Turmeric Recipes

Easy & Delicious Turmeric Salad Dressing

If you follow our blog, then it is not news to you that turmeric is more helpful than your neighbor of 20 years. And researchers keep on discovering new health benefits of the “golden spice”. And the tasty part is, that chefs these days, are taking innovation to a whole new level. They keep finding ways of using ingredients that one might have never imagined. Turmeric for dressing salads! Kaylee […]

Scrumptious Turmeric Macarons With Chocolate

I am totally into the idea of encouraging a sweet tooth! Desserts are welcome at any time of the day. Seriously what would life be without a little indulgence into sweet treats! In India we have a festival every month so there is always a reason to grab a bite of sweet delicacies. Desserts are one zone of cooking where you can limitlessly experiment. Infusing various flavours into ice cream […]

Delicious Salmon Spiced with Raw Turmeric & Lime Rice

Over a period of writing about turmeric, I have realized something. Turmeric is just like a ninja, it is super powerful, super healthy and super super smart, but just like a ninja, it just can blend in any and everywhere. Ok, maybe I am watching too much ninja stuff these days, apologies!!! But turmeric simply amazes me. Today’s dish of ours is about turmeric and its tasty friend Salmon. So […]