5 Proven Benefits of Turmeric In Migraine [UPDATED]

Turmeric Benefits for Migraine tfh

Headaches are part of our fast moving life today. Some are minor but others such as A migraine are severe and badly disturb our lives. According to stats 6 mnAmericans suffer from a migraine and in every 10 seconds, there is one person going into an emergency room because of a migraine. Migraine is more common in women than in men. A migraine is moderate to a severe headache which […]

5 Benefits Of Turmeric In Glaucoma [UPDATED]

turmeric for glaucoma

Glaucoma is the condition of the eye in which occurs due to damaging of the optic nerves. This can lead to vision loss (especially peripheral vision) or blindness. The destruction of the optic nerves is associated with the build-up of fluid in the eye resulting in increased eye pressure. A clear fluid, called aqueous humor, is constantly circulated in and out of the eyes to nourish the eye tissues. When […]

11 Benefits Of Turmeric In Pancreatitis [UPDATED]

turmeric for pancreatitis

Our pancreas produces digestive enzymes and insulin that controls blood glucose levels in the body. When the pancreas gets inflamed, the condition is called pancreatitis. The condition can be acute or chronic and leads to tissue death around the pancreas and bleeding. The body is unable to absorb required nutrients and long term pancreatitis can cause diabetes or malnutrition. Symptoms include upper abdominal pain (mild or severe), fever, sweating, nausea […]