The Great “Turmeric Bombs” Recipe

I am so excited to talk about this recipe.

It is as explosive as its name – Turmeric bombs!

Woah!! 🙂

The amazing recipe is by Lauren. She runs an extremely popular blog –

She got excited about turmeric after reading about it and thought of this one.

There are several amazing aspects of this recipe and I will discuss them one by one here.

1. Ingredients are perfect

One of the unique benefit of the recipe is it’s a great substitute to golden paste as it is tailor made to ensure good absoption of turmeric in body by using fats / black pepper and even quercetin (which we have never seen anyone using till now for this purpose!)

Here is the list:

Organic ground turmeric  – It is important to choose good organic powder as that is the base of the recipe. If you are confused how to do so here is our detailed article on it>

Quercetin powder  – Apart from fats and black pepper, quercetin which is found in fruits such as apple is also known to improve the absoption of turmeric in body.

Ground black pepper – black pepper not only helps in absoption it is also very good health promiting spice in itself. Here is detailed article on why turmeric + black pepper is a great combo>

Binding agent, choose ONE of the following :

  • Raw honey – ensure the honey is raw as most of the honey available today adulterated and full of artificial sugar. Avoid adding honey is you plan to take this recipe for “anti-inflammatory” purposes as sugar can make it worse.
  • Coconut oil  – an awesome choice. Make sure the coconut oil is virgin coconut oil
  • Ghee – ghee is amazing and unlike butter, it is healthy. It is integral part of Indian diet regime.

Unbleached parchment paper

turmeric bombs honey and coconut oil

Image courtesy : Empowered Sustenance

I would also like to add olive oil to the above list of binding agent.

I know it is not as thick as coconut oil and thus may not give the shape we are looking for. But if you are not too much concerned about the shape of your “bombs” try virgin olive oil too.

2. It is easy to make and take

The recipe itself takes no time to make. This is in contrast to turmeric paste which is a bit more time consuming.

Like paste turmeric bombs can be taken easily too. One good thing is you do not worry about how many tsp here. You just remember the numbers of bombs 🙂

turmeric bombs recipe

Image courtesy : Empowered Sustenance

How to make

Lauren requested that I do not publish the process of making and ingredient quantities while publishing this. It makes sense too.

So, here is the link for her recipe on her blog. You can find both ingredient quantities and process of making there.

How many to take

Okay so the next obvious query is – how many to take in a day ?

Make sure you do not take too many of them. In a day its okay to take 4-5 gms of turmeric without any issues.

So based on the size of the bombs (I really like the word – turmeric bombs!) you have made you should judge accordingly.

More details on turmeric dosage here>

Do make this one, I am sure going to do so!

Do share your feedback and your own turmeric recipes with us!

20 thoughts on “The Great “Turmeric Bombs” Recipe”

  1. The piperine in the black pepper (and also the quercetin, apparently, though this was new to ME) help the body to absorb and use the curcumin from the turmeric. THIS Is the key element that gives turmeric its BENEFIts. Without these, you will get much less benefit from taking the turmeric as it won’t be absorbed and used by the body.

    • The piperine in the black pepper (and also the quercetin, apparently, though this was new to ME) help the body to absorb and use the curcumin from the turmeric. THIS Is the key element that gives turmeric its BENEFIts. Without these, you will get much less benefit from taking the turmeric as it won’t be absorbed and used by the body.

  2. I did this and suffered from diarrhea and increased joint pain. The first two times, I didn’t connect the dots, but the third time I tried it, I realized it could be related and stopped. I stopped hurting and having other symptoms right away. I used coconut oil as a binder and followed the instructions. Maybe my body is just sensitive to it. I would recommend doing it on a day that you plan to be around the house just in case!

    • Hi Ann. Sorry to hear about this. Avoid using coconut oil if you are susceptible to gastric issues with it. Also turmeric may cause gastric discomfort when taken in large doses and if you are taking it on the first time. Also one should avoid taking turmeric on an empty stomach if susceptible to acid reflux. You could consider including turmeric in diet in small amounts; but if you feel its not suiting you please avoid the use of turmeric altogether.


  3. I just had total knee replacement surgery and my Doctor was VERY specific about the use of medications, spices and herbs before surgery–giving specific cut off times. Why take a chance. After you are healing, then you can use your spices–many of which cause blood thinning. Just made the bombs tonight–Mix of honey, turmeric, and my spices was very dry so I added a Tbl. of solid coconut oil–perfect1 Also I couldn’t reach my parchment paper without standing on a stool so I spread the cookie sheet with solid coconut oil. One thing missing in the recipe is the size of the bombs. There is no way I can swallow even the smllest I made so chew them I will!

  4. I had total knee replacement surgery and my doctor was VERY specific about what medications and herbs were allowed in the weeks and week before surgery. I looked up cinnomon and one variety is a blood thinner but the ceylon is not. Still I eliminated it from my diet as I did all other herbs. why take a chance. I just made the “bombs tonight–couldn’t reach the parchment paper in my cupord without a stool so spread solid coconut oil on my cookie sheet, The honey and turmeric and other spices seemed dry so I put in a tablespoon of coconut oil. Perfect. No one has said what size these are–but I will say–there is no way I could make them small enough that I could swallow–so chew them I will!

  5. I live made some bombs with what ingredients I had available. Please let me know what you think. Here is my recipe: 1/2 cup Tumeric, 1/3 tsp black pepper (fresh ground), 1/2 cup peanutbutter. Soften the peanutbutter and then add the dry ingredients. Comes out to be 1/2 cup of “bomb material”! Magic LOL. Doesn’t make sense mathematically 🙂 Anyway, I put it in a jar and keep it in the fridge. I then scoop out a tsp of it, form a shape and take it like a pill with water. The 1/2 cup of bomb makes approximately 24 tsps.

      • Sounds great! I have my own concoction and would really appreciate it if you could let me know if I’m preparing it correctly: To a large pan of water, I add: A HEAPED tablespoon of organic turmeric, ginger, pepper, cloves and cinnamon. Boil for ten minutes, bottle and cool in the fridge. I drink a large glass daily and sometimes add organic apple cider vinegar. The ingredients are all in powder form bought from ‘Just Ingredients’ in the UK. I also chop 1-2 cloves of raw garlic onto my daily sandwich.

        Is this a good recipe for maximum benefit?
        Many thanks

        • Hi. The recipe is excellent in terms of choice of spices and their related health benefits. I hope its 1 tablespoon of turmeric and the rest can be lesser quantities especially pepper, cloves and cinnamon. In form of tea/concoction its a great recipe. And people do benefit from turmeric tea.
          Now with turmeric the thing is that its not soluble in water so its preferable to take it with oils as it is fat soluble. Therefore taking turmeric in diet or as Golden Paste is considered to have maximum benefit.
          But heating turmeric in water increases solubility of curcumin and since it contains black pepper and ginger both of which help in absorption, this recipe should also help therapeutically. Simple changes in health such as better mood, clearer thinking, less fatigue and pain will be good indicators of whether this concoction is working for you.

    • so how many of the bombs should i eat a day. im having upcoming surgery, i have been taking supplements, however, reading more im finding taking it straight up (powder form w/ground pepper) is best

      • Kathy P- I was here just looking for some info and saw your comment. Turmeric is a known blood thinner–it may increase bleeding during surgery. Check with your doctor.


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