Research Study – Curcumin Enriched Hyalurosomes for Skin Inflammation and Wound Healing

The potential of turmeric to act as colouring and flavouring agent for food, for cosmetic purposes as well as in the cure of a large number of diseases is well known.

Curcumin, the most bioactive compound of the yellow coloured Indian spice, Turmeric is an extensively researched compound.

It possesses promising therapeutic properties against several diseases and ailments like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, dental diseases, asthma etc.

Its powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic and anti-allergic properties make it an all-in-one remedy for most of the well-known health conditions.

Curcumin has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties.

It produces its anti-inflammatory activity by a number of different mechanisms.

It inhibits the expression of various inflammatory agents like TNF-Alpha, interleukins, cycloxygenase- 2, 5- lipoxygenase etc. . It also possesses the ability to heal acute and chronic wounds.

A recent study published in the journal ‘Biomaterials’ explored the efficacy of Hyalurosomes enriched with Curcumin in healing inflamed skin and wounds.

Scientists have recently developed small vesicles with the help of sodium hyaluronate and Curcumin formulation.

Vesicles are small membrane-bound structures present in the cells. They help in the movement of materials into and out of the cells. These vesicles were called hylaurosomes and the purpose was to see if they can deliver the drug to the intact and damaged skin.

The preparation did not consist of an organic solvent. Sodium hylauronate and Curcumin were added to soy phospholipids directly to prepare Hyalurosomes and liposomes.

Their physical and chemical properties were studied carefully and compared.

They observed that these vesicles were small (112-220 nm in size) and spherical. The drug deposition on intact skin was fast with Hyalurosomes.

They protected the skin cells on the outermost skin layer from oxidative damage and helped in the regeneration of damaged tissues by the mechanism of cell proliferation and cell migration.

It protected the skin from inflammation and injuries caused by 12-O tetradecanoilphorbol (TPA), prevents oedema where water accumulates in cavities and tissues, inhibits the activity of oxidative enzyme myeloperoxydase and restores the damaged skin surface.


Curcumin, the polyphenolic curcuminoid of turmeric, is a potent healer of inflammation, wounds and injuries.

Recently developed Hyalurosomes loaded with Curcumin can be promising vehicles to deliver the drug to the skin. The formulation does not comprise of an organic solvent.

They have the ability to restore the damaged skin tissues.

They protect the skin cells from inflammation and injuries produced by TPA and oxidative damage by suppressing the activity of oxidative enzymes like myeloperoxydase and also prevent fluid accumulation in skin tissues.

A very safe and easily available compound, turmeric can thus be used on the skin in case of wounds and injuries for quick treatment.


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