Turmeric Recipes

How To Make Golden Paste From Raw Fresh Turmeric

So it’s been quite some time since I have been getting queries on ‘how to make Turmeric or Golden Paste with fresh or raw turmeric roots?’ It is quite an interesting query but I never got down to preparing the recipe (excuse me for the laziness). But nevertheless, I do get fresh roots and consume them every day as a salad or pickle or just fermented in brine with every […]

Turmeric Pickle Recipe : Fantastic Taste with Amazing Benefits

turmeric pickle recipe

I recently wrote about a “turmeric bomb” recipe which included all the right ingredients needed for turmeric absoption. Well here is another blockbuster! This is something by which you can replace golden paste (I know a bold statement, but its true.) This one is straight from my Mom’s recipe book. Thanks mom! Turmeric pickle has been integral part of our diet like forever. When my mom used to cook it around […]

The Great “Turmeric Bombs” Recipe

turmeric bombs recipe

I am so excited to talk about this recipe. It is as explosive as its name – Turmeric bombs! Woah!! 🙂 The amazing recipe is by Lauren. She runs an extremely popular blog – http://empoweredsustenance.com/ She got excited about turmeric after reading about it and thought of this one. There are several amazing aspects of this recipe and I will discuss them one by one here. 1. Ingredients are perfect […]