cells to cancer treatment. In that case reduced dosage of chemotherapy would be required. Consult a doctor before starting curcumin supplements.

  113. I was diagnosed a year ago with patchy, early stage multiple myeloma, relapsed from plasmacytoma (localised) 4.5 years earlier. I had a chemotherapy from Nov to Feb, followed by an autologous stem cell transplant in May. I have been in remission since Feb: PET scans & bloods all fine, no paraprotein visible.
    I took 8g a day of curcumin tablets with bioperine (gradually worked my way up over a couple of weeks) from Nov to May, and have been taking 8g a day again since about July (3 months).
    What I want to know is: I was told I should keep on taking 8g a day all the time to keep the MM at bay – the doctors say it’s incurable and will come back at some point. However, given that I am in remission, should I lower the dose? I’ve had no side effects at all apart from loose stools for a couple of weeks while getting used to it.

    1. Hi Charlotte, we are sorry but it is very difficult to say if it will have an issue or not. As mentioned curcumin at high dosages is safe for several months, but the upper limit has not been tested.

    2. I have used a tsp of tumeric in a cup of boiled water .with ginger black pepper and milk twice a day. Also blended tumeric ginger black pepper and milk .no side effects..

  114. I like making the golden paste using the turmeric fresh root, but am not sure if the recipe is correct, I have replaced the powder quantity with the fresh turmeric, if you have a recipe for golden paste using the fresh turmeric.

    1. That seems interesting. Could you share the recipe with us at [email protected] with pictures? The amount of fresh turmeric you would require would be much more than turmeric powder to get the same amount of active ingredients.

  115. After reading on Dr.Bharat Aggarwal researches, I am taking 500 mg of Curcumin a day as preventive therapy. I am not suffering from any disease. Hope this is sufficient or should I take 1gm a day. Also can I take this for very long time? Thanks.

  116. I have been taking 1000 mg for 9 years because of breast cancer. In my research it was ‘my’ option instead of the inhibitors which had nasty side effects. Should I continue taking?

    1. Hi Nancy, 1000 mg of curcumin or turmeric ? It is not clear. High dosage of curcumin are not very good in long term.

  117. hi, thanks for everything… how long should I take the capsules as you advise 8 weeks by increasing the amount and how much is in 1 capsule??? shall I increase also the amount with c3 capsules? thanks for help

  118. I take 1 tsp turmeric i tsp of cayenne pepper and I tsp of ground ginger 3 times per day for general heatlh any thoughts

    1. Hi, this is great. Just that cayenne pepper may not help much as it does not contain Piperine, black pepper has it. We recommended using black pepper or fats for improving its absoption.

  119. I have read from one source[“The natural prostate cure”] by Roger Mason that says curcumin should only be taken for up to a year as it is exogenous and not found in our bodies or in common foods. Anyone else heard if this?

    1. Hi, We have not heard of it. But anyways taking large dosages of curcumin for too long is not adviseable.

  120. my sister is comatose right now. Before being comatose due to stroke, she was complainin of painful and itchy keloid.
    Can she take curcumin? How much mg.?

    1. Hi, raw turmeric is better than curcumin capsules in many ways. So unless you are taking it for disorders such as cancer, it is best to use rae turmeric or powder than capsules.

      1. I believe that even though it is best to get health benefits from food versus supplements, there are a few exceptions. I have been told that you cannot get medicinal benefits from the powder-need to take a supplement. I would like to know which brand has the best absorption.

        1. For cancer, high concentrations of curcumin are required.. so curcumin supplements are better. Raw turmeric in diet would be an added advantage.

      2. Hey, TumericForHealth Team. YOU should be able to tell us how much is 1gm in layman terms, teaspoon, 1/4 th teaspoon, 1 tablespoon? Why are we expected to know this unless we are doctors or pharmacists?

        1. all measurements are fully googleable. I do this all the time for my daughter.. I’m not a Dr. I just type in 1 gm = tablespoons, or whatever it is I need a conversion of, and I get a website that does conversions. That’s all you need to do.

        2. Converting to grams DOES NOT require a medical degree & is VERY simple but trying to convert it to teaspoon or tablespoons are not always accurate because of any other ingredients added to the desired drug herb etc… can vary depending on different brands. So if I had turmeric 1 gm in weight in a capsule & it also had black pepper or other ingredients then technically by weight it might weigh 2 grams but only contain 1 gram of turmeric.

