Turmeric Recipes

Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Bark

Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Bark

I posted 4 awesome recipes  a few days ago. One of them was – Turmeric chocolates by Zoe Pezzack. Its just been a few days and she has come with another ripper. I was so excited that I am posting it at 1 AM  🙂 Here it is. What all you need: Organic 100% cacao butter Organic Coconut Sugar Organic Vanilla Sea salt Organic Coconut Oil Pistachios Dried Cherries Turmeric powder (organic, […]

4 Awesome and Surprising Turmeric Recipes

One of the most common question readers ask me is “how to use turmeric in diet”. I do refer to them to recipe section and tell them that turmeric can be used with almost everything. But it is difficult to believe for people who have just started using turmeric, that infact it can be used with almost anything. So here are some recipes to prove the same. Realizing that cooking is not […]

Crayfish N Prawn Extravaganza with Turmeric

I have already mentioned in several of my previous recipes that I am a veg. and that limits my ability to come up with interesting turmeric based recipes which are non-veg. But should I worry if there are awesome cooks like which Kerry Moy which come to my rescue. She just cooked a ripper using crayfish and prawns. What all you need? You need the following: Crayfish (big one) Prawns […]