5 Benefits Of Turmeric In Dog Basal Cell Cancer


Basal cell cancer is a type of skin cancer affecting dogs. It generally affects middle or older aged dogs. The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. The basal membrane forms the innermost layer of the skin. Basal cancer is disordered growth of cancer cells in the basal membrane of the skin. The benign form of the basal cancer is known as basal cell tumor. These tumors are generally […]

5 Ways Turmeric Benefits In Horse Laminitis


The hoof wall of the horse is made of two layers: outer hard layer known as horn supported by the inner sensitive layer known as the laminae. Laminitis is inflammation of the laminae. The blood supply to the laminae is hampered which results in pain, inflammation, and swelling. The laminae support the pedal bone in the hoof which carries the animal’s weight. When the damage exceeds, the pedal bone sinks […]

5 Ways Turmeric Benefits In Dog Epilepsy


Epilepsy is a brain-related disorder in which dogs experience sudden uncontrolled seizures. A seizure is a physical attack when the dog may fall on his side, become stiff, salivate excessively, have a stiff jaw, jerking, muscle twitching etc. with or without loss of consciousness. The younger the dog is, the more severe the epilepsy is likely to be. Dogs with epilepsy can have repeated seizures more than once a week. […]