          So if I put a 1 gram capsule of turmeric in 1/2 a cup of milk then technically it is measured at 4 ounces but it still only has 1 gram of turmeric.

          Look at any container and it will tell you how many milligrams of the actual drug or herb are in a capsule, teaspoon, tablespoon etc… & then very simply this

          1000 milligrams =1 gram so you only need 1 of whatever the bottle reads capsule, teaspoon, tablespoon
          500 milligrams =0.5 grams or 1/2 gram so you would need 2 of whatever it is capsules, teaspoons etc…
          250 milligrams = 0.25 grams or 1/4 gram so you would need 4 of what ever it is capsules, teaspoons etc..

          think of it as quarters & dollars when converting from milligrams to grams. 4 quarters equals 1 dollar, in decimals that’s 0.25 is the same as 25 cents & it takes 4 to equal 1 dollar

          so 0.25 milligrams is like 1 quarter…

  121. I started Turmeric for arthritis taking 4 caps with 680mg each a day. It started working on my knee problem within 2 weeks great. However by then was noticing an itchy red rash with pimples and raised white patches several times a day on one elbow and in the groin. It got worse and my doctor and I could not figure it out. It was the newest thing I had taken so must be. Cut down to 3 caps no difference then cut down to 2 a bit better then down to 1 bit better again from itch. This week decided not to take any and within 4 days itch rash etc. is going.

    I’d like to start Turmeric again but need comments : Do I again start on just 1 cap each day ….will this still have the good effect ? or won’t it be enough ? Could it be the black pepper in it doing the reaction ? Should I try another brand without black pepper. Any suggestions gratefully received.

    1. Hi, in case of arthritis we recommend you take turmeric paste and not curcumin capsules (it looks like that from your mesg.). If you still get itching then just remove black pepper and see. As golden paste has oil it will still be absorbed well in body. Start slow – 1/4 tsp and then increase upto 1 tsp per day.

      1. I have been grinding my own Turmeric powder from dried roots for years and had great success reducing arthritis pain by taking 30 grams/day with a teaspoon of ground black pepper. I would like to also try curcumin powder, especially having read in a post from a contributor to another Turmeric for Health article (“Health Benefits of Black Pepper and Turmeric”) about how inexpensively curcumin can be purchased online. On this topic, I would appreciate your comments on two questions: 1) is your advice to avoid curcumin for arthritis and to use only turmeric? 2) Do you have advice on the reliability of ordering curcumin online from a supplier in India? There are several suppliers of curcumin on eBay, most of whom sell directly from India, e.g., “herbalextractseller”. I would like to be confident in the purity and quality of any curcumin I order. Thank you for you help.

        1. Hi Jas, thanks for posting.
          1) Yes in arthritis turmeric paste works very well. You can take a higher dose if the symptoms are more severe. Powder is better as you can take that for years without any issues.
          2) There is LOT of low quality brands selling curcumin. Thus, best to stick to turmeric powder – you can get some recommended brands here – https://www.turmericforhealth.com/

        2. Hi. We recommend turmeric over curcumin because turmeric has more than just curcumin which can benefit health and in arthritis. For curcumin supplements its best to consult a doctor about dose and formulation.

  122. I realise that this site is dedicate to JUST Turmeric, but people need to realise that there are other natural foods like Turmeric people can take other than Turmeric. This site makes it sound like its the only help out there, when it’s not.
    Prevention is better than the cure and Turmeric doesn’t cure cancer. Which bring me to the question, where’s all the study resources/results etc, I can’t find any on this site?

    1. Thanks for feedback. But as you have yourself mentioned – this site is only on turmeric. But we never say “turmeric is the only thing” anywhere. Nor we say “no other thing works”. Further, the basis of this article is conversation with Dr Aggarwal and it has been clearly mentioned too. Hope this helps.

    2. I should have waited until I read all this website before I joined in the conversation. When I lived in CA more than 40 yrs back, My friends from India used a lot of turmeric in their recipes which we all really enjoyed. I learned a lot from them, and still have them as my friends tho we are now across the country from each other. I will try these recipes on this site. I am in my 80s, and I believe what we put in our food goes a long way for our health. Wish more websites were like this one. “ONE SUBJECT”.

  123. What if I took my first dosage with my blueberry smoothie just before my bike ride. Would the curcumin burn off or still be absorbed?

    1. Indian cow’s urine is best medicine for cancer, it also contain large amount of curcumin which can be easily digest