Turmeric Recipes

How To Make Golden Paste From Raw Fresh Turmeric

So it’s been quite some time since I have been getting queries on ‘how to make Turmeric or Golden Paste with fresh or raw turmeric roots?’ It is quite an interesting query but I never got down to preparing the recipe (excuse me for the laziness). But nevertheless, I do get fresh roots and consume them every day as a salad or pickle or just fermented in brine with every […]

Healthy & Delicious Turmeric Rice with Ginger

I have witnessed turmeric’s health benefits since childhood. For me it was a boon when it came to fighting the flu caused by seasonal changes or healing the tiny wounds and bruises that I would get after the unavoidable falls in the Physical Training class. And just because of its bitter taste as a child I used to hate it but my aunt once told me that it has got […]

Easy & Delicious Turmeric Salad Dressing

If you follow our blog, then it is not news to you that turmeric is more helpful than your neighbor of 20 years. And researchers keep on discovering new health benefits of the “golden spice”. And the tasty part is, that chefs these days, are taking innovation to a whole new level. They keep finding ways of using ingredients that one might have never imagined. Turmeric for dressing salads! Kaylee […]