6 Ways Turmeric Aids In Ringbone In Horses


Ringbone is a condition involving the excessive growth of bone tissue in the pastern or coffin joint of the horse (these are joints located near the hoof region). This growth can at times around the joints and hence the name ringbone. It is considered as a degenerative bone disease; more of a form of osteoarthritis of these joints. Based on the location affected ringbone is classified as: High ringbone: This […]

How Turmeric Benefits In Dog Microbial Infections

How Turmeric Benefits In Dog Microbial Infections

Dogs are exposed to the environment and hence susceptible to a variety of infections from different microbes. The most common infections include bacterial infection affecting the skin and digestive tract. Pyoderma is a type of bacterial infection caused Staphylcocci and is characterized by scabs, reddened skin, itching. Staphylococcal infections can also affect the upper respiratory tract of dogs. Other common bacterial infections include Streptococcal, Actinmycosis and Leptospirosis infections. Few bacterial […]

6 Ways Turmeric Aids In Dog Brain Tumor


Cancer of the brain is common in older dogs; but these days its prevalence is increasing in young dogs too. Brain tumor typically means a mass in the brain but generally is used to describe cancerous mass. These tumors arise in the brain tissue, nerves connecting to the brain, brain envelopes or even glands located near the brain. Certain breeds such as Boxer or Boston terrier are predisposed towards developing […]