Can Turmeric Help in Proteinuria? What Research Says

Can Turmeric Help in Proteinuria

Proteinuria also known as albuminuria or urine albumin disease is a disorder in which the blood protein called albumin is filtered out by the kidneys and passed in the urine. Normally, kidneys work to filter out the smaller impurities from the blood and leave the bigger molecules like albumin (an essential protein in the blood) and other protein. Due to defects in the filtration process, the bigger molecules including albumin […]

Turmeric and Drug Interactions

Turmeric and Drug Interactions

Turmeric, also known as the golden spice has been used since centuries for both medicinal and edible purposes. Apart from being used as flavouring and colouring ingredient in curry and other food items, it is known to cure common disorders like bruising, cold, cough, eye problems, skin problems, etc. Recent research has proven its efficacy for treating complex ailments such as cancers, arthritis, and diabetes as well. Tough considered safe, […]

Turmeric and Endothelial Dysfunction : Can it Help?

Turmeric and Endothelial Dysfunction

The thin layer of cells lining the inner wall of blood vessels (veins, arteries, and capillaries) and the lymphatic system is known as the endothelium. Any deviation from normal epithelial functioning affects important body phenomena like the coagulation of blood, the formation of cytokines, inflammation, adhesion molecules (molecules which help in cell adhesion) and vasodilation (relaxation of blood vessels, which causes a decrease in blood pressure). [1] Often people suffering […]