8 Ways Turmeric Saves You From Drug Side Effects (Updated)

Ways Turmeric Saves You From Drug Side Effects

Every year, numerous drugs are proposed by the pharma industry to treat a disease. Companies spend a lot of time and money over clinical trials to determine the possible side effects a drug can cause. FDA also invests a large number of funds in ensuring that only those drugs that are safe for the system are marketed. Despite these measures, drug toxicity accounts for one-third of the cases of rejected novel […]

Benefits Of Turmeric For Stroke [UPDATED]

turmeric benefits for stroke

Stroke is a condition that develops when blood flow to part of the brain is prevented and the brain tissue is left devoid of oxygen and nutrients for a few seconds or more. This leads to the death of brain cells and causes damage to the overall functioning of an individual. Reasons behind the loss of blood flow to the brain can help distinguish the types of strokes: Ischemic stroke: […]

7 Proven Ways Turmeric Fights Alcohol Poisoning [UPDATED]

turmeric benefits for alcohol toxicity

Alcohol toxicity occurs when alcohol is ingested in large quantities and is very dangerous. It is a medical emergency as alcohol toxicity; commonly called alcohol poisoning is fatal. Toxic alcohol includes isopropanol, ethanol and ethylene glycol. Due to the easy availability of alcohol and its addiction among people of the society alcohol intoxication is becoming increasingly widespread. Ethanol is commonly seen to be ingested during suicide attempts. This condition is […]