Curcumin Benefits & Dosage

Curcumin vs. Cumin: What Is The Difference?

curcumin and cumin difference

Natural products have been used for their therapeutic properties for centuries. Various traditional medicine forms are modeled based on them. These include Ayurveda, Unani, Chinese and Korean practices. Over time, synthetic, mass-produced drugs became more popular. However, these came with their own drawbacks. Extensive research and time must go into them prior to commercial production and a lot of times, these medicines are not safe or compatible for the human […]

13 Awesome Ways Curcumin Benefits Skin Health

curcumin benefits skin health

Skin comprises the largest organ of the human body. Along with making ourselves look fresh and young, there are many reasons why keeping our skin healthy is important. It performs a variety of functions such as protecting us from harmful pathogens and environmental conditions. It is also important in maintaining body temperature through regulation of the body’s responses to hot and cold stimuli. Skin serves the purpose of storage by […]

5 Fantastic Benefits Of Curcumin In Diabetes

curcumin benefits for diabetes

Diabetes is the condition where glucose/ sugar levels in the blood are too high due to malfunctioning of glucose metabolism in the body. Glucose is metabolised by the enzyme insulin produced by the organ, pancreas. In diabetes, either insulin is not produced, or it is not used well by the body resulting in high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is identified as mainly three types, type 1, type 2 and gestational […]