Welcome To Turmeric Forums!

We are pleased to introduce “Turmeric Forums”. A unique platform for turmeric lovers to interact with each other and with us. No other turmeric website has this 🙂

But why a forum when we have Facebook groups?

Two reasons –

  1. Our forum structure ensures that topics and replies are put under designated “heads” this means it is easy to navigate and the knowledge on a topic keeps accumulating and not lost – which is the case with a Facebook Group.
  2. Also you only read on the topics you want to read about and not scan through all the posts to find good info.

How does that sound? Makes sense, right?

So, how can you start using forums? Its very simple.

To start using forums, use the “register” tab at top right. Once you have registered, login using the same and start posting under the relevant forum given below. That’s it!

Forum Index

Tip: To use forums, login and then click on any of the forum topics below and post your comments! Easy!