Healthy Delectable Turmeric Cake

Spices are not just elements that add flavour to food. They are nature’s little bundles that are blessed with therapeutic properties.

Say turmeric for wound healing, ginger for dyspepsia, clove oil for tooth ache, cinnamon for blood sugar control , cardamom for oral health and so on.

Almost all spices have anti-bacterial property which helps in preserving food and protecting from food borne pathogens. Spices are an essential component of Asian cooking and their influence is even prevalent as far till Middle East.

Turmeric is commonly used in Turkish and Arabic cooking. Most of the spices used in Middle Eastern cooking do not originate there but their spice mix is so unique and obviously the cooks are so skillful that it is hard to replicate their dishes.

Middle Eastern cuisine definitely comes as a refreshing change to the routine platter that we consume and today we are going to learn about a unique Middle Eastern recipe called Turmeric Cake.

This recipe is developed by two food bloggers and sisters Ruth and Vicky from Unique name right!?

Well that’s because when they cook for their friends, the guests have only 1 question for these amazing hostesses ‘May I have that recipe?’

Ruth and Vicky have their roots in various cultures and countries which has exposed them to a lovely variety of cuisines. Their site hosts a number of unique recipes which burst in flavours and have a little of each cuisine that they have ever come across.

One such recipe is Vegan Middle Eastern Turmeric Cake. Ruth and Vicky were first introduced to this recipe by their grandmother and is one of their sweet childhood memories which they agreed to share with us.

They have tried to replicate their grandmother’s recipe but we all know how difficult it is to emulate our mother’s or grandmother’s cooking.

However they have put forward their version of the Turmeric Cake and their efforts seem absolutely delicious as portrayed in the picture below.

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With this recipe Ruth and Vicky have made eating turmeric a very easy and tasty affair. This dessert incorporates some healthy ingredients. No guesses on this one, the dish revolves around turmeric.

The bright yellow color pretty much explains that. Dietary turmeric has a lot of health benefits and increases the nutritional quality of food. (Read How Cooking with Turmeric Makes Food Healthier?)

A study published in Food Chemistry, May 2016 shows that adding turmeric to yukwa (a puffed rice snack) helps increase its shelf life. Yep, adding a dash of turmeric powder to your dish helps preserve it better by virtue of its antioxidant property.

A study published in Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Dec 2015 revealed that turmeric can protect from food allergy.

In this study it was pointed out that turmeric helps regulate immune responses while curcumin suppresses immune responses; overall turmeric is recommended as a potential anti-allergic agent.

Another flavoursome ingredient in this recipe is raw coconut. Coconut is the only source whose saturated fatty acids present in its oil are actually great for heart health and body weight.

In fact research has identified some unique compounds and hormones in coconut that can help prevent aggregation of amyloid beta peptide in the brain which is a marker of Alzheimer’s disease.

A Middle Eastern dish seems incomplete without tahini! Did you know a simple supplementation of 40g of sesame per day for 2 months can actually reduce pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis!? These tiny seeds can actually hold store some amazing therapeutic properties.

The recipe calls a couple of pistachios for garnish and that’s kind of my favorite bit of the recipe. I love pistachios and I know of their role in suppressing appetite and aiding in weight loss.

But I recently stumbled upon this study that showed that regular dietary consumption of pistachios (25g twice a day for 3 months) brings about a significant improvement in blood sugar control, blood pressure, obesity, and inflammation in individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes.

I guess this should really assure you that this recipe is super healthy and super delicious. Looking for the full recipe then please click on the link below:

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Happy cooking! Wish you great health!





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