Delicious Turmeric Scallops Spiced With Garlic

Talking about food is one of my favorite pastime. Being brought up in a family of food lovers I have been blessed with great sense of taste and I am familiar with a variety of dishes and follow different cuisines.

Exposure to different cuisines opens you to a variety of different food items some native to a particular zone while some are pretty much available throughout the world but not in your staple diet.

Seafood is a rich source of proteins, essential fatty acids, calcium and a number of micronutrients. And one of the seafood items that are cherished worldwide are scallops. Scallops are the meat obtained from bivalves of the clams.

Scallops are sometimes served ready in the shell or as in the Asian cuisine with rice or soups.

Today we are going to discuss about a mouthwatering dish which would be loved by all seafood lovers out there.

Veronica Culver from the food blog brings to us Turmeric and Garlic Rubbed Scallops.

She has been cooking since she was 8 years old. So she can be titled as an expert in the field now. Cooking is more like a therapy to her. She enjoys cooking and it is her hobby.

As a mother of two and working full time, she is definitely knows the challenges of cooking for the family and energy required to get every dish right.

So on her blog she shares with us healthy recipe that reinvents various cooking techniques and cuisines.

Coming back to the recipe Turmeric and Garlic  Scallops, let us have a look at the ingredients of this nutritious dish.

  • Sea scallops
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Turmeric
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil

Now let us have a look at the health benefits of the key ingredients of this dish.

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Scallops undoubtedly are rich in proteins and micronutrients. They are rich in vitamin B12 which is good for cardiovascular system and brain health.

Scallops are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They help in preventing the risk of heart attacks or strokes and prevent sudden deaths due to heart diseases. Omega 3 improves brain and cognitive functions.

The next key ingredient is turmeric. Turmeric is super healthy and should be involved in daily diet.

Recent study demonstrates that a combination of Boswellia serrata and turmeric attenuates pain in tendon repair. (Read Turmeric for various kinds of pain)

Consuming turmeric with white bread improves working memory in pre-diabetes population. (Read Turmeric for diabetes)

The third important ingredient is garlic. Garlic is great for cancer prevention and improving heart health. It is a natural anti-microbial.

Recent study published in Journal of Nutrition, 2016 reveals that garlic extract consumption boosts immunity and reduces severity and occurrence of cold and flu due to seasonal changes.

Now to get all the details of this delicious but easy recipe please check this link

For more such awesome recipes by Veronica check out her blog:

You also have a passionate cook inside you and got some good turmeric recipe with you? We would love to know your recipes as well.

You are welcome to tell us about dish at [email protected] we would love to feature you. Please leave your comments below.


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